CASD Community eNewsletter - October 28, 2016
Word from the Superintendent
Public education continues to evolve. As a part of our initiative to be the public school of choice, we find that we need to create more responsive programming and efforts to help our most at risk and struggling students.  We recently began a new pilot program in the district to do just that.  This CASHS program is designed to help at-risk students whose needs are not being met in the traditional school setting.

The ACT program is designed to help CASHS students achieve three important goals: to succeed in Academics, which means earn a high school diploma; to make a Career connection in order to function in society by developing a vocational experience; and to eventually Transition to post-secondary life being career, trade school, or college.

Students who qualify for this program could have poor attendance, frequent suspensions, or learning difficulties which could cause them to underperform academically.  Family disruption or conflict also could be a characteristic of a student who may need ACT services.
Other efforts are ongoing to help students.Through intensive academic coaching and a team effort with specialists and teachers, we are starting to see gains in academic growth of some of our neediest students who attend Stevens Elementary.  Our data indicates that over the past three years we have continued to improve student growth and performance so much so that in Kindergarten alone we are less than one point below the national recommended norms in math and 2.5 points above the national norms in reading.   

I mentioned in a previous eNewsletter the intense focus on assessment that our academic coaches have developed in an effort to more strategically target specific instructional strategies and skills that are needed to help our students.

The district is growing and, at the same time, we are getting poorer with over 50% of our students now receiving free and reduced lunch  We have several weekend back pack programs in place at elementary buildings that provide food to needy families.  We also have put several food pantry initiatives in place this year to help students and their families throughout the entire district who are food deprived.  

The face of this district is changing.  We are going places that we did not anticipate even five years ago.  One of our district goals is to remove barriers to student learning.  We are working on every possible front to do just that.   Thank you to all of you who work tirelessly to ensure that are students remain our highest priority and that learning happens in a safe, nurturing and engaging environment.  
ACT Program Aimed at High Risk School Students
 A new pilot program to help at-risk students whose needs are not being met in the traditional school setting is up and running at the Chambersburg Area Senior High School (CASHS).

The ACT program is designed to help CASHS students achieve three important Goals: to succeed in Academics, which means earn a high school diploma; to make a Career connection in order to function in society by developing a vocational experience; and to eventually Transition to post-secondary life being career, trade school, or college” explained Scott Schoenberger, director of education related services.

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Children’s Author Visits Grandview and Fayetteville Elementary

Children’s book author Kay Winters visited Grandview and Fayetteville Elementary Schools during the first week of October.   During her grade level presentations, she shared information about herself and she talked about how she gets the ideas for her books. 

Students had many opportunities to participate in her presentations by being a part of a poetry troupe and they also created an acrostic poem.  Fifth graders at Grandview even performed a reader’s theater skit for their peers.  During art classes, Fayetteville students created artwork inspired by one of Kay’s books. 
For more information about Kay winters, visit  
Buzzy the Safety Bee Delivers Safety Lessons
October 19 – 23 was National School Bus Safety Week.  Buzzy, along with Bobbie Stine, assistant director of transportation services, visited several schools to deliver safety programs to kindergarten students.  Because kindergarten students are first-time riders, they receive more direct training.  Older students got refresher “tips” throughout the week from their bus drivers and teachers. 

Mrs. Stine talked to the Stevens students on Friday, October 24 about several important bus behaviors: stay seated properly while the bus is in motion, listen to the driver, and practice good manners and behavior.  She also talked to the students about the bus safety/danger zone which is a 10-foot area that surrounds the bus.

“This is an area where the bus driver cannot see you,”  Mrs. Stine told the students.  “If you drop something, you must tell the bus driver.  Also, if you have to walk in front of the bus, you must walk beyond the arm that extends out from the front of the bus, so the driver can see you.” 

Buzzy and Bobbie Stine, assistant director of transportation services, speak with students about Bus Safety. 
Lurgan Faculty and Students Make School Bus Safety Video
In October we celebrated National School Bus Safety Week.  The Lurgan  faculty and students created a safety video. 

