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A Thriller
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Jack Reacher
early November as our copies are signed by Lee in New York

Tales of Pell
in stock now
Signed by both authors

plus other books by 
ADHD expert
Dr. Raun Melmed
Program and Signing
Saturday October 26
2:00 PM

Starts a series
A Bianca Dangereuse Old Hollywood Mystery
Signed October 29

Gallows Court
Rachel Savernake
Starts a series
Signed October 29

A British Library Crime Classic
Signed by Edwards October 29

by the author of the 7% Solution
Signed October 30

A South African thriller by the author of the Detective Kubu Mysteries
in stock now
Signed November 5

The return of San Francisco PI Cape Weathers
Signed November 5

Super Halloween Read
in stock now

A Sherlock Holmes Adventure
on sale October 29
Signed November 14

Due in soon
only 6 unreserved copies

The Brighton Mysteries
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Railway Detective Mystery
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A Memoir
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Fantastical "Victorian" adventures
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in stock now

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novellas & art work

Andy Carpenter et al
A Holiday Delight
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Inspector Banks
Signed UK edition
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on sale now
We are mad Hoffman fans

Joe Gunther Vermont Investigation
on sale now
Joe turns 30 (books) with us turning 30 (years)

Bess Crawford in post-WWI Paris
available soon

is not the book you might think it is -- it's a real surprise
4 Signed UK copies left in the store

The Oregon Files
Signed November 6
Tickets Required

Set in New Zealand
Remember Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair?
This is Dickens, not Bronte
Our August First Novel Book of the Month
A Pen Exclusive
and in  stock now!
How much fun is this?

Patrick has been digging deep into our past and posting treasured videos from it on our You Tube Channel.

I'm especially delighted to see our dear friend Sue Grafton once again via this medium. Her 2013 exclusive to The Pen event for Kinsey and Me is one of our most memorable: a packed store, fans in the parking lot and all over the block watching us on their phones via Livestream. Sue reminds us she self published it about 1993, 300 copies and 26 Lettered Copies. 

And she spoke about her plans after Z so that's especially nostalgic.

Watch Sue on video here.

And read a wonderful recent remembrance of her from her publisher Ivan Held of Putnam titled

You fans will be interested to know that the first mystery written by Sue's father, CW Grafton, The Rat Began to Gnaw the Rope  (Poisoned Pen $14.99), will publish next spring in the first group of Library of Congress Crime Classics:

There are more new videos on Facebook or our YouTube channel including James R. Benn with Martin Limon and last night's insightful and often hilarious conversation between John Connolly and John Sandford. Watch the two Johns HERE

Connolly's  Book of Bones   (Atria $28.99) is the 20th Charlie Parker thriller. 

And Sandford's Bloody Genius (Putnam $29) is a surprising case for Virgil Flowers. I love it! Any Agatha Christie fan should grab a copy.

Newer podcasts will pop up on Google or on iTunes or  on Podbean  soon.

Do check our BLOG regularly. Lesa updates awards, news, and interviews. 

Much love to our social media team.

Barbara and all The Pens

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The October BookNotes
Booknews,  Staff Picks
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Here is the link to the October BookNotes brimming with good reading. John reviews lots of books not covered in our other publications so do take time to enjoy them!

Here is the link to the October Booknews

I've put in sections on new Horror, Classics, Downton Abbey books, as well as our Large and Small Paperbacks, and one on The Body

October Staff Picks... by most of us

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Poisoned Pen Scones

Author Karen Odden has been baking scones for events.
And now she shares her Poisoned Pen Scones recipe with you:

1 3/4 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
5 tablespoons chilled unsalted butter, cut into pieces
½ teaspoon vanilla
6 tablespoons half-and-half
1 large egg, beaten
1/2 cup dried cranberries (Craisins) chopped
1/2 cup white chocolate chips (or pieces); Nestle's brand works best (the Ghiradelli are fine, but they are larger, and you need to chop them)
Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (or 375 degrees, if you have convection).
In a bowl by hand or using an electric mixer, mix together the flour,  sugar, baking powder, salt, and butter until the butter is incorporated and the mixture is crumbs.

Add the half-and-half, beaten egg, vanilla, cranberries and white chocolate chips, and mix until the dough holds together.

Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 2 minutes (like you're in the Great British Baking Show).

Form into two 1/2-inch thick rounds, then cut each round into 8 wedges, like a pie (see illustration).

