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Imagine being stalked by a prehistoric arachnid?
A Halloween Treat

The Sentinel
Jack Reacher #25
Virtual October 26 5:00 PM
with both Childs
Comes signed by Andrew with a terrific letter to you written and Signed by Lee
Our October Historical Fiction Book of the Month
A debut
Virtual October 28

true voter suppression and resistance, 1946

Stephanie Plum
Virtual Book Launch November 2 6:00 PM
Our copies signed by Janet come with a custom holiday card for you

Dazzling debut
Virtual with Lisa See November 5
Our November Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month
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Virtual Book Launch
November 5 6:30 PM
Not signed but comes with a letter to you signed by Perry with holiday wishes

Virtual Book Launch November 7 5:00 PM
Jackie's memoir
A terrific gift for Maisie Dobbs fans

The final Kevin Kerney
NM thriller
Virtual Book Launch November 6 4:00 PM

The Lincoln Lawyer
Virtual Book Launch
November 10
Order early for your Signed First

The Oregon Files
Morrison's last full collaboration with the late Clive Cussler
Virtual launch November 11 6:00 PM

A debut
Our November Historical Fiction Book of the Month
Virtual November 12
6:00 PM with Sujata Massey

Atlee Pine, FBI (plus more)
Virtual Book Launch
November 17 6:00 PM

Black Sun
Epic fantasy series start

Song for the Dark Times
John Rebus
Signed UK Edition
due in soon

in stock now

Goodnight, Beautiful
A knockout suspense
in stock now

Virtual Wednesday 12:00 PM with Ace Atkins
Jake Brigance #3
in stock now

Andy Carpenter Christmas Tale
defective copies being replaced so there is a delay

Signed UK Edition
The final chapter of the
Last Kingdom Series
Due sometime soon

Signed UK Edition
A spy story
due in sometime soon

Just 5 Signed UK Editions
Order quickly
due in sometime soon
The unsigned US edition comes with a signed bookplate and tote bag

Confessions on the 7:45
An update on Highsmith's Strangers on a Train
Our October Crime Book of the Month

The Reacher Guy
Our copies come with a custom designed bookplate 
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Orphan's Guilt
Joe Gunther
in stock now
in stock now

On sale October 27

Signed UK Edition
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Unrestricted Access
includes a new novella with Kane, the military dog
and signed with a doodle of the dog by Rollins
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Mary Anna Evans
Sara Johnson
Tonight 5:00 PM
MONDAY OCTOBER 19 5 PM A Poisoned Pen Press Duo
Mary Anna Evans discusses Wrecked (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
A Faye Longchamp Archaeological Mystery

The aftermath of a hurricane that hits the Big Bend region of northern Florida provides the backdrop for Evans's intricate 13th mystery featuring archaeologist Faye Longchamp. Faye's husband, Joe Mantooth, is doing his part to help by using his new toy-a drone-to document the devastation with aerial pictures. When Faye notices a dark spot in the sea on one of Joe's photos, she calls on Captain Eubanks , her amateur historian friend, to help her identify it. Could it be the silhouette of a long-lost ship? 

Less than a day later, the captain's body washes ashore. His death is quickly deemed a diving accident by harried police, who are busy trying to control looters and locate people who are unaccounted for. Then someone steals Joe's phone and computer, and destroys his drone. 

PW writes that "Evans smoothly integrates fascinating historical and archaeological lore into Faye's quest for the truth behind the captain's death. This long-running series shows no signs of losing steam."

 As its editor I have loved them all and recommend you read them from the beginning.

Sara Johnson discusses The Bones Remember (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
An Alexa Glock Forensic Mystery (set in New Zealand)

In the sequel to Molten Mud Murder ($15.95), a hit debut here at The Pen, Alexa Glock, formerly of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, is still hanging on to a job in New Zealand, where she has found a post with the Forensic Service Center in Auckland. 

Her specialty in forensic odontology makes her the perfect person to identify the remains of a man discovered on remote Stewart Island, whose main tourist draws are its native birds and shark cage diving operations. Alexa confirms that the body is that of Robert King, who disappeared while deer hunting in Rakiura National Park 10 months earlier. There's a bullet hole his skull. 

Then a dead man washes up on the beach, a third of his body torn away by sharks. He, too, was shot. Alexa is surprised when the prickly but attractive policeman from Rotorua appears to work the crimes. In a tricky case, the flora and fauna of rural New Zealand turn out to be relevant to the sleuthing. 

(I am not going to comment on the wild discrepancy in the cover art between the two Alexa Glock books).

