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October 2013
When we sent out our first issue back in May, we explained that this e-newsletter is a work in progress and that we are always looking for suggestions that will make it better.  Thanks to your feedback, we have made changes that we hope you will like.

As you look down, you will see that the newsletter has more of a newspaper feel now.  You see previews of stories with links that you can follow if you wish to read more.  This way, you have more content from which to choose without being overwhelmed by too much text.


In this issue, in recognition of October being Vegetarian Awareness Month, Joanne and I debate the pros and cons of a vegetarian diet.  For those of you in the Boston area, consider checking out the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival later this month.  You can learn more about being vegetarian and sample lots of meatless foods, all for free!



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

My Big Fat Revenge


So, a couple of days ago, I caught wind of a new reality TV show on the Oxygen network called My Big Fat Revenge, a show that appeared to be a hybrid of The Biggest Loser and Punk'd.  All I can say is "no."  What a horrible idea for a show!  Read More

"How do I get my children to not only eat, but also to eat foods that are good for them?"


My first counseling position as a dietitian was at a pediatric practice and I continue to see many children here at Soolman Nutrition and Wellness LLC.  While every child and family dynamic is different, I do find that the following ideas tend to help.  Read More 

He Said, She Said: Vegetarian vs. Omnivore


Due in part to the rise and fall of the Atkins diet as well as the current popularity of the paleo diet fad, we frequently receive questions about which is healthier, eating meat or being a vegetarian. 

He Said


Eating healthy and eating animals are not mutually-exclusive behaviors.   However, a vegetarian lifestyle offers several advantages compared to living life as an omnivore.


1.  Vegetarian protein sources tend to be lower in saturated fat, the type of fat that experts across the world agree raises the risk of cardiovascular disease.  For example, a three-ounce grilled steak . . . Read More 


She Said


While vegetarianism definitely can be a very healthy lifestyle, life without meat can come with consequences.


1.  Meat, fish, and poultry are packed with a number of nutrients that are important for the body.  All of them are excellent sources of protein, which is essential for numerous body functions, including the building of tissues and fortifying the immune system.  While one can get . . . Read More

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Practice News
Cardiometabolic Health Congress


Earlier this month, Jonah attended the Cardiometabolic Health Congress in Boston. 


Experts from around the world gathered to discuss the latest treatment and prevention techniques for cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.


This wealth of knowledge enables Jonah to more effectively help his patients who are working through these challenges.

Recipe of the Month
Quick and Easy
Rice and Beans

* 1 can (15 oz.) of no-salt-added black beans

* 1 bag (16 oz.) of frozen mixed vegetables

* 1/2 of 12-oz. bag of frozen brown rice

* 1 tsp olive oil


1. Empty all contents into a saucepan.


2. Stir in olive oil.


3. Stir over low to medium heat until rice and vegetables are thoroughly thawed and warm.


4. Serve immediately.


5. Use the leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.


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