Click here to view their video:  Bus Safety Video

CAMS County Chorus
Students from CAMS North and CAMS South participated in the Franklin-Fulton County Music Educator's Association’s County Chorus Festival on Friday, September 30th and Saturday, October 1st. The students sang in all day rehearsals on Friday at CASHS with students from 12 other middle schools.  The final performance was held at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon.
CAMS North Art Club Members Assist With 32nd Miniature Art Annual Exhibition

On Wednesday, October 12th students from the 8th grade Art Club at CAMS North visited the Chambersburg Council for the Arts. Students worked with Anne Finucane, the Gallery Coordinator, for the upcoming 32nd Miniature Art Annual Exhibition 2016.  

The Art Club students sorted through and organized the works of art submitted by artists from all over the United States. Students also had the opportunity to meet the Juror for the exhibition Dr. Cristin Cash.  Dr. Cash is the Director of Boyden Gallery and the Fine Art Collection at St Mary’s College of Maryland.  She shared her expertise and advice with the young artists. 

CAMS North Pink Out
CAMS North Student Council raised $450 for the Cumberland Valley Breast Care Alliance as a result of T-shirt sales.  The CAMS North Pink Out was on October 14
CASD Principals Earn Recognition
Three principals in the district have been recognized by the National Institute for School Leadership (NISL) as Distinguished Principals and National School Leadership Coaches.

Kurt Widmann, principal at CAMS North; Melissa Cashdollar, principal at CAMS South; and Sarah Herbert, principal of Guilford Hills and Falling Spring Elementary Schools have received this recognition.

NISL has implemented this national advanced credentialing system that aims to transport the principalship in America - further professionalizing the position, increasing retention of top school leaders, and strengthening principals’ leadership skills at every stage of their careers, according to NISL Communications Director Brendan Williams-Kief.

“We learned that we received this award the last week in August.  I couldn’t believe it when I got the call that I was selected,” said Dr. Herbert.  Forty principals from Kentucy, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania were selected to participate in NISL’s pilot program;  14 principals were from Pennsylvania.

Initially, the candidates were nominated by superintendents.  Then they had to complete some pre-work before they attended a three day rigorous evaluation system that focused on strategic leadership skills, including building and self assessment, and the use of data to drive instruction.  Also, the principal’s building faculty and staff were surveyed and NISL leaders looked at each principal’s building assessment data.

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Mr. Kurt Widmann, Principal, CAMS North
Mrs. Melissa Cashdollar, Principal, CAMS South
Dr. Sarah Herbert, Principal, Guilford Hills,
Falling Spring
The CASHS FFA club Officers partnered recently with the Adams County Gleaning Project and picked 500 pounds of apples that were sent to a local food pantry.

CASHS Drum Majors Provide Important Leadership

Editor’s Note:  Hannah Cyr, a CASHS senior, is an intern in the Communications Department.  The following article was written by Hannah.

“To be a Drum Major, you embody the spirit of the band,” stated Victor Coriale.

Within the CASHS Marching Band are three students who help control the chaos of the band and transform it into harmony: Brian Rutan, Victor Coriale, and Hannah Cyr.

After undergoing an extensive audition process, the three 12th graders were chosen to be the 2016-2017 CASHS Drum Majors.

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“Eye” Say No To Bullying Poster Created at CAMS North
Students and faculty and staff at CAMS North recently conducted Stomp Out Bullying day.  One of the many activities that took place was a lesson on bullying in Traci Cormany’ s  6th and 7th grade music classes.

Mrs. Cormany played the song “Don’t Laugh at Me” for the students.  The song’s lyrics include this refrain:

Don't laugh at me
Don't call me names
Don't get your pleasure from my pain
In God's eyes we're all the same
Someday we'll all have perfect wings
Don't laugh at me 
  “I also showed “The “Fight Song” video to the students.  The students were surprised to see Eminem, Lady Gaga, Rhianna and President Obama (to name a few) included in the video.  I even spoke with some of the students after class about the fact that bullying made these people who they are today,” said Mrs. Cormany.  

