Among other things, I have become a broken record. 

My latest mantra is, “It all begins at home—family, health and well-being, education, work and identity.” Our home is our sanctuary. Our home builds community. Community builds civic responsibility. Civic responsibility fosters a strong democracy.

Every Shabbat at my synagogue, we conclude services by reciting a prayer for our country and then for the State of Israel. Both prayers express our concern for the welfare of the governments and that our leaders will adhere to the democratic principles upon which both nations were created. This was good advice provided by the prophet Jeremiah.

As we enter these High Holidays of repentance, may we continue to work to create stable foundations for families in our community. We’ve been given the tools of teshuva/repentence, t’filah/prayer and tzedakah/righteousness. May we use these wisely. 

On behalf of Yachad's Board of Directors and staff, Robin Renner, Lisa Hershey, Jennifer Sullivan and Matthew Flyer, I wish you a happy and healthy new year. 

With gratitude,
Audrey Lyon

The drawing was made by our homeowner's sons who both have asthma. The drawing was done to thank Yachad volunteers.