CRM Ascent October 2021
Converge Rocky Mountain is a movement of dynamic, Christ-centered churches. We seek to transform lives and communities by strengthening and multiplying Jesus-filled believers and congregations
in the Rocky Mountain West.
Don't Forget...
October Is Pastor Appreciation Month

Your pastor and his family work hard to serve you and help you grow in your faith. Normally, the role of pastor is a challenging one, but given the pandemic and waves of unrest, the job has become exponentially harder. Many of our church leaders are weary. They have been carrying a heavy load for a long time. They could use your prayers, support and encouragement. October has been set aside as a month to do just that. Pastor Appreciation month encourages you and your church to find multiple, creative ways to say thank you to your pastor and their family. Send an email, take them to dinner, watch their kids, make them a regular part of your prayer life, take on one of those hard to fill volunteer spots at church. Your love, and investment in their lives will mean a lot, and communicate God's care in powerful ways.
Featured CRM Church:
Living Water Bible Fellowship
Alamosa, Colorado

Living Water Bible Fellowship began in 1974 when three families began meeting for Bible study in Alamosa, Colorado. They saw a need and began praying about starting a new church. An early purpose statement from the group in 1975 reads, “The San Luis Valley is in desperate need of a good Bible teaching church. In an area where false religion holds free reign, the work of taking Christ to the people will not be easy.”

Through the help of Converge Rocky Mountain, (BGC back in the day,) the church organized in 1976. Today, Jeron and Elizabeth Parkins, and an "on mission" congregation continue to pursue this dream by seeking to help others come to know and follow Christ, journey in spiritual community together, and serve to make disciples...

Together To Transform 2022
"Welcome Home...
Your New Home"
March 11-12, 2022,
Orchard Church, Brighton, CO

Speaker: Dr. Ed Stetzer
"A Post-Pandemic Missiology
For the Church in America"

  • Powerful worship
  • Friendship building
  • Updates from missionaries and CRM church planters
  • Relevant Leader Breakouts
  • 2022 CRM Annual Business Meeting
Called To Upton, WY

Jeff and Beth Newcomer were attending a large church in the state of Washington. After volunteering at a new church plant, the pastor suggested that, since they had the gifts to plant, they should launch a church on their own. The Newcomers attended a Converge planter assessment, were strongly recommended and began to pray about where God wanted them to plant.

Immediately they sensed Montana or Wyoming and then narrowed their site search to Wyoming. Jeff and Beth began to drive through the state, praying over a variety of communities. When they got to Upton, a town of about 1,000 people, God confirmed that this was His spot for them. At that point, Paul Mitton and Jeff connected and talked about joining the Converge Rocky Mountain family. Although the order was a little backward, both agreed that the Lord was in this. The Newcomers are excited to be a CRM plant! Brian is currently going through CRM church planter training. They are building strategic relationships in town and discovering community needs.

The Newcomers are building a prayer intercessor team and raising financial support. If your church can invest in this courageous, gifted couple please click the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.
CRM Partner Church Contribution Packets On The Way

The Converge Rocky Mountain movement of churches exists to see lives and communities transformed for the glory of God across the Rocky Mountain West. CRM is funded primarily through the investments of our partner churches. Every year we ask congregations to review the comprehensive ministry we are doing together, and submit their estimated contribution form to CRM for the coming year. A contribution guideline for partner churches is 1% of your church's annual income to church strengthening, 1% to church starting and 1% to the "100 in 10" fund, as we seek to add 100 Rocky Mountain congregations in 10 years.

Your contribution packet will be arriving shortly. Pastors, please review the packet with your church leaders and mission chair. Then submit your contribution form by November 15, 2021. Once all contribution forms have been collected, the CRM office can build their spending plan for 2022.

Together, we are planting churches at a record pace. We are reaching the far expanses of our region. We are also providing training resources, coaching, church revitalization and so much more for our established congregations. Please pray about increasing your church's contribution to CRM. There is no better investment to strengthen your own church and to bring the Gospel to the Rocky Mountain West. Thanks for your partnership!
What Should You Look For In A Church?
Converge Pastor David Sorn

In 19th Century America, most Christians chose their church by simple filters like, “How long of a horse ride is it?” And for many, there was only one church in town to choose from. In the first half of the 20th Century, “Denominational Loyalty” was the main way most Americans chose their church. If they grew up Lutheran, Christian Missionary Alliance, or with the Evangelical Free Church, they would join that same denominational church when they moved to a new town.