"The lesson was well received by the students.  Before the students left class, they had the option of putting an 'eye' sticker on a poster I made that says 'EYE' say “no” to bullying.  The poster is covered in more than 300 eyes," said Mrs. Cormany. 

Faculty and staff also wore blue in recognition of Stomp Out Bullying Day.
First Ever Movie Night to be Held in CASHS Stadium
The CASHS freshman class, along with Student Government, will host the first ever movie night in Trojan Stadium on Saturday, October 29.  The gates will open at 6:45 PM and the show – which is Disney’s Zootopia - will begin at 7:30 PM.
Entry is free to all district students and their families.  Students will accept donations for the Trojans Care Fund which helps students in need
district wide.

Students also will sell popcorn for $1 a bag with the proceeds going to the Trojans Care Fund.
What do you need?  Please bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on and students in grades 8 and under must be supervised by an adult.  

What do you need?  Please bring a lawn chair or a blanket to sit on and students in grades 8 and under must be supervised by an adult.
Hamilton Heights Students Publish Their Writing
Students in Stacy Musick’s third grade class at Hamilton Heights recently learned that their stories were published in The Pepper Tree.  Students were given the assignment to write a personal narrative about something from the heart that inspired them and would, hopefully, inspire others. 

“When asked where they got their ideas, students responded that sometimes their ideas came from things that happened to them, but most of their ideas were inspired from stories that they read together in their reading and writing class this year,” said Mrs. Musick.

Mrs. Musick explained that this was an activity conducted at the end of the last school year.

“Not only did it keep student motivation high, but it also gave students a chance to reflect upon all that they had read and learned throughout their time together in third grade. It was very exciting for the students to see their name and their words in print like real authors,” noted Mrs. Musick.

Games Teach Social Skills
To an outsider, it may seem like the students in Miss Peters’ classroom at Fayetteville Elementary are just playing games, but they’re actually practicing a variety of essential social skills.

“These skills will contribute to social development and help students to establish and maintain meaningful, positive relationships with peers. On No-Special days, my students are allowed to invite one friend from their homeroom to my room to play group games and activities,” explains Miss Peters.

 The students begin practicing social skills right from the start by choosing a friend and then appropriately asking that person to join us.  During this Peer Group, students must together decide what game to play. It’s been quite impressive to watch students negotiate and come to an agreement when they don’t initially chose the same game, explained Miss Peters. 

“While playing games, students practice taking turns, sharing, and even what to do if someone is cheating in a game. Students also naturally socialize during this time and practice maintaining conversations with peers,” said Miss Peters.

Third graders work together to put together a large floor puzzle. Afterward the pair proudly shows off their accomplishment.
South Hamilton Elementary School Receives $4,000 Grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to Support Youth Literacy
The Dollar General Literacy Foundation recently awarded South Hamilton a $4,000 grant to support youth literacy.  

“We are thrilled to be provided with this amazing opportunity to help our children achieve their literacy goals.  Purchasing new books will motivate our students to be actively engaged during guided reading. We are grateful to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation for allowing our children to become Excellent readers who will always Dare to Dream, Dare to Imagine, Dare to Be a South Hamilton Dragon,”  said Emily Crider, first grade teacher and Barbara Buhrman, intervention specialist.     

Scotland Leadership Club
The Scotland Leadership Club met at Caledonia State Park in October. After a hike on the Midland Trail, students participated in team building activities designed to show the importance of communication, participation, and problem solving when working together on a task.

The activities included “Walk the Plank” which required the students to travel in unison to reach a destination. “Lava River” required the students to work together as a team to create a path with “cooling stones” so that each member could safely cross the river. It was a day of creative fun and fellowship to kick off the start of this year’s Scotland Leadership Club, according to Colleen Woy, club advisor. 

Have You Checked Out the CASD YouTube Channel?

Below are just some of the new videos that have been added to our District YouTube Channel.

