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October 2020 Newsletter

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This is the electronic version of the Pierre Area Chamber's October 2020 newsletter.

Life is good on the river,
The Staff at the
Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce

In This Issue
2020 Chamber Board of Directors
Executive Board
Meredith Lee - President,
Lee Real Estate
Thomas Allerdings - Vice President, ClubHouse Hotel & Suites
Angie Bollweg - Secretary,
Sanford Health
Melissa Puepke - Treasurer
First Dakota National Bank
Jennifer Anderson - Past President, Anderson, Nill & Associates
Board Members
Steve Bass
Edgewood Senior Living
Chris McConnell
Black Hills FCU
Aaron Fabel
Kristie Maher
SD Discovery Center
Jodie Hickman Anderson
Strategic Association Services
Dennis Rounds
Tori Reeves
Pam Metzinger
Branding Iron Bistro
Jamie Maher
Maher Dental Clinic
Tanner Kost
Dakota Prairie Bank

Ex-Officio Members
Ron Wagner, PEDCO President
Pierre Mayor Steve Harding
Ft. Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson
2020 PEDCO Board of Directors
Ron Wagner - Chair 
First National Bank
Andy Hubbart - Chair-Elect
Mark Anderson - Secretary
SD Department of Labor
Kim Easland - Treasurer
American Bank & Trust
Doug Abraham
May, Adam Law Firm
Rick Dockter
Ameriprise Financial
Zach Clark
Clark Insurance
Dawn Morris
Morris Inc.
Kim Olson
Sen. Mike Rounds Office
Prakash Saripalli
Karl Richards
Avera Medical Associates
Damon Wheelhouse
Allied Plumbing & Heating
Gordon Woods
SD Intrastate Pipeline

Liaisons - Annual Appointment
Jamie Huizenga
Pierre City Commission
Meredith Lee
Chamber of Commerce
Kristi Honeywell
Pierre City Administrator
Norm Weaver
Hughes County Commission

Jim Protexter
Chief Operating Officer
Alicia Fabel
Administrative Asst.


President's Report
Meredith Lee, Chamber Board President
It's officially fall! We are patiently waiting for the leaves to change and the rooster rush to invade the city. But for now, we are enjoying the warm weather and the start of school. The chamber is actively working on the golf tournament, moved from the usual June date to October and we are all really excited for a fun event.

As mentioned last month, we made the tough decision to take a year off from the well-received Leadership Pierre to make sure that every class has the best opportunity to learn about the community. The board knows that we can always make virtual work, but there is nothing like a hands-on field trip and networking opportunity. With everything going on and the uncertainty of the year ahead of this, the plan is to come back strong with Leadership Pierre in the fall of 2021. The video series to help budding leaders and businesses in the area is underway and should have a far reach. I'm personally really looking forward to seeing the content that not only fills the gap this year, but can be used by the entire community to help move our businesses and individuals forward.
The last quarter of the year is always a time to tie things up and prepare for the next year. We are working on filling board positions, finalizing events, and reaching out to members. Don't forget, there are always opportunities to learn more and help more. Whether you want to engage on social media or help fill out a committee, there is room for you!
Chamber Board Nominations Announced
The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce's nominating committee is offering a slate of candidates for 2021.
The proposed 2021 Executive Board will consist of President Thomas Allerdings (Clubhouse Inn & Suites), Vice President Aaron Fabel (Oahe Family YMCA), Secretary Jodie Anderson (Strategic Association Services), Treasurer Melissa Puepke (First Dakota National Bank) and Past President Meredith Lee (Lee Real Estate).
Nominations for the three-year terms include: Kiel Wendelschafer (Walmart), Kellie Yackley (Avera St. Mary's), Ty Kinneberg (BankWest), and Jessica Mefferd (Mefferd Agency, Farmers Union Insurance).
Any additional chamber member in good standing who is interested in submitting his or her name for consideration for a position on the Chamber Board of Directors can do so by submitting a statement of willingness to serve to the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce (800 W Dakota Ave; Pierre, SD 57501). Such statements shall be forwarded to the nominating committee no later than November 14, 2020. His or her name will be added to the ballot and voted on by all members represented at the annual meeting that will be held on November 19, 2020 from 11:30am-1:00pm. The nominees receiving the majority of the votes shall be declared elected to the Board of Directors. Should a tie occur, the nominating committee shall cast the deciding vote.  In the event no other chamber member submits his or her name, the nominated slate will become the 2021 chamber board.
Newly elected and appointed board members shall be seated at the January board meeting and shall be considered participating members until their term ends.
The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors wants to extend a special thank you for the commitment of Jennifer Anderson (Anderson, Nill & Associates, Inc.), Angie Bollweg (Sanford Health), Tori Reeves (BankWest), Dennis Rounds (individual member), Tanner Kost (Dakota Prairie Bank), and Pam Metzinger (Branding Iron Bistro).

