A few notes about the RSVP:
  • Please RSVP once per family unit (even if you are scheduled as part of the worship team), then use the poll with the numbers 1-6 below the RSVP to let us know how many will attend in your group.
  • You will not get a confirmation email right away, but expect a new browser tab or window to open with the message “Thanks for your response!” You will receive an email later in the week with some details.
  • Your most recent selection is saved: you can change your Yes, No, or Maybe answer until the deadline, and your attendance number is not cumulative.
  • If you receive the RSVP email and have trouble using the forms to RSVP, or have a question, please reply to the RSVP email with your information.
  • If you didn’t see Monday’s RSVP email (“RSVP for Sunday Morning Worship, October 11”), please reply to this email with your attendance information.