What Goes On In Photography Class     

The Homecoming Parade

The Drama Club Presents: Alice in Wonderland

Editor’s Note: The videos listed above were produced by Jordan Sawyers, a CASHS senior, who is doing an internship in the Communications Department.   

The Great Kindness Challenge Kicks Off at Stevens Elementary

Trojan Track and Field in Need of Renovation

 The Trojans Track and Field could be headed for major renovations next summer due to safety concerns.  The CASHS track and field was renovated in 2005-2006 to a turf field with a rubber track.  At that time, it was projected that those renovations would need to be upgraded at the ten year mark.    

All School Board meetings and times are available  here .
School Board News
Board Approved New School Policy

At its October 28th meeting, the School Board approved Policy 004 –Student Representative.  As a result, two students- one from CASHS and one from CMS - will now be added to the school board as nonvoting members.

The students will be elected to serve a one-year term through their Student Councils’ regular election process and they must be seniors.  Policy requirements also state that the students must become familiar with board policy and they must be able to express student viewpoints articulately.

Financial News 

At the October 28 School Board meeting as a part of the Consent Agenda, the School Board of Directors acknowledged receiving approval from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for  PlanCon H for CASHS, as well as PlanCon J for Ben Chambers Elementary.  Both reimbursement requests were submitted to PDE years ago and were stalled for several years due to a moratorium that PDE enacted, according to Steve Dart, business manager.

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CASHS School Store Donates to Trojan Care Fund

A donation of $10,000 from proceeds from the CASHS Student Store was approved in support of the CASHS Trojan Care Fund.  This fund supports students in need.

Thank you to Donors

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Students of the Month for October 2016

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Employee Recognition

Bobby Gift, facilities management, was nominated by his peers for school board recognition as a result of his dedicated service.

Elizabeth Lancaster, a Lurgan Elementary teacher, was nominated by her peers and recognized by the school board for her service to the district.

Special Recognition Given to 50-Year Wrestling Time Keeper

 Dalton Paul was recognized at the October 26 school board meeting for his 50 years of service as the wrestling time keeper.  He never missed a home game in all of that time.   

Mr. Paul also served six years as an Ag teacher in the district and he was the FCCTC Director for 38 years.

Caitlyn McGee, a CAMS North teacher, received a Certificate of Appreciation from the school board for her dedicated service.  
Sandra Woodring, food services employee, was recognized for her outstanding service to the district.
Survey Results
In the September issue of eNews, we conducted a survey and asked you to tell us what you thought the role of public education should be. 

Results are:

53.5%  Prepare students academically

21.4%  Prepare students for work

10.7%  Prepare students to be good citiziens

17.8%  Other

We randomly selected a participant to receive a Gold Athletic gift card which is good for free admission to CASD regular season athletic events for one year.   Congratulations  to  Tracy Zeis!  

Zombie Run to Benefit CASHS Cupboard
A Zombie Run hosted by the Chambersburg Area Senior High School International Baccalaureate students will be held on Saturday, October 29 at 5 PM at Falling Spring Elementary School which is located at 1006 Falling Spring Road, Chambersburg.  The cost is $5 per participant. All proceeds from the event will benefit the CASHS Cupboard Food Pantry.

“A Zombie Run is an event where participants run through a course infested with volunteers dressed as zombies.  Each participant will wear two flags around his/her waist and the goal is to make it to the end without letting the Zombies take your flags,” said CASHS senior Ian Mangan.

Winter Sports Parent Meeting

 A Winter Sports Parent Meeting will be held on Monday, Nov. 14th at 6 PM in the CASHS auditorium for parents of students in grades 7 – 12 who will participate in winter sports.    Athletic policies will be reviewed, followed by breakout sessions with coaches and parents.  
Memorial Park Pool Project
Charitable Giving & Naming Opportunities  

In 2015, Town Council contracted with the aquatic design team of MKSD Architects and Counsilman-Hunsaker pool consultants to determine the best way to preserve and extend the life of the Memorial Park Pool built by the Borough of Chambersburg in 1969.                                              
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Plug-ins Memo 2016 - Personal Appliances in the Classrooms
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