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Pastor Todd Milner

Saturday: 5pm

 9AM - Traditional

Faith Trek for the Kids at 10:30am every Sunday!

Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year. We have warm days and cool nights, good for sleeping with our windows cracked open. The leaves begin to change, with God coloring our beautiful creation. The vibrant colors jump out at us, making a bold statement about the change in season.

It seems like once we get to the first of October, the days sail away quickly. Suddenly, we will find ourselves giving thanks for our many blessings at Thanksgiving. Then, we will prepare in Advent to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child.

The beautiful, changing leaves of Autumn remind me of how our Triune God is always changing us, making us into the people that God intends for us to become. The Holy Spirit is always "messing" with us. The Spirit guides us to think and act differently, seeing thru the lens of Jesus and the Cross, not our own personal lens. When this happens, the Spirit leads us to love and serve others, which fosters the abundant lives that Christ desires for us.
On Saturday, October 27 th and Sunday, October 28 th , we will celebrate the lives of Martin Luther and all the Reformers of the Church on Reformation Weekend. Like the changing leaves of Autumn, the Holy Spirit led these reformers to create change in God's Holy Church. During Reformation Weekend, be sure to wear red clothing, since red is the color of the Holy Spirit. We will thank God in Christ for how the Spirit continues to reform us.

May we listen carefully, thru prayer and meditation, to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. And may we always give thanks to God in Jesus for how the Spirit is constantly changing and reforming us.
Serving with you in Christ,

Pastor Todd +
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