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One of the biggest joys of Halloween for a child is picking out the perfect costume.  This year, why not multiply the cuteness by involving your pup?  As long as your dog is OK with costumes and crowds, involving your dog in the holiday can be fun.  Here is our guide to the best dog and kid matching costumes.  From food to comic book characters - your dog and child duo will be the stars of any party this season.

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Deadline this Sunday (10/4): 
Photo Submissions for the 2021 GGLRR Calendar!

Did you adopt your dog(s) from GGLRR? Do you know anyone that did?

We are now accepting photos for the 2021 GGLRR calendar!

You've probably shared photos of your GGLRR Lab with friends and family, and on Facebook too. How would you like the chance to make your GGLRR Lab an even bigger celebrity? We are asking for submissions for the 2021 calendar, with lucky Labs to be chosen to grace the pages of the calendar, while raising much needed funds for GGLRR.

If you would like a photo of your Lab(s) to be considered as one of the photos in GGLRR's 2021 Calendar, please send submissions through September 1, 2020 including:

Photo(s) per guidelines below;
Your name and the dog's name;
The month / year the dog was adopted from GGLRR; and,
Email to GGLRR at

Photo Guidelines:
  • The calendar is an annual fundraiser for GGLRR, and we feature Labs that have been adopted through GGLRR.
  • Photos with multiple dogs are welcome, but all dogs shown in the photo must be from GGLRR.
  • We encourage people to use settings showing the fun people have with their Labs in beautiful Northern California settings (beach, mountains, hiking trails, Golden Gate bridge, etc).
  • You may include as many GGLRR-adopted Labs in the photo as you want, but please no people, text, or copywritten backgrounds.
  • Professional photographs will be accepted if submitted by the photographer who can provide GGLRR permission for unlimited usage of the photo as listed with the submission.
  • Please do not use watermarks or other text since photo info and credits will be added consistently on the calendar.
  • Each owner may submit up to 6 photos of the same Lab.
  • Please submit as high of resolution as your camera permits (8 megapixel or higher preferred).
  • Photos should only be sent in .jpg or .png format.
  • We only accept submissions from the dog owner and by emailing the photo, you are giving GGLRR permission to use the photo for the calendar or our website.

    We look forward to receiving many wonderful photos of GGLRR Labs!


3-year-old blind neutered male Black Lab mix, 79 lbs. 
Ray gets along great with people and other dogs.  He is settling in as his foster but he is no doubt confused, unsure, and anxious - takes a while to calm and settle down.  He is not yet housebroken so will need to be well supervised.  Caring for a blind dog requires a unique approach.  He is super sweet and gentle, but is a bit pushy, so we're working on leash manners and sitting while doors are being opened and closed for him.    

Besides being blind, Ray appears to be in superb health.  Maybe a few pounds overweight.  Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped.  We hope to get Ray to a doggie eye specialist in the near future.  Ray is located in Oakland.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or 


9-year-old neutered male Chocolate Lab mix, 83.5 lbs. 
Toby is a very smart, obedient, and playful boy.  He loves to play fetch and swim.  He knows sit, stay, shake, lie down, gentle, and wait.  Toby does food guard and will growl if he feels uncomfortable.  He is fearful of loud noises and whines and barks if left completely alone.  He is quite afraid of cats and need to be separated from them at all times to prevent any issues.  Toby's ideal home would be one where he is the only pet, where there are no cats, and no children under the age of 12.

He doesn't like to be touched on the lower abdomen or his tail and will snap.  He is muzzled when he goes to the vet.  Toby needs a quieter adult home and a swimming pool or regular access to water would be ideal as he loves it so much.  

Toby is up to date on core vaccines, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered.  He is presently being treated for an ear infection.  Toby has some lumps on his abdomen which are lipomas (fatty).  He is slightly overweight, and the vet would like him to lose about 10+ lbs.  Toby is located in Campbell.

Contact Rescue Rep Kris 


5-year-old neutered male Black Lab mix, 35 lbs. 
This poor guy was found by Yolo County Animal Services in the expanse of farm fields between Davis and West Sacramento.  He was covered in fleas and ticks.    

Jones has been fostered for a few weeks now and spends most of the day roaming and resting outdoors.  He is eating well and most affiliative when it is food time.  And he takes food very gently, and non-competitively, which was surprising given his obvious bouts with hunger (he was painfully thin on arrival). 
Jones will need a very special adopter to continue his rehabilitation and affiliation with humans.  We have no idea if he was ever abused by humans or just terribly under-socialized.  His adopter will need to have a backyard - a very secure backyard - as they should expect Jones to be most comfortable outside, including sleeping outside for a while.  His adopter will have to be incredibly patient with him and work up to hand-feeding him, touching him, just being in his presence.  The presence of another calm/confident dog in his forever home will be hugely important.  Probably not good for a home with small children that may frighten him.  Not for city living; a suburban or rural home would be best.

Jones is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered.  He is currently in Novato.

Contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or 


10-year-old soon-to-be-spayed female Chocolate Lab mix, 60 lbs. 
Nala is a sweet older girl who somehow ended up in the shelter.  We think she might be a little blind and a little deaf and in spite of her hip instability, she LOVES her walks and has great energy.

She's had a litter (maybe more than one), she wasn't spayed, her teeth are terrible and she seems to know no commands...but she gives sweet gentle kisses, takes treats like the lady she is.  Like many senior labs, Nala has some pain in her legs, and is a bit wobbly in the back end.  The vet noted she is reasonably medically sound for her age.  She has had 5 teeth removed and her spay will be scheduled within the next month.   

Nala doesn't ask for much; the ideal home for her would be one who's comfortable with senior dogs, can take her on lots of gentle walks, manage her arthritis, and give her the love and attention that's been lacking in her life.  

Overall, she appears healthy other than some possible arthritis in her hips and spine.  May be a little bit blind (beginnings of cataracts) and a little bit deaf (getting older sucks!).  She will be spayed in October.  Nala is located in Menlo Park.

Contact Rescue Rep Debbi at 

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