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October: Fall Specials and Clean-up SALES
Front Landscape Fall
TONIGHT, Friday Night, will be EXTREMELY cold!  NOAA is calling for lows in the mid teens in our colder valleys. Shut-off irrigation and remove hoses from hose-bib.  Put old Christmas lights under plants with row-cover over if you're still pushing the harvest.
October Specials  &  Clearance
We need to make room for more Aspen, Natives and Living Christmas Trees (mostly Spruce) arriving next week AND because EVERYONE keeps asking... Here's another final October Sale - 10/5  thru 10/13
ALL 4" Hardy Herbaceous Perennials 50% OFF 
30% off all larger qt., #1g, #2g, etc... perennials. 
Tough-as-Nails Trees and Shrubs 20% OFF
30% off Several Trees and Shrubs (see website)
Potting Soils, Manures & Bark: buy 4, get 1 FREE
Redwood & Pots & Outdoor Art 30% OFF
OK, another BIOSOL Coupon for $6 OFF...
We WANT you to try Biosol and see how well it helps your garden.
Lots MORE Orphans and Parking Lot Clearance Plants
Hardy bulb specials,  Amur Maple Special, Vine Clearance, Berry Blow-out, etc...  Go to to print out a sale flier.  
We Love Fall Color...
It's Chemistry
Amur Maple on Bank in Fall
Chlorophyll is the green of plants and it is the main pigment responsible for photosynthesis.  As days shorten, nights cool and plants dry, the spent chlorophyll is not replaced and as the green fades, other colors begin to show.  

Carotenoides that help transfer light energy to chlorophyll give us the golden yellow of aspen, Norway maple, Scouler's willow and water birch. (we have a special on Amur Maple as seen in picture) 

Anthocyanins are in plants with purple and red flowers and plants with purple and reddish foliage. Most of these show off in brighter red fall colors as well. Anthocyanins create colors ranging from pink to deep purple. Often, the more light a plant receives, the deeper its fall colors will be. Vine maple, big-tooth maple, mountain ash, serviceberry and red-twig dogwood all grow well in moderate shade and still give us intense orange-red through purple fall colors. Anthocyanin is actually produced in fall as chlorophyll is broken down. Orange leaves as in Spiraea and ninebark are a combination of anthocyanins and carotenoides.

Tannin gives us the beige, tan and brown of autumn. Tannin is contained in all leaves in varying amounts. Some trees such as Bur Oak and many grasses have high concentrations of tannin and their leaves turn amber in fall.

Cool Conifers and Jose's Evergreen Weekend Sale
Mugo Pine Candles   In the "awkward" shoulder-seasons between winter and spring and between fall and winter - it is nice to have plants that present life. Evergreen trees and shrubs deliver this.  We have more than you might think in the nursery. Besides our local seed-source Incense Cedar and Sierra Giant Sequoias we have the fool-proof native Lodgepole, Jeffrey, Ponderosa and Western White pines; drought adapted Pi´┐Żon and Bristlecone pines; hardy and beautiful Modoc Cypress; Blue, Engleman, White Spruce and more.
  Pine over GraniteBroad-leaved Evergreens are not conifers, but plants like Manzanita, Ceanothus and Rhododendron that retain their leaves year-round. We have beautiful Garrya fremontii from seed near the Sierra Buttes, Ceanothus cuneatus, C. cordulatus, C. velutinus, Mountain mahogany, Manzanitas, Bear-berry Cotoneaster and hardy Rhododendrons.
Saturday ONLY (10/5): 30% off any Evergreen - Mugo Pine, Dwarf Spruce and Junipers included.

Chard, Swiss 'Rhubarb' red
Truckee River Day
Rain or shine. Get your community service groove on

Sunday, October 20, 2013
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Winterizing your Garden
A quick overview with demonstrations and good humor
Saturday, October 26, 2013,
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Instructors: VanDyke & Larusson
Villager Nursery

Fall Gardening & Winterizing in Full Detail (rescheduled)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Instructor: Larusson
Location & Sign-up:
Sierra College---Truckee Campus
Buy 4- Get 1 FREE
2cf Gromulch mature compost
Gromulch, Topper,
& Bumper Crop
(Including ALL Bagged Composts and Barks and Potting Soils)

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 Great fall colors!   I hope tonight's cold doesn't wreck it. 
 We have yet more plant material arriving next week even as we make room and offer you some incredible specials to boost next year's garden. 
 Seed collecting was productive from Monitor Pass in the snow to North of Truckee.  Eric also picked up a number of very hardy species from above 11,000ft in Colorado last week.
 FALL really is for planting. 4" plants should get into the ground ASAP but Trees and Shrubs are happy being planted anytime you're willing to dig the hole.
 Come to our Winterizing Class on the 26th or check-out the old hand-out.
 As ALWAYS we love your  feed-back questions and comments.  We learn from YOU all the time.
Thank YOU!
Rob VanDyke / Eric Larusson
Rob w xmas trees in truck bw
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"This is one of the prettiest nurseries I have ever seen. They have a wide selection of plants, including trees, flowers, herbs, etc. The staff is all very friendly and knowledgeable and are more than happy to assist customers with plant selections and give great advice of what type of plant works best for you." - Paula C. ◊◊◊◊◊
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