Brad Thor Book Club
Wednesday 6:00 PM
Brad Thor Discussion Club
Register to attend this free event with Thor by emailing

Previous registrants will automatically receive a new invitation

The book under discussion is Near Dark

There will be spoilers as the point is to discuss the entire Scot Harvath adventure to the end.
Best of Year Stories

Box, CJ, ed. The Best American Mystery Stories 2020 (Houghton $16.99). 

The annual volume gets CJ as its editor for a nice run through outstanding new short fiction. We'll see CJ in the Spring with his next Joe Pickett Dark Sky (Putnam $27.99) -- the same title as his upcoming Nov 17 ABC premiere for Cassie Dewell. We will have copies actually signed by CJ for you.
Gabaldon, Diane, ed. The Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy 2020 (Houghton $16.99) SIGNED by Gabaldon

Stories that address a wide variety of voices, perspectives, and styles. There is an openness to experiment and pushing boundaries, combined with the classic desire to read about spaceships and dragons, future technology and ancient magic, and the places where they intersect. Contemporary science fiction and fantasy looks to accomplish the same goal as ever-to illuminate what it means to be human.

Don't overlook the big section on new books for you fans in the October Booknews. 
New Crime Classics
Kelly, Mary. The Christmas Egg (Poisoned Pen $14.99). T

This British Library Crime Classic opens in London on the 22nd December. Chief Inspector Brett Nightingale and Sergeant Beddoes have been called to a gloomy flat off Islington High Street. An elderly woman lies dead on the bed, and her trunk has been looted. The woman is Princess Olga Karukhin-an emigrant of Civil War Russia-and her trunk is missing its glittering treasure. Out in the dizzying neon and festive chaos of the capital a colorful cast of suspects abound: the downtrodden grandson, a plutocratic jeweler, Bolsheviks with unfinished business... Beddoes and Nightingale have their work cut out in this tightly-paced, quirky and highly enjoyable jewel of the British crime genre. This never-before-republished novel goes beyond the neat puzzles of country house historical mysteries by delivering the darker side of British police procedurals in an evocative urban setting.

Boucher, Anthony.
The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars (Penzler $15.95).

Set in 1939, this addition to the American Mystery Classic series from legendary mystery critic Boucher (1911-1968) pits the Baker Street Irregulars, members of the real-life organization of Sherlock Holmes fans, against Stephen Worth, who has been chosen by Metropolis Pictures to write the screenplay for a major movie based on the Holmes story "The Adventure of the Speckled Band." Worth, "the author of many stupid and illogical mystery novels of the type known as hard-boiled," has expressed a desire to show up the detective as a "cocky bastard." When the Irregulars protest Worth's selection to Metropolis Pictures producer F.X. Weinberg, Weinberg invites them to Hollywood to consult on the film. The Irregulars soon lock horns with the obnoxious Worth, and a fatal shooting follows.... A clear must for Sherlockians, no? 

Eustis, Helen. The Horizontal Man (Library of America $14.95)

The Horizontal Man was Helen Eustis's only crime novel, and she won an Edgar Award for it, combining a wildly disparate set of elements into an enduringly fascinating work. In its way it is a classical whodunit that stands comparison with old-school practitioners such as Agatha Christie or Dorothy Sayers. This mystery transpires in the rarefied precincts of the English department of a venerable New England college, one very much of the restless postwar moment, echoing with references to Freud and Kafka. Eustis finds comedy high and low in a cavalcade of characters bursting at the seams with repressed sexual longings and simmering malice. Beyond the satire, she stirs up-with a narrative whose multiple viewpoints give the book a striking modernistic edge-a troubling sense of the mental chaos lurking just beneath the civilized surfaces of her academic setting. This new edition includes an introduction from author and Poisoned Pen favorite Charles Finch.

Ottolenghi, Rodrigues. Final Proof (Poisoned Pen $14.99). 

The Library of Congress Crime Classics series rescues another gifted author from obscurity with this collection of 12 stories set in the 1890s featuring PI Jack Barnes and his amateur sleuth friend, Robert Leroy Mitchel. Ottolengui (1861-1937), who was also a dentist, makes good use of his expertise in the best entry, the intriguing "The Phoenix of Crime." The autopsy of a male corpse retrieved from New York City's East River reveals that the dead man's face is marked by an unusual skin disease shared by Rufus Quadrant, a wealthy gentleman who died recently and was supposedly cremated. Members of Quadrant's family swear that the cremation definitely occurred, despite Quadrant's doctor's conviction that the body dragged from the water was his patient. The clever solution hinges on an early use of forensic dentistry. Other highlights include "The Nameless Man," in which Barnes is consulted by a man who doesn't know his own identity, and "A Frosty Morning," in which Mitchel must identify the thief of a banknote stolen in the midst of a will reading. Mystery fans devoted to logical deduction will welcome this reissue. Which is as with all the LOC Crime Classics, edited and footnoted by Leslie S. Klinger.

