October 2019
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Sex Trafficking in Northbrook?

Last month, Northbrook Police arrested a massage parlor owner for promoting prostitution . It is time to take action.

For over five years, JCAST Chicago has increased awareness and partnered with government leaders and residents like YOU to prevent sex trafficking in the Northshore and across the Chicagoland area. Before the arrest, new Trustee, Heather Ross reached out to JCAST staff Gayle Nelson and asked for advice as Northbrook evaluated its ordinances and regulations as part of a normal review process. Heather was concerned about sex trafficking because she serves as one of JCAST’s Steering Committee Members. Gayle connected Heather with government leaders in Highland Park since the municipality passed an ordinance regulating massage parlors earlier this year. Recently, Heather proposed similar regulations for Northbrook massage parlors. 

JCAST is mobilizing Northbrook residents and asking them to voice their support for this new regulation. The goal is not to limit these businesses but to create safeguards and ensure they are not offering illegal services. Do you live in Northbrook? Send an email to Gayle and she will keep you updated on next steps.
New Trafficked Teens

Did you see our new Trafficked Teens? They want to increase awareness. Invite them and JCAST Chicago leaders to your syngagouge!

JCAST Chicago
2019 Fall Events

  • Oct 29- (9:00AM-12:00PM) Preventing Commerical Exploitation of Children, Beth Israel, Skokie- JCAST is excited to partner with JCFS and Sellah Freedom for this training for social workers, service providers, and others.
  • Nov 8- Symposium for a Safer Lake County, Trinity College, Deerfield- Join JCAST Chicago and other speakers discussing violence prevention in Lake County! Register today!

  • Nov. 10 (10-11:30AM)- Sex Trafficking introduction and awareness Event- Etz Chaim, Lombard

  • Nov. 24 (10-11:30AM) & Dec. 15 (9:45 -11:15AM) - Parenting replication program-sessions 1 and 2- Etz Chaim, Lombard
Our kids are growing up in a world very different than previous generations.
They have easy exposure to pornography (90% of kids ages 8-16 have seen
pornography online) and cultural attitudes towards “hooking up” can impact
their sexual development and safety. These programs will help adults
understand the risks kids face, and the opportunities they have to impact child
development through appropriate (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations
with our young people about sexuality and relationships. JCAST Chicago is
excited to offer our successful parenting programs for parents and other
family members of tweens and teens. 

  • Dec 8- Hadassah Chanukah party, Buffalo Grove
Steering Committee
JCAST Chicago is led by a Steering Committee of dedicated volunteers. To learn more and get involved. Email Gayle

Steering Committee Co-Chairs:
Donna Fishman
Susan Rifas

Steering Committee:
Ronna Ash, Hadassah
Susan Block, Hadassah
Cathy Carmody
Tracy Medansky
Sherry Petlin
Anita Pildes
Bonnie Ribet
Heather Ross
Stacy Saef
Joan Zahnle
Diane Zidman

Gayle Nelson, 
Engagement and Development Director
Ensure there is a Chicago Jewish voice against sex trafficking. Support our unique events and innovative partnerships. Make your gift on our secure website today!
JCAST Chicago on the Move
JCAST Chicago has been busy giving presentations across the Chicago Metropolitan area, for Jewish and secular groups. Earlier this year, JCAST leaders spoke at a:
  • Hadaasah meeting
  • 3 local Rotary meetings
  • Northshore Senior Center discussion

Please help JCAST Chicago secure speaking "gigs" at Jewish and secular organizations. Contact Donna at  info@jcastchicago.org  with names and contacts at synagogues, chavurot, and other organizations. 
Take Action!

Here are some things you can do today to take action against Sex Trafficking: 

Visit our website  to keep up-todate with the issues most relevant to you.  Sign up  for JCAST Chicago, NCJW or Sex Trafficking Action Alerts today! 

* Send a Letter
Send a letter calling on local leaders and law enforcement to enforce laws and end demand.  Visit our website  to print out instructions and samples.

* Hang a Flyer
Victims may visit bus stations, grocery stores, currency exchanges, and gas stations. Hang a poster featuring the hotline for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center. and help them escape to safety!  Visit our website  for more information and to print flyers.

* Write a Letter to the Editor
Write a letter to the editor when you learn publicly about arrests of perpetrators of sex trafficking. Commending the media, the police departments involved, and local authorities keeps sex trafficking in the news and encourages more enforcement.  Visit our website for a sample letter to the editor.

  • Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery, Siddharth Kara
  • Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World where Girls are not for Sale, Rachel Lloyd
  • The Johns: Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy it, Victor Malarek 
  • The Natashas: Inside the Global Sex Trade, Victor Malarek
  • Women Hold up Half the Sky: Turing Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Sheryl Wudunn and Nicholas Kristof

IN PLAIN SIGHT Podcast to End Human Trafficking Each week, the IN PLAIN SIGHT Podcast features a an inspiring speaker who may educate you in your work to end human trafficking around the globe.  Click here  for a link to the website.

Jewish Community Against Sex Trafficking (JCAST) Chicago
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JCAST Chicago is an initiative of the National Council of Jewish Women Chicago North Shore. For more information on NCJW, please visit our website  https://ncjwcns.org .