The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce will be closed on Monday, Oct.12 in observance of   Native American Day. We will resume regular business hours on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 8 AM.

Businesses are invited to attend free, weekly webinars to learn about what is needed to sell to government agencies. These workshops will provide insight and the opportunity to ask questions from the experts. Businesses can expect presentations from Manufacturing & Technology Solutions (MTS), Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Small Business Administration (SBA), Northrup Grumman and The Corps of Engineers. Webinars brought to you by Elevate Rapid City, South Dakota Governor's Office of Economic Development, and Procurement Technical Assistance Center.
Chamber Holiday Incentives

Satisfaction vs Loyalty: How to turn customers into promoters
M aybe you've heard the value of word-of-mouth advertising; according to Nielsen ratings, 92% of consumers trust their friends' and family's recommendation over traditional advertising. That doesn't mean you can simply sit back and assume that the quality of your product is so much better than your competition's that customers will be raving about it to their friends without any extra effort on your part.

We want you to get the answers you need to the questions that will grow your business. How can you turn satisfied customers into loyal repeat visitors? How can you get customers to become promoters, so impressed with their experience with your product or service that they can't wait to tell everyone they know? The answer is a little trick called customer engagement.

Increasing Customer Engagement

For hospitality businesses like hotels and sit-down restaurants, it's easier to craft a lasting user experience because your guests spend more time in your establishment. For people who own retail stores and quick-service restaurants, however, it's a little more complicated.

Your customers only spend a little time interacting with your business, no more or less than they do with your competitors, so customer engagement turns into a war for the attention of patrons whose time in your location is fleeting at best. It's one thing to make a purchase that you're satisfied with - it's a whole other ballpark when trying to create a lasting impression.

That's why customer experience matters so much. And for businesses that don't have the advantage of having their customers' full attention, creativity is key to creating a lasting experience without actually getting to spend significant time with the customer in question. This could come in the form of a social media post that gets your customers to engage with you, or an event that piques their interest like a bargain hunt or organizing a make-and-take a Christmas ornament event. Offer coupons or the Chamber's Hot Deals to customers to encourage more local spending. These simple gestures make the customers feel special and can easily be implemented into your current checkout process with little to no effort.

How Much Does User Experience Matter?

This theory is far from unfounded. According to a study from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 80% of consumers said they would pay more for a better experience. This means engaging with customers in and outside of your brick & mortar establishment, creating a friendly interaction between your brand and your customers.

Take Chik-fil-A, for example. When the chicken chain first opened, the founder had a firm idea of what he wanted the experience of the restaurant's guests to be. Every cashier says something like "my pleasure" or "have a nice day". People crave this type of friendly encounter with customer service pros and will go out of their way to get it. When you are training your staff, don't overlook the importance of soft skills like engaging with customers with a smile, in person or over the phone. Educate your frontline on all the different activities, shops and museums our area has to offer as suggestions for entertainment when asked - it leaves a positive impression with your customers, making them more likely to visit again.

But what about when customers aren't in the physical confines of your store? Then it pays to use digital marketing tactics that give your brand a personality. Make sure your company's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media accounts are interacting with people in a positive way, whether you're responding to requests, complaints or about promotions your business is running. A simple boost to your highly most engaging posts can help to grow your audience more quickly. Personalize your emails with a survey that shows that your brand truly wants to get to know the customer and their tastes.

The Bottom Line

When you become more than just a faceless brand, and something like a helpful companion, dare we say even a friend, to your customers, that's when they'll be inclined to recommend you to their peers, friends, and family. That's the process of turning a customer into a loyal promoter.