Some New Books 
Chevalier, Tracy. A Single Thread ($17). 

It is 1932, and the losses of the First World War are still keenly felt. Violet Speedwell, mourning for both her fiancé and her brother and regarded by society as a 'surplus woman' unlikely to marry, resolves to escape her suffocating mother and strike out alone. A new life awaits her in Winchester. Yes, it is one of draughty boarding-houses and sidelong glances at her naked ring finger from younger colleagues; but it is also a life gleaming with independence and opportunity. Violet falls in with the broderers, a disparate group of women charged with embroidering kneelers for the Cathedral, and is soon entwined in their lives and their secrets. As the almost unthinkable threat of a second Great War appears on the horizon Violet collects a few secrets of her own that could just change everything... This book is a treat on every level from the characterizations, the surprises, the unusual as well as better known historical bits, and Chevalier's superb command of language and structure. Highly recommended-one of my favorite novels of 2019.

Connolly, John. The Dirty South (Atria $27.99).
Virtual event October 28 1:00 PM from Ireland

Connolly has written a prequel to his splendid, long-running Charlie Parker series and sets it in Arkansas (not an obvious choice for an Irish writer). Here's a well deserved Starred Review: "...noir fans will relish an origin story set in 1999. The murder of Parker's wife and daughter ended his career as an NYPD detective, but the ghosts of his loved ones still literally haunt him, and the tragedy may have turned him into a vigilante who beat a child predator to death. Parker's hunt for his family's killer takes him to impoverished Burdon County, Arkansas, where someone, possibly the same person he's seeking, has been murdering teenage girls. 

Dennison, Hannah. Tidings of  Death at Honeychurch Hall (Constable $15.95)

It's ten days before Christmas at Honeychurch Hall and Kat Stanford has persuaded the Earl of Grenville to open the Museum Room to the villagers in an effort to raise money for rooftop repairs. For the price of a ticket visitors will be able to view an unusual display of antiques - including the legendary Bleeding Hawk of Honeychurch Hall. When an obnoxious young couple drive 200 miles from London to view the treasures it's not just Kate who is suspicious of their intentions; Mr Chips, the estate's feisty Jack Russell makes his feelings plain by taking a bite out of the man's trousers. But then a suit of armour inexplicably falls on the ancient butler, killing him, and when a second body is found near a quarry nearby Kat becomes entangled in a world of feuds and jealousies.... We are so glad to see this entertaining British series continue....

Freeman, Brian. The Deep, Deep Snow (Blackstone $16.99). Our first batch of copies will be Signed by Freeman 

He is having a blitz of a publishing year, first stepping into the Ludlum franchise with The Bourne Evolution (Putnam $28 SIGNED) and then bringing us a tenth dazzler for Duluth policeman Jonathan Stride in Funeral for a Friend (Blackstone $27.99 SIGNED). 

And now this atmospheric and deeply affecting tale centered on Shelby Lake, now a young woman deputy in the Mittel County Sheriff's Department but once an abandoned newborn left on the Sheriff's doorstep (to be fair his home resembled a church). A haunting new case arrives: ten-year-old Jeremiah Sloan has gone missing, his bicycle found abandoned in the woods. It's unthinkable to all in the small town that Jeremiah is a victim of stranger abduction, but no matter how hard they work the case, there is no trace of the child, no clue. Shelby takes it hard and never lets it go. Many lives are shattered. Ten years later many threads woven into the story begin to surface and weave together. You won't foresee the outcome. But I will say this is a poignant story of suppressed secrets and escalating mistakes rather than crimes. 

Maguire, Gregory. Wicked (HarperCollins $30). 

Maguire's groundbreaking New York Times bestseller redefined the land of Oz, its inhabitants, its Wizard, and the Emerald City, viewing the world created by L. Frank Baum through a darker and greener lens. Brilliantly inventive, Wicked offered a radical new portrait of one of the most feared and despised villains in all of literature: the universally maligned Wicked Witch of the West who, in Maguire's imaginative retelling, isn't nearly as black-hearted as we imagined. Now readers old and new can indulge in this classic with a special 25th anniversary hardcover edition.

