It's Turkey Time!
After taking a year off of smoking Turkey's, they're back!
  • Placing orders - Online, in store, or by calling 513.452.6328
  • Cost - $65 for chilled bird, $75 hot. All birds are 12-15 lbs and feed 10-12.
  • Pickup - Thanksgiving morning at our Newtown location from 8-12 pm. All birds come with heating instructions.
Click the button to order online. Use Code FIRSTTIME for 15% off your first online order.
Food Truck Frenzy
We're doing indoor pop-ups for the fall and winter!
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Call 513.801.3242 to book for your office or building or email
What's Coming Up!
Brisket Chili
  • Beginning November 1st. Get in quick because it sells out fast!
Christmas Parties
  • We've began taking orders for office & home Christmas parties. We also have reservation dates for the restaurant remaining.
Full and Half pans of our Homemade Peach Cobbler
  • We began taking orders for the holiday October 1st.

10 Minutes In The Bible
I Want To See!
Imagine being blind in bible times. Imagine living with this or any disability in a time without government programs, goodwill employment assistance or tax levy's specifically for your well-being. Imagine not being able to work in a time where if you didn't work, literally you didn't eat.

Imagine that you have the default profession of beggar and that your survival and entire livelihood depends on what others think and feel about you. Imagine what you would do to ensure that you "out-begged" the other beggars. What special spiel would you come up with? How would you go about selecting and securing a prime location with high traffic counts?

Now imagine that you get the opportunity you've been waiting for. A large crowd is approaching your prime spot and you can potentially secure income for the next month or more! Would you be able to forego this opportunity for something more important than surviving?

Mark 10:46-52 talks about the blind beggar Bartimaeus who did exactly that. Instead of capitalizing on his opportunity to extend his survival, he chose to go after something more important... life. Even though Bartimaeus was blind, he still had an understanding of who Jesus was and that He was near. We sometimes let our circumstances keep us from these two basic understandings and miss opportunities for life that are passing right in front of us.

Bartimaeus went on to embarrass himself by shouting loudly over and into the crowd. He disregarded current money and the potential for future money as he was damaging his reputation with the very people he needed for his survival. What Bartimaeus figured out is something that a lot of us never do. He figured out that this was an opportunity to trade survival for life. Jesus offers each one of us life in the midst of just getting by, in the midst of trying to make it work & in the midst of barely holding on.

Sometimes it takes us getting to a place where our situation mandates that we do everything in our power to take hold of God's opportunity. Jesus went on to immediately restore the sight of Bartimaeus and therefore eliminate his need for begging. My prayer for us is that we have the strength to be bold in our declaration to God that I Want To See. That we would have the faith to choose God's promise of life instead of survival.
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