Pierre Mayor Steve Harding's Report
For many months, we have been telling you to expect major construction activity on the western edge of the City. On Sept. 2, that work started.
That's when contractors began excavation work on the north side of the Missouri River highway bridge. It's the first step in the construction process for the Drinking Water Treatment Facility project. Since then, contractors have started installing sheet pile to allow for safe construction of the water intake structure that will be located between the Ramkota and the Missouri River.
As you might remember, that intake structure will pump surface water collected from the river, under Sioux Avenue, to Steamboat Park where the water will be treated and prepared for distribution.
You'll continue to see excavation at the site. A portion of that intake structure will be a full 33 feet below ground.
While the intake structure is starting to take shape on the north side of the Missouri River highway bridge, things are starting to happen on the south side of the bridge as well.
You'll see teams have removed vegetation to make way for the new drinking water treatment facility. You'll also see a fence around the construction area. This is all in preparation for excavation and concrete work at the site.
A lot of concrete work. All told, about 4,000 cubic yards of concrete will be used for this project. To put that in perspective, that much concrete is comparable in size to a pile of 4,000 kitchen ovens!
Because of the high water table at the construction site, you might also see a number of wells and piping at the site. Those are used to "dewater" the area -essentially pumping groundwater out of construction area so that excavation and concrete work can be completed.
Between now and then, our local economy will experience a shot in the arm as a result of all this work. At any given time, we'll have between 25 and 30 contractors working at the project. The construction workers are all eating here, sleeping here, and visiting our local businesses. When many cities are buckling down because of the pandemic, we're very fortunate to have large infrastructure investments happening here.
This is a two year project, so there's absolutely more details to come. At $37.5 million, this is the biggest City project in modern history; we're on track to have it completed and treated water flowing from the facility to your faucet by fall 2022.

Fort Pierre Mayor Gloria Hanson's Report
Fort Pierre has a long history with horses, most likely beginning in the late 1700's when the Arikara people acquired them through trading with Spanish explorers. And of course, when military installations began to appear in the area, horses were a necessity. Since that time, horses have been a part of pioneer and ranch living.
Rodeos grew out of the practical need to break horses to ride. Demonstrating the special traits and skills required by both the horse and rider to work cattle was found to provide good entertainment. It is still a highly popular spectator sport! I have tried to find an exact date for when the first 4th of July rodeo took place in Fort Pierre, but I'm told it's been at least 100 years.
Sanctioned horse racing at Fort Pierre's track dates to the 1940s. But centuries earlier Native Americans were racing their horses on the Missouri River bottoms near Fort Pierre. Early drawings from 1832 by Karl Bodmer at Fort Pierre Chouteau show natives racing their horses. The last races at the Stanley County Fairgrounds took place in the spring of 2018.
Thanks to the hard work and efforts of General Manager Shane Kramme and volunteers from the Verendrye Benevolent Association, horse races will again take place in a historic fall meet on Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4. Post times will be at 1 p.m. both days. Admission is $5; kids under 16 are free. Social distancing and masks are recommended.
According to Shane Kramme, switching from a spring meet to the fall has several advantages to offer a top-notch spectator event: horses are in good shape coming fresh off of out of state meets over the summer; and the purses are larger (up to $15,000), which has attracted participation from more owners. Over 100 horses are expected to participate in 15 races this weekend.
See you at the races!
Gloria Hanson, Mayor

Gov. Noem poses SD CARES grants for small businesses
If your business had at least $25,000 in gross revenue in 2019 and experienced a reduction in business of at least 25 percent this year due to Covid concerns, you may be eligible for grant funds being proposed by Governor Noem.

Gov. Noem's proposal is to fund approximately $400 million to the small business COVID interruption grant program from the federal Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF). Final consideration of this program will occur in early October. There will be a short window of time between final approval and the application deadline due to Federal requirements for distribution of CRF funding.

