Grillo grinds up a storm with CBI 6800CT
About one year into owning their 6800CT, storm debris generated in the late summer of 2020 proved to be a great test for the grinder’s durability and production rates.

“We just had a storm and the amount of green waste that it produced in the several towns and counties around us is just a tremendous amount,” Michael Grillo said. “It’s just as good as any hurricane we’d had through the years. We’re able to keep up with that material coming in because our 6800CT kept grinding every single day.”

The first electric 6800C-SE has shipped to California
The first 6800C-SE Stationary Electric Horizontal Grinder is on the way from New Hampshire to California.
H & H Construction adds a 6800CT Horizontal Grinder
Congrats to H&H Construction and Storm Services for adding a 6800CT Horizontal Grinder! Pictured above is Steve Simonson from Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic, Inc. and Howard Holloman from H&H Construction.
Terex Ecotec expands in Canada with Frontline Machinery
Terex Ecotec has named Frontline Machinery as the official distributor for the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba. Frontline Machinery has been a family owned business dedicated to construction, mining, quarry, recycling, and organics applications since 2013 and has locations in Chilliwack, British Columbia and Woodstock, Ontario.

Frontline Machinery was named CBI’s 2019 Dealer of the Year and has also recently added the Terex MPS line to their product offerings.
Safety Reminder: Pointing infeed in a safe direction
A common safety point is to never stand behind the infeed of a machine in operation. It’s also critical to angle the machine with a safe backdrop for ejected material. Don’t underestimate how far ejected material can travel and take advantage of material piles that can act as natural barriers.
CBI employees raise $440 for St. Jude Open
The CBI Activities Committee organized a fundraiser for the St. Jude Open Golf Tournament to benefit a local family. CBI's goal was to raise $100 for the event and the team raised $440!
CBI Gear Shop Item of the Month: Beanies
Stay warm and stay stylish for the fall and winter!

AirMax arrives at Thomson Brothers
The CBI AirMax Material Density Separator has arrived at Thomson Brothers Industries in Massachusetts! The AirMax was designed for separating heavy materials such as aggregates, metals, glass, and more from lighter materials. Ideal for separating rock from wood and plastic, C&D recycling, glass recycling, mulch cleanup, compost cleanup, automotive fluff recycling, and a variety of other applications. Great work by our New England dealer, High Ground Equipment.

AirMax Product Info:
Watch a video of the AirMax here:
Congrats to Linda Fay for 28 years at CBI!
October 1 marked Linda Fay’s 28 year anniversary with CBI! Linda began with CBI when there were only three employees and has seen the company grow into the global brand it is today.