Volume 3 |October 30, 2017
October 31st is "Count Day"
October 31st is the official count day for the NSLP program. All Contracting Entities (CEs) will complete the TX-UNPS Verification Report. Student counts collected on the report include:

  • Number of students enrolled on Oct. 31
  • Number of directly certified students enrolled on Oct. 31
  • Number of students with approved applications (applications are counted on Oct. 1)

This year, we are required to do some additional reporting since the state is participating in the Medicaid Project. Be sure to mark on your calendar about the Direct Certification/Medicaid Report due November 15th.
Have you bookmarked the login screen for DCDV?
You can now login directly to DCDV without going through TX-UNPS.
Direct Certification Counts
Due November 15
  1. Oct 31 - Make current enrollment file
  2. Nov 6-7 - Upload Oct 31 enrollment file for DC matches for TX-UNPS Verification Report
  3. Nov 8 - Run current enrollment for latest DC matches

  • On October 31, you will need to make a file of all currently enrolled students.
  • Wait to upload that file until November 6th when the November new matches are available. NOTE: The November lists are all of the students that were receiving benefits from Health and Human Services Commission in October and we need to make sure that we "claim" as many of the direct certified students as possible.
  • Run the October 31st enrollment anytime during Nov. 6 and 7th. (That file will be archived so that you can use the data to complete the TX-UNPS Verification Report. )
  • Starting Nov. 8th, upload current enrollment files so that you can update your POS systems with any new DC students that enrolled after Oct. 31st.

The final step in the direct certification process is reporting back the number of DC students. This is very important this year as we are part of The Medicaid Project and will be participating in a major research project.

On November 15th, ALL CEs that have directly certified students will need to report the number of All STUDENTS in ALL DC CATEGORIES that were enrolled as of October 31st.

The link below will take you to the report. Please do not submit until you complete November matches.

The form will be available on Nov. 6
Direct Verification Report
If you directly verified any applications, USDA is asking for information on what program was used for verification. There is a tally sheet on SquareMeals.org to help you track this.

This information will be reported on the Direct Certification Counts report on November 15th.
Verification Report Practice Template
The practice templates for the Verification Report have been posted on the DCDV training page on Square Meals and links are available below. The template walks you through the process of completing the verification report and provides guidance on avoiding any problem areas. It is optional to use the template, but strongly suggested as something to make the process much easier.

If you are in the CEP or Provision 2 program, use this template:

If you are an RCCI, use this template:

If you are NOT in CEP or P2, or an RCCI, use this template:
DCDV Training Materials
Have you checked out the DCDV Training materials? We have a new curriculum specialist, Renae Jenkins, who has been very busy updating and designing new materials. Renae has a teaching background for an online university and she brings a fresh perspective to the agency. Check it out!