Use parchment paper (preferred), or spray a baking sheet with vegetable oil, then transfer the wedges to the sheet.

Bake the scones for 7-9 minutes by convection or 11-13 minutes regular oven. 

Do not overbake! They can be gold at the edges but if they are brown, they will taste burnt.
The Making of Outlander
Seasons 3 & 4
Tara Bennett and Diane Gabaldon
Tonight 6:30 PM
Buy Tickets at the Door 

SATURDAY OCTOBER 19 6:30 PM (doors do not open until 5:30 PM)

TICKETS $55 one book and admits one $60 one book and admits two (limited number of $60 tickets)

Bennett and Gabaldon both sign

The DoubleTree Hilton Hotel
5401 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale AZ 85250

Cash bar. Free valet parking

No personal books. Diana will sign any books purchased at the event

Travel even deeper into the world of Outlander with this insider guide from New York Times bestselling author and television critic Tara Bennett. Picking up where The Making of Outlander: Seasons One & Two ($50) left off.

You'll find exclusive interviews with cast members, including detailed conversations with Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan (on-screen couple and real-life friends), as well as the writers, producers, costume designers, set decorators, technicians, and more whose hard work and cinematic magic bring the world of Outlander to life on the screen. 

Every page features gorgeous full-color photographs of the cast, costumes, and set design, including both official cast photography and never-before-seen candids from on set.
Michael Connelly
Book Tour Launch
Monday October 21
It is sold out but do order an inscribed copy by 
5:00 PM Sunday

Michael Connelly signs  The Night Fire (Little Brown $29)
Harry Bosch & Renee Ballard 

Please order in the usual way. Inscription requests welcome...please limit to 5 words

Here's a new Starred Review

The sins of the past cast a long shadow in bestseller Connelly's superlative second novel featuring detectives Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch together again after 2018's Dark Sacred Night 

After the funeral of former LAPD Detective John Jack Thompson,
the man's widow gives Bosch a murder book that Thompson took when he left the force a couple of decades before. The cold case concerns the unsolved homicide of 24-year-old John Hilton, an addict who was killed in an alley in 1990. What's unclear is why Bosch's old mentor stole the murder book-to work the case himself in retirement, or to keep other detectives from working it? 

Bosch takes the book to Ballard, a kindred spirit; both are outliers with a shared fire for fighting injustice no matter where the trail leads. Meanwhile, defense attorney Mickey Haller enlists Bosch, his half-brother, to assist in defending a mentally ill man accused of murdering a superior court judge. Conflicting DNA evidence and a problematic confession complicate the high profile case. 

Connelly is without peer when it comes to police procedurals, and once again proves that he's the modern master of the form.
Looking Ahead
Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison
Wednesday Nov. 6 7 PM
Tickets on Sale Now

TICKETS $35 admits one with book, $38 admits two with one book. Tickets will be issued in time groups to cut down on your standing in line

Please do not bring any personal books

Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison  sign  Final Option (Putnam $29)
An Oregon Files thriller -- with a stunning surprise!

Location: Janet Cussler Car Collection  16055 N. Dial Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260  

Our October Calendar

Dr. Raun Melmed signs  Marvin's Monster Diary: ADHD Emotion Explosion (Familius $12.99) and 3 related books on the ADHD topic
Donis Casey signs The Wrong Girl (Sourcebooks $26.99 or $15.99)
Bianca Dangereuse Hollywood Mystery #1
Martin Edwards signs  Gallows Court (Sourcebooks $15.95)
Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mystery #1
Martin Edwards interviews Nicholas Meyer
Meyer signs The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols (St Martins $25.99)
Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson
Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don't read the selection in advance

Hardboiled Crime: Thursday October 24 7:00 PM
Greene, Graham. The Third Man ($15)

Our November Calendar
TUESDAY NOVEMBER 5 7:00 PM A Poisoned Pen Press Party
Tim Maleeny signs Boxing the Octopus ($26.99/$15.95)
A Bay Area Investigation
Michael Stanley signs Shoot the Bastards  ($15.95)
Detective Kubu
And from Australia
Sulari Gentill signs A Murder Unmentioned
($12)  Rowland Sinclair
Robert Gott signs The Holiday Murders (Scribe $26.95)
Jock Serong signs On the Java Ridge and Preservation (Text $15.95 each)
Emma Viskic signs Resurrection Bay (Pushkin $14.95)
TICKETS $35 admits one with book, $38 admits two with one book
Please do not bring any personal books
Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison sign Final Option (Putnam $29) The Oregon Files
Location: Janet Cussler Car Collection 16055 N. Dial Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260  

