October Cougar Chronicle
Dear Parents and Guardians,
I hope this newsletter finds you all well. We have just about hit the one month anniversary for the start of school—“COVID style”! As we are all aware, the start of this year looks a bit different but I am happy and proud to state that the Corpus Christi Community has adapted and excelled better than I imagined! I am truly impressed by each student. Everyone has pulled together in an effort to keep our community healthy and strong!
I want to thank the Corpus Christi teachers, staff, and administration for tirelessly working to make the start of this year as flawless as possible. It is your dedication to children and quality education that has allowed our Community to flourish!
I want to thank parents and guardians for working with us to ensure each student is prepared for the new expectations and challenges we face this fall. Your continued patience and flexibility has provided your children with the best examples of how we all must work and learn together to overcome adversity.
Last, but certainly not least, I want to personally thank each student at Corpus Christi School. Your resilience and adaptive nature is truly inspiring! Whether it is working through technology woes, participating in social distancing, or ensuring best behavior during “mask breaks”, you have shown me once again that Corpus Christi students are one of a kind! Each of you has confronted the challenges of this school year with smiles, friendship, and kindness and I could not be prouder!
I urge everyone keep up and adhere to the COVID safety measures. I am hopeful that with continued cooperation and communication, we will eventually be able to return to school as we used to know it! 
I love being the principal of this special community and every day I come prepared and inspired to work through the COVID challenges with this community! I know together we will continue to grow and make Corpus Christi School the best it can be!

Mrs. Ann T. Sarpu
October Dates
10/2 - First Friday Mass 9:00AM
10/7 - Cherrydale Due

10/12 - No School Columbus Day  
10/14 - Birthday Dress Down            
10/15 - Faculty Meeting
10/16 - Rosary Prayed   
10/19 - Lyman Ends        
10/20 - Picture Day; Grades K-5
10/22 - Walk a thon
10/22 - Parent Teacher Conference
10/22 - Early Dismissal
10/23 - Walk a thon Rain Date

10/27 - Picture Day; Grades 6-8
10/29 - Picture Day; Grades PreK
10/31 - Happy Halloween
First Trimester Parent Teacher Phone Conferences
October 22 & 23
Teachers will be emailing you to sign up for a Phone Conference through Sign Up Genius. Look for the email in the next few weeks.
Dear Parents/Guardians;

It is hard to believe school has been in session close to a month now. Fall brings cooler weather and the onset of cold and Flu season. As mentioned before; Flu shots are mandatory for all preschoolers and must be done by December 31st. Please make an appointment with your child’s Physician as offices have been known to run out and your child will not be permitted to return after the First of the Year without one. A Flu shot is recommended at any age to lessen the effects of illness in the event you or your child contract COVID per the Department of PublicHealth and the CDC. Because Flu and COVID symptoms are almost identical in presentation, you may need to bring your child in for testing to determine the cause of fever.

As we enter into the Fall, we must also continue to work together to lessen the potential spread of COVID both in the School and in your community. Please continue to monitor your child each and every day for wellness and fever. Please call me if your child is going to be absent so I can track the outbreak of illness in the school. Masks and social distancing is required upon entering
and leaving school grounds. We must work together to lessen the potential for spread and even though we are tirelessly monitoring compliance in the school, it must also continue at the start and end of the school day also. Your cooperation is so greatly appreciated by myself and others. While we are doing what we can to keep the school open on a full time basis, we all need to take part to ensure this will continue into the Fall and Winter months.

Thank you;
Be safe and be well.

Sue Cowan RN BS
Corpus Christi School Nurse
Uniform Update
Students can continue to wear gym uniforms through October 9th.
Effective October 13 students are required to transition to regular Winter Uniform. Please follow the guideline presented in the Parent/Student Handbook.
We are excited to announce that this year's Halloween themed Walkathon will be held on Thursday, October 22nd during the school day. This is a MAJOR fundraiser for the school and it's so easy to participate! Students ask family and friends to make a donation to sponsor them for the walk. Participants in PreK - 4th grade can dress in their Halloween costumes. Participants in Grades 5-8 can dress down in orange and black outfits. The Walkathon is a great way to fulfill your fundraising obligation as 100% of what your student raises goes toward your commitment!! This is the ONLY event in which that happens. We thank you for your continued support of Corpus Christi School!

Students in Grades PreK-4 can dress in a Halloween Costume
Students in Grades 5-8 can dress down in orange and black outfits. Feel free to accessorize!!
Cherrydale Fundraiser
This is a reminder that that Cherrydale fundraiser ends on Wednesday, October 7th, please be sure to submit your orders.

Boon Supply Fundraiser
This is a reminder that the Boon Supply fundraiser ends on Wednesday, October 14th, please be sure to submit your orders.