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October is Fire Prevention Month

The goal of Fire Prevention Month is to raise awareness about fire safety and help ensure your home and family are prepared in the event of an emergency. It's the perfect time to talk with your whole family about fire safety - include testing alarms, changing the batteries, and escape planning.
According to the National Fire Protection Association & First Alert Survey:  
  • 3 of every 5 home fire deaths resulted from fires in homes with no working smoke alarms
  • Less than 50% of homeowners have an escape plan
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) is the #1 cause of accidental death
  • 60% of consumers do not test their smoke and CO alarms monthly
  • Only 47% of people report having CO alarms in their home 
In addition to developing an escape plan and checking CO and smoke detectors, Amberley Village Fire Captain Chris Fritsch recommends developing the habit of associating National Fire Prevention Month with r emembering to change the batteries in your home alarm system at the same time. This is just one example of how the dual roles of our police and fire departments encourage staff to think across disciplines.   Keep an eye out for regular safety tips and recommendations in our monthly E-Newsletter.
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Amberley Village Police-Fire Department Reminds Residents 
to Practice Fall Fire Safety

Amberley Village Police-Fire Department reminds residents to exercise extreme caution during dry weather when using fire pits for outdoor fires.  The following guidelines are a great rule of thumb, but be aware that Chief Wallace reserves the right to issue a ban if conditions become too dry to burn safely.

National Drug TakeBack Day is October 26, 2019

Amberley Village will again be participating in the National Drug Take Back Day on Saturday, Oct 26  2019  from 10 a.m. - 2  p.m.  Residents are asked to  empty the pills into a zip lock bag for disposal and to recycle the plastic pill bottles.  The pill bottles can also be donated to Matthew 25: Ministries  for inclusion in shipments of medical supplies and for shredding and recycling.  See  https://m25m.org/pillbottles for more information.

As a service to our residents, Amberley Village accepts unwanted prescriptions throughout the year.  Contact the Amberley Village Police Department at 513-531-2040 for more information.
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Extended 2018 Amberley Village Income Tax returns are due October 15, 2019. When filing, please include a copy of your Federal Extension and Federal 1040 page one, W-2(s) and required schedules. These documents help insure you are credited or charged the correct amount of Amberley Village tax and save you from receiving an "incomplete filing" letter. 

Remember, all residents must file an Amberley Village tax return regardless of whether or not income tax is due. If you have questions or need help resolving unfiled tax returns please call or e-mail Tax Administrator Patty Meiers at (513)531-0130 or taxoffice@amberleyvillage.org.
Avoid the Pitfalls of Distracted Driving
Less than a year ago in October, Ohio lawmakers extended the definition of distracted to include any activity that
is not necessary for the vehicle's operation and that impairs the driver's ability to drive safely. Eating, handing things, children in the back seat, changing the radio station or using a cell phone could all result in a ticket.
The citation comes with a $100 fine, which some motorists can avoid by taking a distracted driving class instead.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said he will ask lawmakers to make distracted driving a primary offense, allowing police to pull over motorists without witnessing any other infraction. Currently it is a secondary offense for adults and a primary offense for minors.

13,727:             Number of crashed in Ohio last year due to distracted driving.
51:                    Number of people in Ohio killed in distracted driving accidents last year.
6,860:              Number of people injured in distracted driving accidents in Ohio last year.
Source: Ohio Highway Patrol

Hamilton County Heroin Coalition Task Force 
Named Task Force of the Year

Congratulations to Amberley Village's Thomas M. Fallon for his role as Investigative Commander for the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force, which was recently recognized as "Task Force of the Year" by Ohio NARCO, a not-for-profit law enforcement association serving Ohio's law enforcement community.

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From l. to r.:  Dick Meadows, President of Ohio NARCO; Tom Fallon, Amberley Village PD, Matt Guy, Hamilton County Sheriff's Office; Phil Herrmann, Cincinnati PD; Nelson Holden, Ohio State Highway Patrol; Shawn Cox, Sheriff's Office; Charles Vanderpool, Cincinnati PD; Mark Bohan, Sheriff's Office; Dennis Lowe,  President of Ohio Task Force Commanders.

(Not Pictured: Josh Schlie, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation; Darren Wilson, Drug Enforcement Administration;
Rick Blyberg, Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office)

Plan before you plant

Trees can add beauty to your home and shade to boost your energy efficiency. But trees planted too close to power lines can grow into big problems and be expensive to maintain.
To provide you with safe, reliable service, we maintain trees and other vegetation along our power lines. You can do your part to help keep trees healthy and prevent power outages by planting the right tree in the right place.

Before putting that shovel in the ground, call 811 several business days ahead to locate underground utility lines. The service is free.


The Recycling Coach: Bottles and Jugs
The Recycling Coach: Bottles and Jugs
Residents will enjoy this second in a series of "Recycling Coach" videos designed to reduce the number of materials, such as plastic bags, which residents try to recycle, but are not actually recyclable.

According to HCRSWD, perhaps the most prevalent contaminates are plastic bags, which get tangled in equipment at the Material Recovery Facilty where recyclables are separated and bailed.  Plastic bags should be brought back to the grocery store, and not placed in a recycling cart.

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        Treat each other with respect. 
School Board Candidate Forum
Monday, October 28, 7:00 p.m.
Amberley Village Community Room
(enter at the rear) 

The success of the Cincinnati public school district impacts all Amberley homeowners, whether or not we have children enrolled. This November 5, a total of four out of the seven Board of Education seats are up for election. Six people are running for three positions, and three more are running to fill an unexpired term ending 12-31-2021.  Come and hear from the candidates who wish to be the policy makers for our school district. These elected positions matter, and so does your voice! Let it be heard. 

This event is open to all Amberley voters. Questions? Contact  elidakamine@gmail.com or  pegconway@gmail.com

Learn More About the Benefits of Volunteering
at our Neighborhood School!
Volunteer Opportunity at Pleasant Ridge Montessori

Pleasant Ridge Montessori is seeking volunteer tutors to assist students in grades 1 - 6 with reading or math.  Volunteers are asked to sign up for at least one 30 minute slot per week, and will be required to have a local background check.

Tutors are especially needed in math.  For more information or to sign up, click the photo (right) or visit: