October 2020 - In This Issue:
Dear CEO's,

As we enter October, most of us thought things would be more back to normal than they are. The COVID crisis has extended longer than we thought it would. The selection of articles this month attempts to address the challenges of being in this prolonged state of uncertainty and volatility. We've also included some thoughts on how to accelerate company growth as well as manage shifting operational challenges. 

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Scaling Forward Business Workshop
You are invited to participate in a ½ day virtual workshop on October 7th that will focus on helping you scale your business forward during these unprecedented times. The workshop is hosted by two certified Scaling Up Coaches, Margaret Morrison and Bob Bishop, who will go through a number of scaling up tools that can be easily leveraged. The tools and framework are based on Verne Harnish's best-selling book Scaling Up. This opportunity also includes a complimentary 1-hour session with one of the coaches after the workshop is completed.

Margaret and Bob have extended this invitation to the Golden Seeds network free of charge.

Here is a link to the event. If you are interested in attending, please sign up via the link and add the promotion code free2020 at checkout. If there are any issues or questions, please contact Margaret Morrison directly or call 914-261-3035.
Burnout is Real
One of the critical topics in many boardrooms today is managing employee burnout. Click here to read why burnout should be a topic at your next board meeting and what to do about it. 
Finding Your Product-Promise-Market-Fit
Before you can find your product-market-fit, you need to first define your product's promise. Click here to read why many founders skip the step of finding product-promise. 
Navigating Adapted Operations 
Check out this series to help businesses design workplace operations adapted to the challenges of sustaining business efforts during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. This series addresses how businesses can reopen, recover, or control workplaces in the face of operational changes. 
It's (Still) OK to not be OK
It's now Fall and it may seem like there is still no certainty in sight. If you're feeling burned out, then know that you're not alone. Link to more...
Companies in the News
RenovoRx, an innovator in targeted cancer therapy, wins the Drug Delivery Technology category of the Fierce Innovation Awards - Life Science Edition 2020. The award is in response to the company's targeted delivery of chemotherapy to treat solid tumors. Congratulations! Link
Cognition Therapeutics appoints industry veteran Jack Khattar to its board of directors. Cognition Therapeutics is a clinical stage neuroscience company developing drugs that treat neurodegenerative disorders by regulating cellular damage response pathways. Link
Paradigm4, specialists in scientific data management and scalable computation, has launched its REVEAL: Single Cell app to offer biopharmaceutical developers the ability to break through the data wrangling and programming challenges associated with the analysis of large-scale, single-cell datasets. 
Tempo Automation makes the list of top semiconductor companies empowering technological growth across industries by Builtin. Tempo Automation designs and manufactures printed circuit boards for aerospace, medtech and industrial tech companies. 
Work Truck Solutions partners with Hitachi to provide finance solutions to better serve work truck dealers and their commercial buyers. Dealerships that subscribe to Work Truck Solutions national inventory online marketplace, Comvoy, will have access to competitive finance offerings though commercial financing industry veteran, Hitachi Capital America. 
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