~ October 29, 2020 ~
Membership Newsletter
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~ Don't Forget to Vote! ~
There is so much riding on the 2020 National, State, and Local Elections! Vote in person or mail in your ballot on or before November 3rd.
~ Townhall with DA Summer Stephan ~
~ November General Membership Meeting ~
November General Membership Meeting
For the time being, our meetings will be held as teleconferences.

Thursday, November 5th 2020, 6pm

Zoom Requirements: sandiegonaacp.org/zoom-setup

Meeting materials posted to: sandiegonaacp.org/meeting

This month, we'll be hearing from candidates for the Branch election, coming up on November 12th.
~ Hearing from the Candidates ~
Branch Election Stage IV ½: Speeches!

November 5th General Membership Meeting ElectionBuddy One of the things we did at our October 1st meeting was decide to use ElectionBuddy to run our election. The next day, we found out that National will be providing ElectionBuddy to Branches,...

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~ Job Notice: KUSI Anchor ~
Job Notice: Anchor/Reporter for KUSI News

Job notice received by the Branch. We do not endorse any job opportunity, we only pass along notices we have received.

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~ Giving Tuesday ~
Please join some of our bighearted Executive Committee Members in donating to and volunteering for the Tuesday food distributions at the Jacobs Center:
Watch: President Maxwell on #GivingTuesday

YOU CAN HELP YOUR COMMUNITY BY DONATING OR VOLUNTEERING Each week I Am My Brother's Keeper serves meals at the Jacobs Center; we've been joining them!

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~ La Mesa Police Oversight Board ~
Congratulations to La Mesa on Community Police Oversight ...

October 15, 2020 The NAACP San Diego Branch would like to extend its sincerest congratulations and thanks to the citizens of La Mesa on the approval of the new Community Police Oversight Board! It was united citizen action that got the board...

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~ Reports from our Probation Town Hall ~
Probation Town Hall Notes by Shelly Fromholtz

I joined the Town Hall meeting eager to learn about San Diego's probation program, of which I knew nothing. I expected to hear something similar to what I know about probation programs from TV shows and movies - listening to resistant, jaded...

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Probation Town Hall Notes by Brian Bonner

by Brian Bonner On October 5, 2020, Chief Probation Officer Adolfo Gonzalez and several of his key staff held an online meeting with NAACP San Diego Branch and Generation Justice. I had a particular interest in this meeting because I was a San...

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~ Sammartino's Lenient Sex Offense Sentence ~
Justice for All

October 25, 2020 The last words we say as we pledge allegiance to the flag are: "with liberty and justice for all." Belief in the words of the Pledge of Allegiance are a basic part of learning citizenship as a child. History continues to show us...

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Member-Owned Businesses
Use your dollars to support small local businesses owned by your fellow NAACP members. We have enough economic power to make the difference to these businesses; use it!
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Need a little help getting healthy food? We have information on local food distributions.
Education @ Home
Helpful links to information you can use to keep your kids learning while schools are closed.
Legal Resources
Need a lawyer? We have links to folks who can help, some of them at reduced rates or free.
COVID-19 Information
Don't panic, be practical. We link to the official sources of information for the City, County, State and the CDC.
Experiencing Discrimination?
Your branch is here to help. If you have experienced discrimination, the very best way to get started is to fill out a Discrimination Complaint. It will get us all the basic facts we need to determine whether we can help you directly or need to refer you to other resources.
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