For more information, go to www.pedco.biz homepage and click the link next to COVID-19 Resources for a PDF overview of the SD CARES Grant Proposal. With the application likely opening in just a few weeks and closing a few weeks later, now is the time to start gathering your supporting financial documentation.
Capital City Economy
June 2020
Current Month
Same Month 2019
Percent Change
2020 YTD
2019 YTD
Percent Change
Pierre 2%
Pierre 1% BBB
Fort Pierre 2%
Fort Pierre 1% BBB
Pierre BID #1
Missouri River Bridge
US 14 East of Pierre
New Homes
Stick Built - Number
   Dollar Amount
Other* - Number
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
New Buildings
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
Total Permits**
    Dollar Amount
New Homes
   Dollar Amount
Other* - Number
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
New Buildings
    Dollar Amount
    Dollar Amount
Total Permits**
   Dollar Amount
WORK FORCE              
Pierre MiSA***
Total Work Force
Total Employed
Total Unemployed
Unemployment Rate
* Includes multi-family, mobile and manufactured homes
** Includes residential, commercial, and all other permits.
*** Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area includes Hughes & Stanley counties
Source: Pierre Economic Development Corporation Research

CVB Report
Tia Kafka, Convention & Visitors Bureau Director
Happy Fall! Rooster Rush is right around the corner on October 12 - 17, 2020. Don't forget to contact the Chamber to make an appointment to take pictures of your hunting displays for Paint the Town Orange. To make an appointment, call the Chamber at 224.7361 or email tkafka@pierre.org. We are also excited to be welcoming hunters arriving at the Pierre Regional Airport. Rooster Rush isn't just for hunters, there are activities for families as well. Make sure to check out the Autumn Wine Walk downtown and the Hunters' Wives weekend at Northridge Plaza.

This month marks a milestone for the CVB social media pages. Over the last year, I have been working hard to grow our social media presence and have doubled our Facebook page Likes. In addition, I also established an Instagram account (@VisitPierreSD) that has gained 200 followers in just five months. Part of the social media growth is due to a social media co-op program the CVB is offering for industry partners. Currently the focus is on boosting posts geared towards hunting and fishing. The first couple of posts have gone out and have been very successful. My hope is to grow the co-op program to encompass more than just hunting and fishing and to broaden our reach to visitors. If you are interested in partnering in the social media co-op marketing program, please contact me at tkafka@pierre.org.

In addition to the social media marketing, you may see other ads from the South Dakota Departments of Tourism and Game, Fish and Parks, as well as ads from the CVB this fall. Both campaigns will be promoting hunting and outdoor activities this fall. These types of campaigns are important to the Pierre area. Tourism is Pierre's fourth largest industry and is vital to the community as a revenue generator. For every dollar spent on marketing and advertising, we receive $52 in visitor spending to support local businesses and generate tax revenue for Pierre. Tourism also creates local jobs. In Hughes County alone there were 1,301 jobs created or sustained by travel spending last year. These are unprecedented times, but for the success and survival of our community, it is important to continue to promote travel and tourism to the area.

It is more important than ever for businesses to be able to stay open, and to help consumers to feel safe and confident while patronizing their establishment. Take the pledge to get industry-specific guidance to ensure best practices are being followed. You will also receive a pledge decal sticker to display in your business - visually signifying to customers and visitors alike that you value and prioritize their health and wellness. 
Membership Report
Katie Johnson, Membership Director
Do you know what our community needs? A good holiday season for all, and October is a great time to get started for the holiday season. There are a lot of events going on in the next 3 months with a lot of opportunities to create some fun shopping experiences for your customers. Here are some major events already happening that you can utilize to your advantage:
*  Rooster Rush (Welcome the area's first hunters) - October 12-17th
*  Pheasant Opener - October 17th
*  Hunting Season October 17 - January 3
*  Halloween - October 31st
*  Veteran's Day - November 11th
*  Parade of Lights - November 23rd
*  Grand Lighting at the Capitol - November 24th
*  Christmas at the Capitol - November 25 - December 26
*  Thanksgiving - November 26th
*  Black Friday - November 27th
*  Small Business Saturday - November 28th
*  Cyber Monday - November 30th (Shop Where I Live promotion)
*  Giving Tuesday - December 1st
*  Hanukkah - December 11th
*  Christmas - December 25th
*  New Year's Eve - December 31st
It is no secret to out of state hunters that South Dakota is open for business, and we look forward to greeting our out of town guests throughout the hunting season. We encourage all businesses to decorate your store fronts to welcome the hunters. Plan events to create reasons for people to visit your business. Some fun and creative ideas for future events are:
*  Pheasant Hunting Season: Bargain 'Hunt', 'Cock'tail hour, Hunters' wives' events
*  Halloween: "Witches" night out, free face painting or work with other businesses for a monster hunt throughout town
Market your events on the Chamber's calendar to be entered into a drawing for a free holiday window painting display! You can easily do this through your Chamber account by clicking here. You don't have to be a Chamber member to enter your events to the calendar, submit them with the Chamber's public form by clicking here.

