Community Health Workers 
Changing Lives, One Day at a Time

Community Health Workers (CHWs) impact the health of rural communities by: Building trusting relationships with residents as culturally competent members of those
communities, connecting residents to needed health and human services, reaching at-risk, underserved communities, helping to prevent and manage chronic conditions, and developing a healthier lifestyle. AHEC West employs two Community Health Workers through the Mountain Health Alliance, focusing on oral health and behavioral health. Each Community Health Worker has completed the 160-hour, highly vetted Maryland AHEC program office Community Health Worker curriculum, acquired extensive hands-on training, and developed broad backgrounds in their field of focus.

Since 2015, Mountain Health Alliance CHWs have:
  • Provided outreach and education material to 3,746 adults and 1,681 children
  • Received 147 referrals for non-traumatic oral health issues and behavioral health support
  • Assisted 85 individuals seek needed treatment
  • Bridged the needs of 44 individuals by assisting them with transportation, prescriptions, social support, chronic disease self-management, housing, goal setting, form-completion and problem solving
To further the reach and broaden the CHW infrastructure, AHEC West provides the Maryland AHEC program office Community Health Worker training. To learn more or to request information please contact Katie Salesky.

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