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October books bring delicious book-inspired drinks and dishes, including Amor Towles's family recipe that he suggests serving up with his new novel, The Lincoln Highway, and Gilded Age fare to pair with Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe's Vanderbilt.

Adding to the excitement, Dorie Greenspan shares recipes for fall baking in her sensational new cookbook Baking with Dorie.

You'll also find bookish menus featuring British favorites, pies, a dog-inspired cocktail, and more!

Got puns? New Book Blends are here! "Harry Potter and the Hors d'Oeuvre of the Phoenix" and "The Romaines of the Day" join the Blends library!

Book clubs asked for—and authors B.A. Paris and Sabra Waldfogel responded with—food pairings for their novels!

Finally, see our book club feature on Anthony Doerr's new novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land, in October's Costco Connection.

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Enjoy the Fall!

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Book-inspired menus and giveaways featured on social media
Book Club Buzz Feature Titles
A month of book-inspired recipes, menus, and giveaways
beginning on dates below
Sweet, Salty & Simple
Dorie Greenspan
Award-winning cookbook author Dorie Greenspan offers a collection that celebrates the sweet, the savory, and the simple. Every recipe is signature Dorie: easy—beginners can ace every technique—and accessible, made with everyday ingredients. This book of simple yet sophisticated baking will take you from breakfast breads, muffins, and cakes to late-night treats, and from cookies to dunk in milk to pastries to pair with wine.
Book Club Daily Feature Titles
Authors' book-inspired menus and giveaways
begin on the dates below for one week
The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty
Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe
Nonfiction / History
Journalist Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, teams with historian and novelist Katherine Howe to chronicle the rise and fall of a legendary American dynasty.
 Eden Appiah-Kubi

In this delightfully modern spin on Pride and Prejudice, love is a goal, marriage is a distant option, and self-discovery is a sure thing.
Amor Towles
The bestselling author of A Gentleman in Moscow and Rules of Civility and master of absorbing, sophisticated fiction returns with a stylish and propulsive novel set in 1950s America.
Natalie Jenner
(St. Martins/ Griffin))
Historical Fiction
Just after the Second World War, in the small English village of Chawton, an unusual but like-minded group of people band together to attempt something remarkable.
Reyna Gentin
(Moonshine Cove)
Inspired by her work in the intense, emotionally-charged world of Manhattan Family Court, Gentin’s novel introduces readers to Jackie Martin—an intelligent, ambitious, but inexperienced new judge who can’t let her defenses down to let love in.
A Writer Returns to the Kitchen
Laurie Colwin
Cooking/ Memoir
With a new foreword by Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman, this is the triumphant sequel to Home Cooking by “a home cook, like you and me, whose charm and lack of pretension make her wonderfully human and a welcome companion as she chatters on about the small culinary accomplishments and discoveries that occur in her kitchen” (Chicago Tribune).
Jenny Judson and Danielle Mahfood
Historical Fiction
Set in Victorian England, a story of social upheaval, changing fortunes, and an unlikely romance that develops between a well-to-do heiress and a stable boy.
Life Lessons from a Wise Old Dog
Jenna Blum
For anyone who has ever loved an old dog—or experienced loss, human or canine!—this is the story of the final months of the author's beloved 15-year-old black Lab Woodrow's life and what they, and he, taught her about devotion, opening up, community, letting go, and how to let people in.
Kerry Anne King
(Lake Union)
From the author of Whisper Me This comes a witty, magical story about improbable connections, difficult gifts, and the unexpected events that heal us and bring us together.
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GalleyMatch Book Clubs Suggest
Click images below for book club meeting highlights for these titles previewed through the GalleyMatch program.

Christina Clancy
Lit Ladies Read Book Club of Melbourne, Florida

Brunch and Books of Bowling Green, Kentucky
Virigina Hume
Over-Readers Anonymous
of Acworth, Georgia

ZTA North Fulton Alumnae Book Club of Fulton, Georgia
Novel Noshes: Ask the Author
Authors Share Book-Inspired Fare
Book club members often request food pairing ideas for reading selections, and when possible, we reach out to authors on their behalf.

Have a question for an author about a recipe, book club food pairing, or food reference? Contact us. Also see Novel Noshes, menu ideas from authors and book clubs, and Author Recipes. Here are a few recent queries and responses!
"Can you suggest a menu for a discussion of Sabra Waldfogel's Charleston's Daughter?
-Jeannine, Garden City, New York

From Sabra Waldfogel:
"The dishes mentioned in the book are the first things that come to mind: shrimp creole, made with shrimp and tomatoes, rice (Carolina Gold if you can get it), hoppin' john (black-eyed peas and rice), collard greens, biscuits, and cornbread. Frogmore Stew— shrimp with corn and sausage—is a later dish, but it originated on the Frogmore Plantation on St. Helena Island, Caro's birthplace, so it fits with the spirit of the book. I didn't write a lot about okra, but it's an integral part of the area's cuisine.

You are probably aware of both of these books, but they talk about traditional African-American foodways and dishes inspired by them. One is Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African-American Cooking, by Toni Tipton-Martin, and the other is High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey From Africa to America by Jessica B. Harris. The Netflix documentary made from Harris' book has a section on Gullah dishes in South Carolina."
"Our club is reading B.A. Paris' Behind Closed Doors Any food ideas?
-Peggy, Bettendorf Iowa

From B.A. Paris: "In Behind Closed Doors, Grace and Jack give a dinner party for their friends. Jack chooses the menu; cheese soufflés to start, Beef Wellington for the main, and a Pavlova for dessert.I have cooked all of these dishes at one time or another, and I know how challenging they are. It’s exactly why I chose them; Jack’s aim is to make Grace’s life as difficult as possible.
If anyone has ever made a soufflé, they will know how difficult it is to get it to the table before it collapses. Timing is everything, and we can sense Grace’s stress levels rising as Jack does his best to sabotage her efforts by keeping their guests talking when she has already called them to the table. Luckily, Diane steps in, and the soufflés are perfect. Beef Wellington is less tricky although there is still the still the problem of soggy pastry under the beef.
Lastly, the Pavlova, a delicious concoction of meringue, cream and fruit. I love both making this and eating it, and getting the meringue absolutely right—crisp on the outside, slightly chewy in the middle —is quite a feat. Luckily for Grace, she pulls it all off.These dishes are rather elaborate for a book club dinner, so I would skip the soufflés, make a beef casserole instead of the Wellington, and keep the Pavlova. Even if the meringue isn’t quite right, the cream and fruit will hide a multiple of sins. But if you do decide to make all three, please invite me, as they are some of my favourite things to eat."