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October 20, 2018

Jesse Salomon and his October Dirty Tricks
Edmonds, WA: Today, opponents of Senator Maralyn Chase showed how much they want to remove a strong progressive woman from the Washington Senate. Just like the fake campaign mailers against Jessa Lewis, Erin Frasier, and Connie Fitzpatrick, right-wing groups will stop at nothing to prevent highly capable women from serving in the legislature.
The mailer sent by the REALTORS PAC, who want to weaken environmental protections, shows a lack of understanding of history and campaign finance laws. 
Despite the misleading headlines, no money ever changed hands and there was never a violation of the rules of the Public Disclosure Commission. No ethics charges have ever been filed against Senator Chase.
In 2002, while running to retain her seat in the legislature, Maralyn Chase asked her team about a donor who wanted to contribute more than the maximum donation at the time. She was told there was no legal way for that donor to make a contribution over the legal limit and the matter was dropped, until one of her opponents told the Seattle Times about Chase’s question.
Senator Chase is a strong advocate for increased transparency in campaign finance. She believes in adopting a public financing model for campaigns to limit the influence of big donors and independent expenditures, and supports a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.
“Just like before, the opponents of Senator Chase are making hay out of nothing,” said 32nd LD Democrats Chair Carin Chase. “ They want to remove a strong progressive with integrity from office and are supporting a candidate who has received money from Monsanto, AT&T, and the health insurance lobby. They don’t want to see the progressive change that Maralyn stands for.”