All Above All: Be Bold and End Hyde!
September 30th marked 42 years since the Hyde Amendment first passed -- and the future of abortion access has never been more at risk. Trump and Pence continue to push policies that make it harder to prevent an unintended pregnancy and impossible to get an abortion, while also penalizing women for having children. 

But despite the challenges we face, we are gaining ground, with more cities and states supporting expanded access to abortion coverage. We’ve locked arms, marched, knocked on doors, and rallied for abortion coverage together for five years -- and we’re just getting started! 

Today, we’re asking you to contact your U.S. senators to urge them to lift the Hyde Amendment and oppose abortion coverage bans. 

We’re women, people of color, immigrants—we know what it's like to face tough odds. We’ve been fighting for ourselves, and each other, for generations.