Kel Kade signs Fate of the Fallen (Tor $25.99)
Jenn Lyons signs The Name of All Things (Tor $26.99)
Chorus of Dragons #2
Tessa Arlen signs Poppy Redfern and the Midnight Murders (Berkley $16)
Ellen Crosby signs The Angel's Share (St Martins $26.99)
Dianne Freeman signs A Lady's Guide to Gossip and Murder (Kensington $26)
Bairbre Higgins signs The Torchbearers (Terra Nova $19.95)
Annie Hogsett signs The Devil's Own Game (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
Judith Starkston signs Sorcery in Alpara (Bronze Age Books $16.99)
Janet Evanovich signs  Twisted Twenty-Six (Putnam $28)
Location: DoubleTree Resort, 5401 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale AZ 85250
Cash bar. Free valet parking
Joseph Kanon signs The Accomplice  (Atria $28)
1960s Germany & Argentina
Bonnie MacBird signs The Devil's Due (Harper $26.99)
Sherlock Holmes Adventures
Hank Early signs Echoes of the Fall (Crooked Lane $26.99)
Earl Marcus Mystery
Scott Grah am signs Arches Enemy  (Torrey House $15.95)
National Park Mystery #5
Margaret Mizushima signs Tracking Game (Crooked Lane $26.99)
Timber Creek K-9 #5
Paula Munier signs Blind Search (St Martins $26.99)
Mercy and (her dog) Elvis #2
Marc Cameron signs Tom Clancy Code of Honor (Putnam $29.95)
Walt Gragg signs The Chosen One (Berkley $17)
Laurie R. King signs Beginnings  (Bay Company $13)
A Kate Martinelli novella
And Mary Russell's War (Poisoned Pen $15.95)
Three Legged Dog plays
Jennifer Ash ley signs A McKenzie Clan Christmas (Berkley $5.99)
Eliza Casey signs Lady Takes the Case (Berkley $16)
Manor Cat Mystery #1 1912 England
Tori Eldridge signs The Ninja Daughter (Polis $16.95)
Lily Wong #1 Check this promo session at Quest Martial Arts Chandler
Jenn McKinlay signs The Christmas Keeper (Berkley $7.99)
Romance for a NC bookseller
Ace Atkins signs Robert B Parker's Angel Eyes (Putnam $27)
Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don't read the selection in advance
Coffee & Crime : Saturday November 910:30 AM
Lockridge, Richard/Frances, The Norths Meet Murder ($13.99)

SciFi Friday : November 15 7:00 PM
Chakraborty, SA. City of Brass  ( $16.99)

Croak & Dagger : Saturday November 16 10:30 AM
Massey, Sujata. The Widows of Malabar Hill 

Hardboiled Crime: Wednesday November 20 7:00 PM
Nielson, Helen. The Woman on the Roof ($9.99)
A Few Reviews

Cameron, W. Bruce. A Dog's Promise (Forge $26.99) continues the story of Bailey, the good dog whose journey started in A Dog's Purpose and continued in A Dog's Journey (both major motion pictures). 

This time, Bailey is joined by Lacey, another very special dog, who helps Bailey fulfill his promise over the course of several lives. This charming, wise canine soul brings joy, laughter, and comfort as he unites a family fractured by life's inevitable obstacles. We only have a few of these for October but we may be able to obtain more in late November so please order quickly to secure one. A great gift book!!

Cornwell, Patricia. Quantum ($28.99)
Anew series start for Cornwell moving from Kay Scarpetta to Captain Calli Chase. 

On the eve of a top secret space mission, she detects a tripped alarm in the tunnels deep below a NASA research center. A NASA pilot, quantum physicist, and cybercrime investigator, Calli knows that a looming blizzard and government shutdown could provide the perfect cover for sabotage, with deadly consequences. As it turns out, the danger is worse than she thought. A spatter of dried blood, a missing security badge, a suspicious suicide-a series of disturbing clues point to Calli's twin sister, Carme, who's been MIA for days. Desperate to halt the countdown to disaster and to clear her sister's name, Captain Chase digs deep into her vast cyber security knowledge and her painful past, probing for answers to her twin's erratic conduct. As time is running out, she realizes that failure means catastrophe... So Scarpetta is actually a kind of ghost in the machine in this story, no?

