Full Circle
Circle Center's E-Newsletter
"Autumn is a second spring,
when every leaf is a flower."
-Albert Camus
Autumn reminds us that there is beauty in transition. While we have certainly felt as if we are in a constant state of transition, we recognize, like the leaves changing color, that there is joy to be found as we move through changes.

October saw the National recognition of Active Aging Week. While we weren't able to host our usual week of celebrations highlighting our unique programs, we certainly feel that we honor the idea of active aging every day. Our programs are designed specifically to meet the needs and challenges of our aging adults and to offer opportunities for mental and physical stimulation.

October, of course, also culminates in the age old tradition of donning a costume to celebrate Halloween! Since we love a good excuse to play dress-up and celebrate traditions that help us all reminisce together, we always celebrate with a Spirit Week. Each day of the week leading up to Halloween had a special theme, and of course, our participants and staff did not disappoint! Enjoy the pictures below and get in on the fun!

As always, we have stories to share of our community partners, volunteers and friends who continue to remind us of the generosity, resiliency and spirit of our community. We introduce you to our friends, the Master Gardeners, who bring their love and passion of gardening to our friends here at Circle Center, and we share highlights, resources, updates and news of the past month!
Getting our hands dirty with
the Master Gardeners
The connection we have nature is powerful, and we know the benefit we all receive when we can work with nature and get our hands in the dirt! So we love when our friends, The Master Gardeners, come to share their knowledge and passion with us. They assist our participants with planting, letting them get their hands dirty and connect with nature. They plan presentations about plants and flowers and share their incredible knowledge about plants and gardens with us. They also plan fun seasonal arts and crafts projects that incorporate elements of nature to do with participants. They recently completed some fun Halloween decorations using pine cones to create spooky Halloween creatures! Thank you to the Master Gardeners for these creative ways to engage with our participants and for sharing your passion with us.
Spirit Week!
Because just one day of dressing up isn't enough - we celebrate Spirit Week every year with special themed days in the week leading up to Halloween! Participants and staff joined in on the fun and of course, we couldn't miss an opportunity to celebrate Halloween with our true identities on display...the Superheroes of Circle Center!
Sponge-Bob, SuperMan, Jaws...oh my! Crazy Sock Day had socks of all kinds, colorful, wild, and Halloween spirit galore!
Wacky Wednesday did not disappoint as participants and staff wore mis-matched, bright, and wacky tacky ensembles!
Team spirit was on display for favorite sports team day!
Halloween Costumes or Colors
Everyone really saved their best for last...and went all out with
their Halloween costumes and dress-up!

And of course, for one day only, Circle Center staff showed their true identities - SUPERHEROES!
More Halloween Arts & Crafts Fun!
Opening Minds Through Art
Our friends from Art for the Journey are holding two more Opening Minds through Art programs on November 11th, and November 12th. They will be held at the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. Anyone is invited to participate, but space is limited! Click HERE for more information about this amazing program and how to participate!
The Circle Center Scene...
What a Welcome!
We hope you have had the opportunity to drive by and see our brand new sign! We love our new logo and what a bright and cheery welcome it is everyday for our participants, families and neighbors!
Speaking of Welcomes...Welcome Hazel Snead!
Welcome Hazel to the Circle Center team! She joins us as our part time Nurse and we are so happy to have her!
Return of our furry friends!
Welcome back to some of our favorite 4 legged volunteers! Therapy Dog, Fred the dachshund, and his friend Kitty, were just as excited to be back at Circle Center as our participants were to welcome them!
...and Thank You!
No tricks, just TREATS! Thank you to our friends from Zeta Phi Beta for their special Halloween themed delivery!

Thank you to our friends from Genworth, who came to play some fun Halloween themed games with our participants!
Henrico County: Caregiver Lunch and Learn Webinar Series
Henrico County is hosting a series of Caregiver Webinars during November: Reducing Caregiver Burden, Navigating Medicare and Social Security, and Care Planning with a loved one. Please click HERE for more information.
Open Enrollment and Medicare Plan Changes
The Open Enrollment period has begun and runs through December 7th. With changes to Medicare plans we know that this can be confusing, so our friend, John Simmonds, from the RVA Senior Resource Group, has provided helpful information to answer your questions and help guide you through open enrollment. Contact him for more information. Click HERE for resources
Thank you for your support!
Your support has allowed us to continue to serve our community, and support our participants and caregivers throughout the pandemic. Thank you.