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This FALL SALE email should have made it out two weeks ago but I thought that posting the sale on Facebook would suffice. Not so much. However, to your benefit and because we are true believers that "Fall Is For Planting" we have had deliveries from 11 of our wonderful growers in the past two weeks (three of them twice) so the plant selection is excellent!

October is the "Sweet-Spot" of the planting calendar. For a wide variety of reasons, now is the best time for planting trees, shrubs, vines, berries, perennials, wildflowers and, of course, hardy animal resistant bulbs.

If you love Fall Color but are not sure of plant names, bring us a leaf or two of your favorites and we'll be happy to identify them for you. We'll also give you all the instruction you'll need to grow those plants so they'll thrive for decades to come.  
October Sale Banner
We have a saying about perennials: "You are always planting for next year's garden"... even if you plant perennials in May 2016, you are planting them for their performance after a winter, for summer 2017.  When you plant perennials now, you are planting for next spring: 2016. The plants spend a fall, winter & spring growing into in their new home and come up on their new schedule to sprout and bloom right on time from a much larger plant than you put into the ground. A 4" planted now will generally be larger than a #1gallon next summer.
Now is your chance to get a HUGE jump on next year's garden:
Take advantage of specials on the hardiest of 4" perennials (up to 50% off) as well as discounts off ALL the tough mountain nursery stock (20-30%off) at your disposal.  Shop now for the best selection. Visit & LIKE our Facebook page for random one-day coupons on plants, bulbs & fertilizers and check-out our website for the best how-to resources around.
This Saturday's class is 'Winterizing your Garden' @ 10:00am. We'll do a walk-around of fall color after the class for anyone interested @ 11:30am. Anyone is welcome to join in. Dress warmly, the forecast is for a return to "normal" October temperatures.
Specials & Promotions
BIOSOL (just one word)
Not "Bio-Soil" although it is really excellent for your soil biology. It can dramatically improve moisture holding (drought resistance) in soils while encouraging essential soil microorganisms that actually provide food and water to plants from beyond where roots are able to reach. This is our FAVORITE fertilizer because it works so well. In stock NOW.
We've started taking orders for next year already and if you'd like to reserve your specific Tree (Silvertip, Noble, narrow, tall, fat, dense, open, etc...), garland (pure cedar or mixed conifer greens), or wreaths (of many sizes and styles) for this year we are still taking reservations. We often cut trees to suit and of course, we make deliveries twice a week in December.
Shade Garden
50% or more OFF 4"
(4" perennials), when you purchase 30 or more (@2.99 ea); 33% off with a purchase of ≥15 (@3.99 ea) and 20% off < 15.
offer Expires 11/01/2015. Limited to stock on hand..
Tree Tape Small
El Niño TAPE: $3.99
1" x 150' Tree Tape for newly planted & at-risk trees and shrubs to protect them from winter breakage. See Villager Winterizing.
Blueberry - Vaccinium - 'Patriot'
Blueberries, Raspberries, Apples, Pears, & Cherries for hardy fruit production in Truckee, Tahoe, and the high Sierra crest.
Narcissus in snow
We have both native and European wildflower bulbs, "sure-thing", animal-proof Narcissus, Scilla, Allium, Colchicum, Triteleia, etc...
10% off all week10/19-10/25
ALL of our hardy Maples, Mt. Ash, Service-berry, Aspen, Viburnum, Dogwood, Willow, Chokecherry, Spiraea, Ninebark, Cotoneaster, plus Manzanita, Potentilla, Oregon Grape, Azalea, Rhododendron, Holly, etc... are 20% Off through 11/01
Topper for web
Buy any 4 Amend (w/bulbs), Topper (lawns & seed), Gromulch (planting trees) or BumperCrop (veggie beds) & get a 5th bag for FREE.
Our larger pots and redwood containers (≥20" diameter or length) are 20% Off during the sales event.
10% OFF
Off One Bag of BIOSOL
BIOSOL is an excellent slow-releasing organic fertilizer with tremendous soil improving benefits. BIOSOL offers balanced nutrition and supplies plants with micro and macronutrients throughout the growing seasons, remaining stable when plants are dormant. BIOSOL is OMRI listed. We use it on EVERYTHING.  Feel free to share this with friends. more here.   
Expires 10/31/15, Coupon must be shown, ONE bag / coupon and ONE coupon / household please,  Feel free to share.  
Thank you so much for your time. We hope you can leverage fall planting to give your trees & shrubs the best possible advantage. We frequently mention to clients that what you see on top, is merely a product of a plant's root system. Most of what we do with relation to planting and maintenance is done to promote wider, deeper, healthier root systems.  Consider that 80% of the carbon that plants take in as CO2 winds-up in the roots and you get some sense of of roots' importance.  And when roughly 80% of the annual root system expansion of deciduous trees occurs in fall (and 20% in very early spring) it seems a waste to not plant now.

As always, we thank you, our clients, for keeping our livelihood interesting. Thank you for sharing all of your successes and frustrations and for trusting us to help you whenever we can. And of course, thank you for your patronage and genuine friendship. We all want to do our part to maintain healthy, beautiful surroundings.

Rob VanDyke, Eric Larusson & Villager Nursery Staff
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