DeMille, Nelson/Alex DeMille. The Deserter (SimonSchuster $28.99 Signed by both) Due in soon

This outstanding thriller from bestseller DeMille and his screenwriter son centers on a search for an Army deserter who has fled to Venezuela after escaping duty in Afghanistan under strange circumstances. On the hunt for Delta Force Captain Kyle Mercer are Scott Brodie, a hardened ex-soldier with impulsive, rogue tendencies, and Maggie Taylor, a cunning by-the-book Army cop who does her best to rein in Brodie's urges, both investigative and sexual. Brodie, the senior officer, quickly suspects his commanders aren't telling him everything about Mercer; his desertion may have less to do with disobedience than his knowing too much about military atrocities in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, Brodie and Taylor track Mercer to a jungle hideout far outside Caracas, where he's training a group of mercenaries with the apparent backing of President Maduro. 

In typical DeMille fashion, the last hundred pages move along like a ballistic missile, exploding in a satisfying finale on a remote airstrip. DeMille and son provide it all in this rumble through the jungle-authentic detail, lively dialogue, a vividly drawn setting, and an exhilarating plot."-PW Starred Review.

Gault, Miciah Bay. Goodnight Stranger ($27)

The setting is tiny Wolf Island where Lydia, a responsible sister, has given up her own dreams over a decade before when her unusual mother died and lives with her sheltered, awkward brother Lucas in the family home by the sea. They are comfortable yet shadowed by their childhood when an infant twin brother drowned When one ordinary day Cole Andrews steps off the same ferry, Lydia feels an instant bond while Lucas comes to believe Cole is the reincarnation of their long lost brother. To discover the truth about Cole, Lydia must finally face her anxiety about leaving the island and summon the strength to challenge Cole's grip on her family's past and on Lucas. So you might think this is a love story... and in its way, it is. Or a ghost story...and in its way, it is. It's such a treat to find something truly unusual and beautifully crafted.

Goss, Theodora. The Sinister Mystery of the Mesmerizing Girl (Saga Press $24.99). 

Mary Jekyll and her found family of the Athena Club return from their Continental deeds of derring-do, fatigued and anxious. Three of their circle who were left behind in London-Alice the housemaid, Dr. Watson, and Mr. Holmes-have gone missing, as have less-loved figures such as the reformatory director, Mrs. Raymond. What to do? Here is the capstone of a gaslamp fantasy trilogy forming a literary pastiche full of beloved classic characters and references that book fans will eat up. From Dracula to Dr. Jekyll, from Dr. Frankenstein to Rappacini's Daughter, this is a book for book lovers. 

Hearne, Kevin/Delilah S. Dawson. The Princess Beard: The Tales of Pell (Del Rey $29 Signed by both). 

In the proudly lowbrow third volume of the satirical Tales of Pell, Dawson and Hearne turn to the high seas as their unlikely heroes become even less likely pirates. Captained by the talking parrot Filthy Lucre, the crew of the Puffy Peach set out for adventure and treasure. Among them are Morgan, a princess who kept the beard she grew during an enchanted sleep; Vic, a centaur whose overbearing toxic masculinity is at odds with his ability to conjure tea and pastries; and Tempest, a dryad who wants to be a lawyer. As they sail the crimson tides of the Myn Seas (populated by tampooners) and brave the dangers of all-night eateries, they challenge gender roles in fantasy and skewer social trends, attacking targets as varied as Harry Potter and gym culture with a dizzying array of bad jokes and puns... "This is a clever send-up of fantasy tropes and modern culture."-PW. #1: Kill the Farm Boy; #2,  No Country for Old Gnomes

Olson, Neil. Before the Devil Fell  (Hanover $27)  Aha, a perfect tale to warm you up for Halloween. 
Will Connor returns to his hometown, a village north of Boston, to care for his injured mother. He's kept his distance from the town since high school, but once home he finds himself reexamining a horrific incident that took place during one of his mother's "spirit circles." His mother had embraced the hippie generation's fascination with New Age and the arcane, but the unexpected death of a close friend put an end to the meetings of the modern-day coven. Or did it? As Will looks deeper into his family's history he discovers that her practices weren't so much a passing fad but the latest link in a long tradition of New England witchcraft, which still seems to hold a strange power over the town. "Equal parts engaging and creepy, this twisty tale deftly examines how secrets and regret can continue to reverberate through generations. A suspenseful story that examines how families haunt each other in life and death; possibly too creepy for late-night reading."- Kirkus Reviews
Roth, Veronica. The End and Other Beginnings (Harper $18.99). 

