October 2020 Edition

National 4-H Week kicks off today! I know it was going to be a struggle for all clubs to build displays in the current climate, but thank you the handful who made it work!

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This edition has some very important information so please read thoroughly, and share with your 4-H family.

Stay well,

Ryan Cleland
Butte County 4-H
Program Representative
(530) 521-9306
*New* Staffing Information
  • Since our last issue, Barbara has returned to us, but only briefly. She will be here until the 15th of October, and then she will be taking a position with Youth for Change. She is very excited, but will miss us terribly, and we will miss her as well!

  • This will significantly increase the amount of administrative work I will add to my already full plate while working part-time. I must learn many business processes (most prominent among them, enrollment) that Barbara used to handle on her own. Please be patient, gently remind me of tasks that you need complete, and offer guidance or support where you feel you can.
  • As always, feel free to reach out to me at my email, rpcleland@ucanr.edu, office line (530) 538-7201, or cell phone (530) 521-9306.

  • It is unknown at this time when the 4-H Secretary position will be filled.
Clear COVID Guidelines
I want to clarify how Butte County 4-H is handling the COVID guidelines from the State Office, and what our local procedures will:

  1. If you are a CCL or Project Leader, please email Ryan to acknowledge that you have reviewed the Safety Checklist and Mitigation Standards.
  2. After reviewing these documents (linked below), please copy and paste the below text into a brief email to Ryan:
  3. "I acknowledge that I have read and understand the CA 4-H COVID Safety Checklist and Mitigation Standards."
  4. Email Ryan about in-person meetings that will take place, and what activities you will be doing. You can send me a full list of dates if you set them in advance.
  5. This precaution is so that if we have unique situations which may require extra safety measures, I will let you know. But, for the most part I will say, "Proceed!" and follow the guidelines we have been given.
  6. We are required to keep a list of in-person meeting attendees for a minimum of 15 days.
  7. Leaders can choose to retain these lists for their projects, but if you do not want this added responsibility, you can email them to Ryan right after your meeting, and he will hold them for the time required.
  8. In-Person meetings cannot exceed ten people. This includes siblings, parents, etc.
  9. Depending on your meeting's circumstances, some exceptions may be granted for groups just over ten. Please reach out to Ryan for further information.
Below is official local policy as directed by Butte County Cooperative Extension Director, Luis Espino, regarding 4-H in-person programming.

  • 4-H Program: Adult and youth members can resume in-person meetings following UC ANR guidelines (no more than 10 people maintaining six feet of distance). When meetings cannot be held outdoors, hosts will have to follow the cleaning protocols established by UC ANR. If the host cannot provide hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, or masks, volunteers can request them from our office, [but supplies are limited]. Before holding in-person meetings, volunteers will have to communicate with the 4-H CES, who will provide the UC ANR Requirements to Resume In Person Activity guidelines. [See Safety Checklist button below for this document] Volunteers will have to acknowledge that they have read them before engaging in in-person activities.

4-H members cannot attend overnight events where they participate as members of 4-H through June 30th, 2021. This does not include 4-H Camps at this time.
National 4-H Week
  • National 4-H Week will be held from October 4th-10th, and the theme is #Opportunity4All.

  • Thank you to the clubs who set up National 4-H Week displays during this hectic time.  

  • The Butte County 4-H Council will have awards of: $75-1st place, $50-2nd place, and $25-3rd place. 
County Events/Calendar
  • Here is a link to the most up to date calendar for the upcoming year!

  • At this time most County Events are being planned for a virtual format, but this is of course subject to change as pandemic guidelines change over the course of the year.

  • The first County Event will be Presentation Day. Youth will be asked to submit videos that will be evaluated rather than attempting an "live" event.
  • The Public Speaking Advisory Committee is finalizing the Presentation Manual for this which has some small but important changes. (Most notably, the demonstration and illustrated talk categories are being combined because of their similarities and the confusion they've caused in past years.)

  • The new manual will be made public in the early part of this month and a County Wide email will be sent with more details about how Butte County will conduct this virtual event.
Below are helpful documents surrounding enrollment:
  1. Here is a one page info-graphic that explains the enrollment process in simple terms
  2. Here is a link to a guide for new and returning YOUTH
  3. Here is a link to a guide for new and returning VOLUNTEERS

Important things to remember:
  1. Here is a link to the LiveScan form that new volunteers must take when they are fingerprinted.
  2. Here is the check request form that must also be completed by the volunteer.
  3. These two documents must be returned to the 4-H Office, AND you will be reimbursed for the cost of fingerprinting!
  4. Here is an FAQ regarding 4-H's background checks.
  5. Do not create a new 4hOnline profile if you can't remember your old password. I (Ryan) or someone in the office will give you a temporary password to reset your account.
  6. eXtension (where volunteers watch their training videos) is a third party website, and you must create a profile for it. If you are returning and cannot remember your username or password, follow the websites prompts for resetting these.
  7. Returning volunteers must complete their enrollment by December 31st, 2020 or you are no longer covered by UC insurance.
  8. If returning volunteers do not complete the reenrollment process, policy requires that you begin the process over again next program year (fingerprinting, the longer batch of videos, etc.)
Food Safety Certification
  • As many of you are aware, training is required for adult volunteers who are involved with food service and preparation activities where the general public is involved. This includes fundraising and community service activities.

  • All clubs anticipating involvement in food service and preparation activities must have at least one member complete this training.

  • The training is available online. There is a post-test which consists of 11 multiple choice questions and must be completed with a passing score of 80% in order to receive credit and certification.

  • To take the test, visit this link. If you have taken this test already, you do not have to take it again unless you let it lapse for 1 year.

  • You no longer need to contact the office if you have completed it as we are alerted via the State Office. Please contact the 4-H Office if you have any questions.
Record Books
  • Members who wish to submit their Record Book to County Level judging must turn in a completed book to the 4-H Office by November 6th at 5:00pm.
  • Remember that all books submitted to County must have this document included AND SIGNED in their book or the book will be disqualified.
  • Books will not be disqualified for any other reason as they have been in years past, but if signatures are missing, incorrect forms are used, etc., you will lost points.

  • Some folks have asked how to complete their books this year since COVID made for a strange year. I encourage members to incorporate the pandemic in their record books. If meetings were cancelled, add those to project reports and cite the pandemic as the reason for the cancellation. If you sold livestock with BidCal, document that process as well. It will make for some interesting reading in the future!

  • The State Record Book competition has been postponed at this time because it is likely that other counties like us may be a little behind with evaluations.
Silver Dollar Fair
  • Silver Dollar Fair is taking livestock entries!!

  • Shelley has graciously provided her office's September Bulletin, and the current 2021 Dates and Deadlines quick sheet. You can view these by tapping or clicking the buttons below

  • Under the buttons is a recent update from the Fair Office regarding steer entry drop-off while their facilities are being shared with Cal Fire
Council Meeting
  • The October Council Meeting will take place via Zoom at 7:00pm on the 24th of this month.

Tractor Supply Fundraiser
  • This fall's Tractor Supply Paper Clover fundraiser is on! This fundraiser provides thousands of dollars in scholarship for our members to attend events like conferences and camps.

4-H Camp 2021
  • A Task Force within the State 4-H Office is determining whether or not to permit 4-H Camps prior to June 30th to take place. I have already met with a key stakeholder in this group to strongly argue that local communities should be able to decide for themselves. An official decision on this matter will be announced in January. Until that time, be on the look out for information regarding this year's Camp Counselor team.
Wash Your Hands!