As the 20th Century reached its latter half, people began to look for a church, not by what denomination it was, but by what programs the church could offer. Do you have Awana for my kids? Is there a Women’s Ministry? A church softball team?
And many of you remember that as the 20th Century was turning into the 21st, many were choosing churches based on “worship styles.” People would call churches in those days and ask, “Does your church sing the traditional Hymns or do you have ‘contemporary music?’” as it was called back then.

But now, two full decades into the 21st century, by FAR the most common filter people use when picking a church, is a political one. As a pastor, I can assure you, when people email me to ask “what kind of church we are,” no one asks anymore about our beliefs about the Bible, or what type of small groups we have during the week, or even what kind of music we sing. They only want to know our position is on issues like masks, vaccines, racism, social justice, or any other hot topic currently on Fox News or CNN. In other words, they want to feel out where our church is on their political spectrum. And most churches around our country field the exact same questions every single week.
So what should you really look for in a church? A program? A type of music? One where everyone votes like you? If you’re looking for a church, don’t look for one that hits the latest cultural fad or agrees with you on the latest cultural hot topic. Just find one that teaches the Bible as God’s Word, reaches people for Christ, and makes disciples.
Last Call To Register!
S2: Start and Strengthen
November 9-11, 2021
Use the money-saving CRM code

Grab your church leadership team and come spend three days in the beautiful east valley of Phoenix, AZ. The Converge S2 conference will be a refreshing and uplifting spiritual experience. Whether on the main stage or break-out sessions, you will learn from some of the greatest church leaders of our day. You'll also have time to dream and do some strategic planning with your team.

Use the code "CRM" when you register and save $40. Also, reserve a rental car soon, or uber to your hotel and rent a car from a site closer to your hotel. It's usually cheaper. Carpooling is always an option.
Help Needed For Haiti
From Pastor Robin Holland-

I reach out to you with a concerning heart as our ministry partners in Haiti were hit with a 7.2 quake and tropical storm within 4 days of each other. Pastor CJ reports damage to his wife's family's homes to include structural damage and total collapse.  He is putting together a team to travel to the south and needs funding for tents, tarps, food, clothing, and hygiene products.  Pastor Sims and Living Hope Bible Church have committed to sending 100% of funding donated through LHBC to Pastor CJ for direct support and relief. 

Please consider supporting this effort by donating through Living Hope Bible Church so that we can wire support funding directly to Pastor CJ's church to support these teams. God Bless you and continue to pray for Haiti.
MLB Umpire Jeff Nelson ’87 Named Bethel CAS Alumnus of the Year
Jeff Nelson has been on the field as an umpire for historic moments in Major League Baseball, including a Hall of Famer’s final All-Star appearance and game seven of the World Series. But his career could have ended in Little League if not for a trusted mentor, and that has inspired him to give back.
Partnering Together in Prayer
  • Praise the Lord for successful grand opening Sundays for The Front Church in Bluffdale, UT and Center Church, Littleton, Colorado.
  • Pray that God will supply every need for planters Jeff and Beth Newcomer, and every other CRM planting couple preparing to start.
  • Ask the Lord to build redemptive bridges through church sponsored Harvest Festivals and Trunk or Treat nights.
  • Ask that God will bring peace and reconciliation to CRM church's currently in conflict with each other.
  • Lift up our Bethel University as they welcome students, and prepare for a new year of learning and growth.
  • Pray for the Converge national office as they deal with changes necessitated by the findings of the investigative team.
  • Pray for those battling cancer, covid or ongoing sickness. Pray also for those who are engulfed in personal darkness, despair, or exhaustion.
  • Churches Seeking Pastors:
First Baptist, Idaho Springs, CO
Grace Mountain, Colorado Springs
Iglesia Vida Nueva, Westminster, Colorado
  • Pray for Regional President Paul Mitton as he continues to guide our movement: Along with assisting in the dissolution work of Indian Hills Christian Fellowship, Paul is seeking to locate planters who feel called to the Colorado foothills. There is a desperate need for healthy, Christ centered churches in the counties that surround Denver. Paul is also partnering planters with seasoned coaches, co-facilitating our planter training, and recruiting new planting families. It's exciting to see God answering prayer as He provided the Newcomers for Upton, WY. Paul and Sylvia are also preparing to send out the CRM church donor packets, finishing up the fall Connect newsletter, arranging details for two 2022 international mission trips and preparing for TTT 2022. Paul is also busy on the Bethel University Trustee Board, holding regional LEAD meetings, helping churches with pastor placement, and conflict resolution. Paul and Jan hope to take a short trip to Iceland in November to see the northern lights. They are celebrating a big birthday for Janelle which ends in "0" and lands on November 19th. Pray especially for safety on the roads as Paul puts in hours of drive time to meet with our pastors and churches scattered across four states..