Let's make the most of this frustrating year and go out with a bang! 

Happy Fall, y'all!
Katie Johnson

Email Katie Johnson for assistance with listing your items and services!
Member Highlights


If your business or team member has something to celebrate, email Mallory!

Chamber Events

Ribbon Cuttings, Open Houses & Ground Breaking's

Pottery Plus
Congratulations to the new owners of Pierre's Pottery Plus! We celebrated with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on September 17th and fun was had by all!.

DesignStrat held a celebratory Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Sept. 24 commemorate the newly combined Maxwell Strategies and DesignWorks. From logo creation to innovative brand expansion, DesignStrat is here to help make your vision a reality. 

Save the Dates!

October Calendar of Events

Oct 1: Exploring Cognitive, Health and Pysical Development. Online with The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755kbly@midconetwork.com. $5

Oct 1: Think Your FOOD. Online with The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755kbly@midconetwork.com. FREE

Oct 1 & 15: Breast Cancer Survivors. 415 S. Crow St.. For more information: 945-0827.

Oct 1, 5, 8: Zoom Basic Spanish - (Ages 13 and up). Zoom Classes. For more information: 773-2160.info@capitalcitycampus.orghttp://capitalcitycampus.org. Cost of class - $150.00 - includes hand out and/or books.

Oct 1: Her Vote. Her Voice. Pierre Party. Storm Shelter in Griffin Park (by tennis courts). For more information: Fee Jacobsen, (605) 280-6385fee331@pie.midco.net

Oct 2 & 3: 11th Annual "R U Tuf Enuf to eat Pink". Cattleman's Club Steakhouse. For more information: Cindy@cattlemansclub.com.

Oct 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10: Pierre Players Presents "Two on the Aisle, Three in a Van". Grand Opera House, 109 S. Pierre St.. For more information: info@pierreplayers.com
http://www.pierreplayers.com. General Members: $15, Senior/Students: $13, Preview: September 30 at 7:30 p.m.: $5

Oct 3: Horse Racing in Fort Pierre. Stanley County Fairgrounds, Fort Pierre. $5 admission at the door. 16 & under free.

Oct 3, 10, 17, 24: Capital City Farmer's Market. Parking lot in Pierre (corner of Sioux Ave and Coteau St). For more information: https://www.facebook.com/capcityfarmersmarket.

Oct 3 & 4: Pumpkin Patch at Medicine Creek. Vivian - follow the signs once you get to Vivian. For more information: Valerie, 605.945.2550.

Oct 3, 6, 10: Zoom Basic Spanish for Kids (Ages 6 to 10). Zoom Classes. For more information: 773-2160info@capitalcitycampus.orghttp://capitalcitycampus.org. $150.00 plus book ($12.00 plus tax)

Oct 4: Pierre Fire Department Open House @ Northridge Plaza. Northridge Plaza. For more information: Pierre Fire Department.

Oct 5, 12, 19, 26: Basic Dog Obedience Class. Boys & Girls Club in the gymnasium in Pierre. For more information: 773-2160info@capitalcitycampus.org
http://capitalcitycampus.org.Cost of class $40.00.

Oct 5, 7, 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28: English As A Second Language (ESL). The Right Turn. For more information: 773-4755http://www.TheRightTurn.org.

Oct 5: Motivate Your MOOD. Online with The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755, kbly@midconetwork.com. FREE

Oct 5: Canvasback Art Club. Rawlins Library, 1000 E. Church. For more information: Bev Letellier, 605-224-7993ranchvet66@yahoo.com.

Oct 1-31: Volunteers needed at food bank. Assembly takes place at Feeding South Dakota, 20562 Grace Avenue. For more information: 

Oct 6, 13, 20, 27: Common Sense Parenting. Oahe Child Development Center, 2307 E Capitol Avenue, Pierre, SD. For more information: Dawn Tassler, 605-224-3189,
gut1@dakota2k.nethttp://www.growinguptogether.org. The class and reference book are free.

Oct 7: The Power of Culture. Virtual presentation. Zoom link will be shared at registration. For more information: Laura Stoltenburg, 605-626-2398

Oct 7, 14, 21, 28: River City Toastmasters. Online via Teams. For more information: Brian Underdahl, 605-220-1003.