The author of the publishing series phenomenon Divergent present a collection of six stories: six center around the future and technologies that do not yet exist; two are set in the galaxy of the Carve the Mark series; one is postapocalyptic and the other takes you to an alternate Earth where a wide variety of extraterrestrials live among humans. While eclectic in one sense, the common focus is "on the pivotal moment when something ends-often painfully." Wistful, funny, with romantic underpinnings... visit new worlds

Wingate, Marty.  The Bodies in the Library (Berkley $26)

Our Cozy Crime Book of the Month  begins when Hayley discovers her degree in 19th-century literature doesn't open many doors. So when her stint as assistant to the assistant curator of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath doesn't quite cover expenses, Hayley thinks herself lucky to be offered a new post. 

Founded by the late Lady Georgiana Fowling as a repository for her vast collection of mystery novels, the First Edition Society hasn't quite decided whether it's a library, a social club, or an educational institution. What it clearly is is Hayley's home, since the job offers both Hayley and the society's secretary, Glynis Woolgar, apartments in Middlebank House, the spacious mansion that houses the late Lady Fowling's collection. In an effort to expand the society's profile, Hayley also opens Middlebank House to the weekly meetings of a local writers' group that specializes in mystery fan fiction. But the morning after a particularly contentious session, the corpse of the arrogant Tristram Cummins is discovered in the library. Even worse, Charles Henry Dill, Lady Fowling's rapacious nephew, discovers that Hayley hasn't read most of the authors featured in his aunt's collection.
Woods, Stuart. Stealth (Putnam $28). 

Stone Barrington, spy. Arrived at his English country estate he rendezvouses with Dame Felicity, head of MI-6, and agrees to the challenge of a training course up north. There he meets some actors in what turns into a spy drama with Stone between the sheets with at least three women and on his way to becoming a deputy director of the CIA. I think Woods is taking this up and over the top, and into three-way sex, which seems risky for a spy fellow.

And you can check out some ghost stories ...
Corrigan, Maya. Crypt Suzette (Kensington $7.99). Five Ingredient Mysteries #5. 
While catering the debut of Bayport's newest bookstore, Val Deniston is drawn into a real-life murder mystery when the secretive woman renting a spare bedroom at her ghost-busting granddad's house is mowed down by a hit-and-run driver.
Meier, Leslie. Trick or Treat Murder (Kensington $7.99) Lucy Stone #3. 
Mom and occasional sleuth Lucy Stone must take a break from baking Halloween cupcakes and rejuvenating old costumes for her children to hunt down an evil arsonist wreaking havoc in Tinker's Cove.
Morgan, Alexis. Death by Jack-o'-Lantern (Kensington $7.99). Abby McCree #2. 
When she finds ornery farmer Ronald Minter dead in his pumpkin patch, Abby McCree and her tenant, a veteran named Tripp Blackston, must carve out the clues to prove the innocence of a homeless veteran who stands accused of crime.

Our October Books of the Month
British Crime Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Crombie, Deborah. A Bitter Feast

Cozy Crimes Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Wingate, Marty. The Bodies in the Library

Discovery Club  One paperback or hardcover per month
Cockram, Jane. The House of Brides

First Mystery Club  One Signed First per month
Gault, Miciah Bay. Goodnight Stranger

Hardboiled Crime Club  One signed First per month 
Hirsch, Paddy. Hudson's Kill

History/Mystery Club  One Signed First per month 
Khoury, Raymond. Empire of Lies

History Paperback  One per month
Edwards, Martin. Gallows Court

Modern First Editions  One Signed First per month
Woodson, Jacqueline. Red at the Bone  2 left

SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club  One Signed First per month
Abercrombie, Joe. A Little Hatred - 2 left

Surprise Me! Club  One Signed First Per Month
Casey, Donis. The Wrong Girl

Thriller Club  One Signed First per month
Cornwell, Patricia. Quantum

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