Children's Environmental Health Day
October 8th, 2020
Dear Friends,

Celebrate Children's Environmental Health Day with us as we persevere to protect the health and well being of children.

Let's rally around the gains of the environmental movement which has made great strides in raising awareness, educating, and expanding the environmental health definition to include justice.

Let's continue to work towards equity, so all children have healthy food, air, water, products, climate and access to education and health care.

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Children's Environmental Health Network
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College Workshop
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For High School Students
Monday, October 12th, 1pm-3pm

Tuesday, October 13th, 5pm-7pm
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(Bloomberg News, Sept. 25, 2020)
Stay Healthy and Safe,

Julie and Ricky
Julie Herbstman, PhD
Director, Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health

Frederica P. Perera, DrPH, PhD
Director of Translational Research and Founding Director
Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health
Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health