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From our partner, Dr. Christina Cole of Advanced Animal Chiropractic:

Sadly, Perdy’s owner died and his next of kin ended up "inheriting" her. They felt she was too sickly and that she was suffering, so they brought her into the vet to be put to sleep. One of the technicians at the clinic saw her and asked me to step in as she thought it wasn’t right. The poor pup was sick, but it wasn’t from an actual sickness -- rather severe neglect. Dr. Christina couldn’t let her be put down and she said she’d take her on as a foster, get her healthy, etc.

After she was surrendered, the veterinary hospital ran blood work and did a complete workup. She had roughly 14 pounds of fluid in her abdomen and we don’t know the direct cause. Her blood work came back great and she was heartworm negative. We performed an ultrasound while we drained some fluid and found that she thankfully had no masses. Basically, she has the worst case of yeast and mange Dr. Christina had ever seen.

While Perdy is thankfully being taken care of by Dr. Christina and her team, countless other animals in our service area need assistance for wellness care, just like she did.

In an effort to help other animals in great need of wellness veterinary care, we have started a "Perdy Fund" so that other animals may benefit. Their lives are depending on us!

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The Fur Ball is a gala evening that celebrates the life-saving work of local animal organizations.

It includes a strolling cocktail reception, a sumptuous multiple-course plated dinner, live music, dancing, and memorable silent and live auctions.

The event attracts animal lovers from all walks of life — community leaders, business owners, corporate executives, animal-sheltering innovators — joining “paws” to make a difference.


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