A Message from Karyn
As we make our way through Fall, Sweet Blackberry has exciting news surrounding the Bessie Coleman project, the upcoming local elections and ways to bring Sweet Blackberry to your school. 

With Election Day coming up, it's important to take the time to reflect on the importance of voting and the strides our ancestors had to take to have this fundamental right acknowledged. 

Please check out this month's newsletter below. As always feel free to reach out to us with any ideas or questions you may have. 

Celebrating  Black Politicians
It wasn't until the voting act of 1965 was passed that African Americans were able to overcome legal barriers at the local and state level that prevented them from exercising their right to vote under the 15th Amendment. 

Election day is right around the corner and while the 2016 presidential election is behind us, it's important that we take the time to support local and statewide politicians who support our personal morals and values each day. 

Following Sweet Blackberry's mission, to share lesser known triumphs by African Americans throughout history, check out this month's activity highlighting the men and woman who became the "first" of many to hold public office at the local, state and national levels. 
Postcards, Finished Script & More: Bessie Coleman Update

As many of you know, this summer we were able to fund our next animation through Kickstarter to share the story of Bessie Coleman, the first Black woman to earn her international pilot's license. 

We would like to share a few exciting updates with you on the progress of our project expected to be completed in February 2018. 

Completed Script! 
Our founder, Karyn Parsons has been hard at work completing the script for this animation. We can't wait for you to see images of narrator, Laurence Fishbourne in the studio helping bring Bessie's story to life. 

Keep and eye out for the snail mail! Postcards are well on their way. Be sure to check your mailboxes this November to check out your first Bessie reward! If you have any questions or have a change of address, please email admin@sweetblackberry.org to keep us up to date. 

Additional rewards are coming soon! Look out for the updates on Kickstarter and in your inbox. 
A Must Read:  Halloween Monster
As Halloween draws near, Tommy starts looking under his bed and in his closet for monsters. Happily Tommy's mother understands his fears and helps him to make a super costume so that he can join his friends for his first night of trick-or-treating.

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I am the first African American Secretary of State .
I am the first and only African American to serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
I have an MBA from George Washington University.  
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