As the year shifts toward fall, we know whats in store. An abundance of food, functions, holidays, colds and flus. We can let the usual stresses and illness get us like they do every year.... or we can shift the cycle. Why not try approaching this holiday season with more self care, essential oils and exercises directed at helping you stay healthy, happy and balanced?
We hope you choose to join us at Samsara for yoga, table and thai massage, doTERRA Essential oils, sonic lymph machine rides, fresh organic juices and pranayama. All aimed at keeping YOU healthier and happier.
We have some fun community events for the whole family! Don't forget about kids yoga Saturdays at 9:30.
Since massage is a great way to detox and this is a great time of year to give your body an extra cleanse we have two October specials. Our fall special is a 90 minute massage with doTERRA essentials oils, cups and hot stones with David Delgado, for the price of a 60 minute massage. CBD Wraps with essential oils are also available with Meladi Moret to help with tension & chronic pain.
The year may be starting to wind down, but our fall sale is just getting
started. We've got great deals lined up for your fall needs.
Use our MINDBODY app to book classes, appointments, see specials and sign up for workshops.
Massage Specials:
Say Hello to
Our New Massage Therapist
David Delgado
he will be
offering a 90 minute massage for a
60 minute price.

Many of you know and love
Meladi Moret
as much as we do.
She is now offering a
CBD Wrap to help with pain relief, without any negative or mind altering side effects This product is amazing! Don't suffer any longer. Try one for your chronic pain! Wraps for the month of October same cost as a Massage.
10% off all doTERRA
On Guard Products
These therapeutic grade essential oils help boost your
immune system and fight off bacteria and viruses.
On Guard is a proprietary blend that has been used for
hundreds of years to battle pathogens.

Oil, pill, toothpaste and soap forms available for purchase.
They can be diffused into the air, applied topically, taken orally and used to clean almost all surfaces in the home, workplace and car. Great smell, eco friendly, vegan and it kills bacteria and viruses.
Sean Levahn
Sound Immersion:
Imagine going on an immersive journey of self healing...Using Sound Harmonics Sean weaves together the Planetary and other gongs, Quartz Crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, bells, chimes, ocean drums, rain-sticks, and other instruments as we travel deep inside our own being and come HOME to ourselves once again.
Oct 21st with Tea Ceremony 5-8pm (full)
Oct 22 12-1:30pm
Oct 22 3-4:30pm

Want to join in on this experience? Sign up soon!
Irene Skaus Upcoming workshops- click to read more about them.
Walking with the Angles with Irene Skau Oct 7th & Nov 4th
In this class you will learn about your guardian angels, and the 7 archangels.

Intro to Shamanism
Nov 5th 10-12pm
Shamanism is finding harmony with nature and yourself. In these ongoing workshops you will learn about journeying, power animals and develop the ability to hear natures beautiful voice.
Readings By Irene
Oct 21st sign up required.
Monthly Workshops:
Yoga for Athletes with Stephen Winters
Sunday October 15th 2:30-4:30
Intro to Yoga with Katherine Winters Saturday
October 14th 1-3pm
New Classes and Faces
Medi Yoga Class
Yani Valdes
Mondays at 6pm

This MediYoga,
Kundalini based restorative class is designed to create balance with you physically, mentally and emotionally. This session welcomes all levels and is a powerful toll to combat stress, burnout and other imbalances.
We over happy to announce we have a studio manager coming into the Wellness Center! Tiffany Anderson will be stepping in for Cassie LaFever. Cassie will still be teaching classes and working at the desk but has decided to start pursuing her dream of becoming a high school art teacher. Thank you for a great year Cassie! We wish you the best!
They are both sporting our new SWC tanks. Available now!
Community Events:
Bakersfield Art Museum and Yoga
October 6th (first Friday) at 6:15 with Lindzee Maroon
in the garden, dress appropriately!

Via Arte
October 22nd Yoga Class
Chair massage too!
We will be drawing a square. Come by, bring the kids and feel free to let out your artistic side!
People of Samsara Featuring Brett & Mallory Harmon
1) Why did you start practicing yoga?
Mallory - I started practicing yoga a few years ago, but began practicing more regularly this year to help with anxiety. 
Brett - my initial draw to yoga was for exercise; however, now I find myself practicing yoga for not only my body but mind as well. 
2)How do you feel regular massage and yoga have changed you or helped you?
Mallory - regular yoga and massage has changed and helped me in so many ways. Stephen often says that what we practice and learn on our mats will help us to deal with the chaos of life, and that is exactly what yoga has done for me. I have always been an incredibly anxious person and yoga has helped me to appreciate where I am in my journey on and off the mat. I also feel that yoga has helped me to appreciate and see beauty in all aspects of life, whether it is subtle moments of happiness, the ability to breathe, or finally holding a pose that I've been practicing for a while. Regular massage has helped me to become more aware of where my body holds tension and the importance of releasing that tension. Katherine has taught me that our bodies have holding patterns and that massage helps to recondition our bodies to let go of those holding patterns.
Brett - I have found that a regular yoga practice has been an overall release for me - release of back pain, of stress, and obligations that do not serve me during my practice. 
3)Any advice on how to keep a consistent practice? 
Mallory - my advice on how to keep a consistent yoga practice is to know that not only are you practicing for yourself, but you are also practicing for others. I feel that when you practice yoga, you create more space for love, acceptance, and kindness that is contagious. And I think that when you approach your practice from a stance of helping yourself and others, it makes it even more special.
Brett - try and be as dedicated as you can, and when you realize how much it helps, it will be harder for you to find reasons to miss class. 
4) Any advice for new students?
Mallory - my advice for new students would be to not compare yourself to anyone else in the room. Everyone has their own path and journey to take while practicing, and it is so important to be kind to yourself and where you are in your practice. 
Brett - keep an open mind. 
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[Bakersfield, CA, 93305]