Oct 7: Stanley American Legion Post 20 Monthly Meeting. Moose Lodge, 910 N Deadwood St, Fort Pierre. For more information: Kim Hallock, Post 20 Commander, 605-222-7065.

Oct 8: Chamber Golf Classic 2020. Hillsview Golf Course, 4201 SD-34, Pierre. For more information: Pierre Chamber, 224-7361jseiner@pierre.org. $400 per team, Includes: lunch, golf cart, green fees, Sponsorship Opportunities Also Available!

Oct 8: Be Fit... Recahrge your Engery. Online with The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755kbly@midconetwork.com. FREE

Oct 10: Holiday Vendor & Craft Show - Ft. Pierre Women of the Moose. Moose Lodge, Fort Pierre. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1751592321659390.

Oct 12: Pierre Players Auditions: "Same Time, Next Year". Grand Opera House, Pierre. For more information: director, Leah Hilsabeck-Lowrey, 605.280.9957, 

Oct 12: Stately Stitchers Guild Meeting. Lutheran Memorial Church Basement, 320 E Prospect Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota. For more information: Pat Wheeldreyer, 605-224-4773.

Oct 13: Homecoming Parade. Line-up: TF Riggs High School; Parade Route: Riggs parking lot, Broadway, Highland, Pleasant, Pierre St.. For more information: Kate Olsonkate.olson@k12.sd.us. Community float: $20 | Students: $15 | School Activity Floats: Free

Oct 14: Feeding South Dakota - Mobile Food Pantry Distribution. River City Transit, Pierre. For more information: (605) 494-3663.

Oct 13-14: Quick Books Parts One & Two. Capital City Campus - Pierre, SD. For more information: 773-2160info@capitalcitycampus.orghttp://capitalcitycampus.org
SAVE- Register for both parts for $160.00.

Oct 15: CPR traning. The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755kbly@midconetwork.com. $30 per person

Oct 15: Dementia Caregivers Support Group. 415 S. Crow St.. For more information: Countryside Hospice Support & Memory Center, 605-945-0827

Oct 15: MSDVC CandleLight Vigil. Capitol Lake Observation Deck. For more information: Shelby Bergeson, 605-224-0256domestic@missourishores.com

Oct 16 & 17: CCC CDL Class. Capital City Campus. For more information: info@capitalcitycampus.orghttps://capitalcitycampus.org/academics/cdl-classes/. $195 per student

Oct 16: Eagle's Gallery Art Event to Honor WWII Heros. Pierre Regional West Airport. For more information: The Pierre-Fort Pierre Rotary Club, Larry Lyngstad, 605.280.3119 or John Mollison, 605.261.6070john@johnmollison.com

Oct 17 & 18: Hunter's Wives Weekend. NORTHRIDGE PLAZA 1616 N. Harrison Avenue Pierre, SD. For more information: Northridge Plaza, (605)222-8292glennis@zmidwest.com, https://www.facebook.com/PierreShopping/. FREE

Oct 17: Fall Wine Walk. 339 S Pierre St Pierre, SD 57501 and Pierre St buisnesses. For more information: April Stromer, 605-454-8471 Cell, 605-945-2441 storeapril@thealleyexchange.com. $30 single ticket & $55 couples ticket

Oct 19: MOVE Your Body. The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755kbly@midconetwork.com. FREE

Oct 19: Bariatric and Weight Loss Support Group. Sanford Clinic Pierre 521 E Sioux Ave, Pierre, SD 57501. For more information: Angie Bollweg, 605-945-5560,

Oct 20: Stroke Support Group. Conference Room @ 415 South Crow Street in Pierre. For more information: Countryside Support and Memory Center, Cindy M or Maxine, (605) 945-0827countryside@midconetwork.com.

Oct 25: Trick or Treat Trails - LaFramboise Island. LaFramboise Island. For more information: SD Game, Fish & Parks, 605-773-2885. Free

Oct 29: Early Bird: What Can I Do?. Online with The Right Turn. For more information: 605-773-4755kbly@midconetwork.com. $5

Oct 30: Masquerade Fundraiser. American Legion Post 8, 520 S. Pierre St., Pierre. For more information: Shutter Up by Sarah, Facebook @shutterupbysarah.
For future months, go to www.pierre.org