October 29th, 2015

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  • Learn the origins of Chinese tea
Get To Know Us!

INVENI is t he premier China-Direct sourcing and custom manufacturing firm in the Caribbean. Our full-service sourcing solutions were designed to help businesses overcome the challenges and complexities of doing business in China. 

When INVENI was formed in 2012,  we identified a major stumbling block that companies would face when sourcing / importing from China. This pertains to  finding the right supplier. Is the supplier legitimate, can he be trusted, is his business internationally certified and does he operate with export licenses? To learn more about finding the right supplier in China for your business, click here.
Businesses interested in learning more about our services or are in need of verification for Chinese businesses can  read more hereIf you would like us to get in contact with you,  leave us a brief message.
Helpful Tips on Doing Business in China

China, referred to as  "the factory of the world" , attracts millions of interested buyers every year to its shores for purchase of its manufactured goods  but do you know there are basic requirements to meet before sourcing from China?

Checklist before you source from China:
  1. Purchase large volumes at a time
    All Chinese manufacturers have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) which buyers must meet in order to do business with them.

  2. Order months in advance and wait for arrival
    Ensure you have sufficient capital upfront to make a down payment on an order. Give your supplier sufficient time for production and shipping.

  3. Qualify suppliers
    Allow ample time to find and verify suppliers who can meet your specifications and expose red flags prior to engaging in business negotiations.

  4. Conduct Quality Control
    Hire a sourcing agency with specialists on the ground in China to provide quality inspections for your goods at each stage: during production, pre-shipment and container loading. Any errors in your order received cannot be refunded or returned to China for a production re-run. 
Businesses qualifying to source from China should  read this. For more information on sourcing or importing from China, read our  Frequently Asked QuestionsWant us to contact you now?  Click here.

What's Brewing In-House 

Managing Director of INVENI, Michelle Low Chew Tung, interviews with the Trinidad Business Express this month.  Read her interview here  on the " Perfect time to do business with China ".

Our website is now updated. Please feel free to visit www.invenitt.com to learn more about our services and China Trade Tours.

Plans underway for us in 2016
Join us at trade shows, check us on our LinkedIn Pulse Blog that is being updated every week and look out for our seminars and the official launch of our  Smart Life Solutions Product line. E-mail us at info@invenitt.com or call 868 271-3438 for a free consultation.

Business executives interested in doing business with China should contact Michelle Low Chew Tung at michelle@invenitt.com
On The Horizon

The final phase of Canton Fair  begins Oct 31 - Nov 4th, 2015.  This is the  world's largest trade fair for importers and exporters worldwide h eld bi-annually in April & May and October & November. Every year it is located in the city of Guangzhou, South China.  Each fair is divided into three phases which feature  specific products For quick facts on the city of Guangzhou,  click here .


Business persons interested in travelling to China to meet suppliers face-to-face or to attend Canton Fair 2016 should  contact us. Click here 
to view our China Trade Tour information. For other Trade Shows in China,  click here.

See China's top 10 places of interest! Your stay won't be complete until you experience the true beauty of China. 

Learn the origins of Chinese tea

While tea originated in China, it has spread to many countries to become one of the most important beverages across the world. This video reveals some hidden facts about the famous Chinese drink. Watch video.

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