Mantel, Hilary. Mantel Pieces (Harper $26.99)

 From the twice Booker Prize winner and internationally bestselling Hilary Mantel, a collection of writing-essays, book reviews, memoir-from over thirty years contributing to the London Review of Books. The publisher calls it, "Constantly illuminating, always penetrating, and often very funny, interleaved with letters and other ephemera gathered from the archive." You probably already know that Mantel had good odds of winning a third Booker for 2020 but...did not.

Neville, Stuart. The Traveller and Other Stories (Soho $27.95)
A virtual event is in the works. I should have a date next Enews

Since his debut novel, the modern classic The Ghosts of Belfast ($9.99), was published a decade ago, Irishman Neville, an Edgar finalist, has published eight other critically acclaimed novels. Now for the first time Neville offers readers a collection of his short fiction-chilling stories that traverse and blend the genres of noir, horror, and speculative fiction, and which bring the history and lore of Neville's native Northern Ireland to glittering life. The collection concludes with the long awaited novella The Traveller, the companion piece to The Ghosts of Belfast and Collusion. Gerry Fegan appears in four of the tales. Complete with a foreword from Irish crime fiction legend John Connolly, this volume is the perfect indulgence for fans of ghost stories and noir, and is a must-have for devotees of Neville's prizewinning Belfast novels.

Smith, Martin Cruz. The Siberian Dilemma ($17). 

"Smith's stellar ninth outing for Arkady, his first since 2013, finds the maverick detective, who serves as an investigator of special cases for Zurin, the Moscow Prosecutor, growing increasingly concerned over his inability to reach his girlfriend, investigative journalist Tatiana Petrovna, after she fails to return to Moscow as scheduled from an assignment. Arkady knows only that she went to Siberia. Meanwhile, Zurin orders Arkady to travel to Siberia to oversee the prosecution of Aba Makhmud, a Chechen terrorist. Zurin directs Arkady to insure that Makhmud, who tried to kill the Moscow Prosecutor, receives a lengthy prison sentence, and threatens to harm Arkady's stepson if he fails to do so. Arkady is keener to go to Siberia once he learns Tatiana is probably still there, doing a story on Mikhail Kuznetsov, the so-called "hermit billionaire," who may run against Putin in the next election. The stakes rise after Renko arrives in Siberia.... 
Awards News
The 2020 Anthony Awards

The winners included Hank Phillippi Ryan for
The Murder List (Forge) who may have been the first Best Novel honoree to receive the award on her birthday; 

Tara Laskowski , whose One Night Gone (Graydon House) was named Best First Novel; 

Best Anthology or Collection winner Malice Domestic 14: Mystery Most Edible, edited by Verena Rose, Rita Owen, and Shawn Reilly Simmons (Wildside Press), and Seven Ways to Get Rid of Harry (Down & Out Books), by Jen Conley, which won for Best Young Adult.

The most memorable acceptance remarks were made by Gigi Pandian, who took home Best Paperback Original for 
The Alchemist's Illusion (Midnight Ink), who began writing in isolation as she sheltered from the world for a year after chemotherapy left her with no immune system, and Alex Segura. His Best Short Story winner "The Red Zone," appeared in ¡Pa'que Tu Lo Sepas!: Stories to Benefit the People of Puerto Rico (Down & Out Books)

The CWA Dagger Awards will be announced on Thursday.
The Rest of October
Hardboiled Crime discusses John Gregory Dunne, 
Nothing Lost (Vintage $14.95)
Andrew and Lee Child in conversation
They discuss The Sentinel (Bantam $30), the new Jack Reacher
Signed book available plus a special letter to our customers from Lee Child
John Connolly discusses Dirty South (Atria $27.99)
Might be one or two Signed UK editions left: Dirty South (Hodder $44)

Stephen Spotswood discusses his debut Fortune Favors the Dead (Doubleday $26.95)
A debut historical likened to Nero Wolfe/Archie Goodwin mysteries
Signed books available... a few left
Our October Historical Fiction Book of the Month

Richard Paul Evans discusses The Noel Letters (Gallery $21.99
Special signed bookplates

Chris DeRose discusses The Fighting Bunch (St Martins $28.99) with Larry Siegel
Signed books available. May be personalized by the author who lives here

We close at 5:00 PM so our staff can enjoy it too
A Preview of November/December
Check back for updates
MONDAY NOVEMBER 2 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Janet Evanovich discusses Fortune and Glory (Atria $28.99)
Signed Books available from Evanovich to us
Our copies come with various extras
Asha Lemmie in conversation with Lisa See
Lemmie's debut is Fifty Words for Rain (Dutton $26)
Our November Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month
Signed Books available for Lemmie

