October 8, 2020 | Issue #62
"Don't Act Like An Idiot"

When is the last time you called someone an “Idiot” or “Imbecile”?

I remember those terms being bandied about on my playground often enough. We just picked the words up without thought. But both words were medical terms for persons with intellectual disabilities used in the 1900s. Continue reading.
Essential Workers
Request for Your Health Care Stories
Before we had universal health care in Massachusetts (or federally), did any of these apply to you?

  • Have to have 2 health insurance policies?
  • Could not afford health insurance?
  • Lacked rehabilitative services through health insurance?

If you have a story you can share with us, please send them to Ellen at Taverna@arcmass.org
Job Opening: Part-Time Accountant (15-20 Hours)
The Arc of Massachusetts is seeking a Part-Time Accountant (15-20 hours) to join a group of dedicated professionals and volunteers. Responsibility for the financial, accounting, and related information technology resources. Advisory role on human resources.

For serious consideration, kindly submit your resume with a cover letter by October 19.  Please send confidentially to Rutledge@arcmass.org
The General Election is just under 4 weeks away on November 3. For persons worried about mail-in votes, you can vote early between October 17 through 30. Early voting schedules and locations for each city and town will be posted at www.MassEarlyVote.com no later than October 9. Visit thearcofmass.org/voting to learn more.
Transition and Health Care
Survey: Turning 22 During COVID-19
If your young adult will be Turning 22 between March 2020 and July 2021, we want to hear from you! Complete the survey at the link below and let us know your transition experiences: what is happening, the challenges faced, and the success stories. This information will help us to advocate during these trying times. Learn more.
Conference on Health Care Transition of Persons with I/DD
On November 9, a full day conference is being held (virtually) to address the health care transition for youth with disabilities to adult practitioners. Individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities (NDD or I/DD) require additional supports during the transition period given particular needs and the systemic barriers that exist.

A task force has been meeting to explore solutions regarding workforce development, optimizing clinical care, practice infrastructure, and financing models. Presentations on November 8 and November 9 will cover efforts of the task force and a keynote address.
Survey: Health Care Transition of Persons with I/DD
A collaborative group is working to improve the health care transition of persons with I/DD to improve health access to adult healthcare. We are working with them and hope you can participate in this Massachusetts health care transition survey.  All of us want to better understand what is happening for young adults in terms of their healthcare needs.

If you are a guardian or parent of someone with ID/DD or ASD (or the individuals themselves), please complete this brief survey by Friday, October 16. Any questions may be submitted to nddtransitionsummit@childrens.harvard.edu.
On Tuesday, October 13 at 11:00AM, Kamisha Heriveaux of Mass Advocates Standing Strong will present tips and information sheets for self-advocates on COVID 19. These were developed by Kamisha and others from the Massachusetts Partnership Transition to Employment Self Advocacy and Self Determination Committee. Info includes tips for advocating when returning to school and work, how educators can assist transition age students with online learning, and online etiquette for participants.
On Tuesday, October 20 at 11:00AM, Rachel Fichtenbaum, EOHHS Mobility Manager at MassMobility, will present options for community transportation during the pandemic!
The Arc of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network are proud to host a virtual adult sibling panel to share experiences and information and answer universal sibling-related questions. Join them on October 29 to learn from adult siblings of people with disabilities.
Sponsor Spotlight

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