October 2017
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Early Literacy Practice: Talking
Fall is tough for this little tree! With rhyming text and simple illustrations, this humorous story invites conversation as you read about the tree's struggles.
Take a walk through crunchy leaves and collect different shaped leaves as you go. Talk about size, color and texture as you look through the collection. Talking is great way to expand vocabulary and gets your child ready to read!

Early Literacy Practice: Writing 

Gear up for Halloween with The Monster Alphabet by Michael Spradlin. You'll travel around the world and learn about Banshees, Elves, Ogres and more!

Make a ripped paper mummy! Have your child rip strips of white paper and glue them on a paper plate. Find the rest of the instructions over at Crafts by Amanda. Ripping paper uses great fine motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination.
Early Literacy Practice: Reading  
Maria and her family visit an apple orchard and pick apples. Then it is time to make applesauce with the special pot that has been in her family for generations. From washing apples to cutting apples everyone helps turn the apples into applesauce.
Ten Red Apples
Ten red apples growing on a tree.
(Hold arms up in the air like branches.)
Five for you and five for me.
(Shake one hand and then the other.)
I will shake the tree just so.
(Shake body.)  
And let the apples fall below.
(Move fingers downward through the air.)  
One, two, three, four, five,
(Count fingers on one hand.)  
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
(Count fingers on the other hand.)
Early Literacy Practice: Playing
Learn about the Fall season in the delightful book Fall Leaves. Gather items outside to make a Fall sensory bin to explore. This play invites many opportunities to talk about shapes, sizes, colors, and textures while investigating and learning about the world around us.
Early Literacy Practice: Singing
Reading We're Going on a Ghost Hunt by Susan Pearson is a great way to teach and practice narrative storytelling skills with your preschooler. As you squish-squash through the swamp and rustle-rustle through the corn field, you will love acting out this simple book that builds upon the children's classic, We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

To learn the music to We're Going on a Bear Hunt, check out this great video by The Kiboomers.