THURSDAY NOVEMBER 5 6:30 PM Virtual Book Launch
Anne Perry discusses her latest in her Christmas Series, 
A Christmas Resolution (Ballantine $20)
Comes with a holiday good wishes letter signed by Perry
Michael McGarrity discusses Head Wounds (Norton $26.99), the final chapter in the storied career of New Mexico lawman Kevin Kerney

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 7 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Jacqueline Winspear discusses This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing (Soho $27.95)
A memoir/autobiography
Signed books available. A great gift for Maisie Dobbs fans
Australia's JP Pomare chats with Betty Webb
Pomare's new novel is In the Clearing (Mulholland $28)

Isabella Maldonado discusses The Cipher 
(Thomas & Mercer $15.95) in a virtual event
And afterwards welcomes fans to a masked walk-by signing for those who would like to attend
The video taping is not open to the public
TUESDAY NOVEMBER 10 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Michael Connelly discusses The Law of Innocence (Little Brown $29)
Lincoln lawyer Mickey Haller
Signed Books available
Boyd Morrison in conversation with Don Bentley
Morrison discusses Clive Cussler's Marauder (Putnam $29), Morrison's last full collaboration with Clive Cussler
Signed Books available
Nev March in conversation with Sujata Massey
March discusses her debut mystery Murder in Old Bombay (Minotaur $26.99)
Our November Historical Fiction Book of the Month
Signed Books available
We will post on FB and in a podcast a recorded conversation made this morning with Martin Edwards, Elly Griffith, Aline Templeton and Andrew Taylor all discussing Howdunit (Harper $27.99)
Learn crimewriting from the masters who belong(ed) to The Detection Club
Lynn Truss discusses Murder by Milk Bottle (Bloomsbury $27/$17)
A Constable Twitten Mystery
Signed bookplates
Marc Cameron and H. Ripley Rawlings in conversation with Mark Greaney
Cameron discusses Tom Clancy: Shadow of the Dragon (Putnam $29.95)
Jack Ryan, Sr. #20
Rawlings discusses Assault by Fire (Kensington $8.99)
Tyce Asher #1
TUESDAY NOVEMBER 17 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
David Baldacci discusses Daylight (Grand Central $29)
An Atlee Pine Thriller
Signed books available
Hardboiled Crime Discussion Club

SciFi Friday Discussion Club

Croak & Dagger Discussion Club
Swedish author Lars Kepler discusses Lazarus
(Knopf $28.95)

TUESDAY DECEMBER 1 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Thomas Perry discusses Eddie's Boy (Grove/Mysterious $26)
Michael Shaeffer aka The Butcher's Boy is back
Signed books available
Caz Frear in conversation with Patrick
Frear discusses Shed No Tears (Harper $26.99)
London cop Cat Kinsella
Signed bookplates
SJ Rozan discusses The Art of Violence (Pegasus $25.95)
PIs Lydia Chin/Bill Smith
Signed books available

TUESDAY DECEMBER 8 Virtual Book Launch
Jane Cleland discusses Hidden Treasure (Minotaur $26.99)
Josie Prescott Antique Mysteries... lucky #13
Signed books available
Our December Cozy Crimes Book of the Month

The Jungle Reds Christmas Cocktails Party
Rhys Bowen, Lucy Burdette, Deborah Crombie, Hallie Ephron, Jenn McKinlay, Hank Phillippi Ryan, Julia Spencer-Fleming
Our October Books of the Month
First, thank you for your response to The Pen's Books of the Month. The rise in membership means we can do a better job securing signed and unsigned books for you. It's not too late to join one or more clubs--or to give a club membership or more as a holiday gift to start in December or January.

Please email for details and to sign up.

The Crime Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
British Crime Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
McDermid, Val. Still Life (Grove $26)
Cozy Crimes Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Hoffman, Alice. Magic Lessons: The Prequel to Practical Magic  signed copies sold out
First Mystery Book of the Month Club One Signed hardcover First per month
Osman, Richard. The Thursday Murder Club Signed copies sold out
Historical Fiction Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Spotswood, Stephen. Fortune Favors the Dead
International Crime Book of the Month One Unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Carlyle, Rose. The Girl in the Mirror
SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month One hardcover or paperback per month signed when possible.
Roanhorse, Rebecca. Black Sun  Signed copies 
Mystery-of-the-Month Club 

Looking for something new to read each month and aren't sure what to choose?  Let us help... And it makes a great gift 
The Mystery-of-the-Month Club is individually tailored to each customer's specific tastes.  Just let us know what kinds of mysteries you enjoy, whether your looking for signed hardcover books or paperbacks, and we'll take it from there!
For more information, drop Patrick King a line at
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