Click the link below for a complete list of K-12 standards-based lessons linked to apples and pumpkins.
Did you know apples and pumpkins are two of Utah's specialty crops? Utah Agriculture in the Classroom is highlighting many of Utah's specialty crops with Crops in a Box resource kits. Each box is supplied with maps, food models, books, tart cherries, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and much more!

Complete our 20-minute model and receive a FREE Crops in a Box kit worth $150. Supplies are limited. 
Each Crops Box contains:
  • Food Models and Teacher Guide
  • Who Grew My Soup Cards (Classroom Set)
  • Who Grew My Soup by Tom Darbyshire
  • Utah Agriculture Activity Map (Classroom Set)
  • What is a Fruit? What is a Vegetable? Cards (Classroom Set)
  • Utah-grown Tart Cherries samples (35)
  • Utah-grown Pistachio samples
  • Utah Honey Sticks (35)
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • MyPlate Poster
  • Utah Agriculture Activity Map Poster
  • Utah AITC Pumpkin Scoop
  • Utah AITC Sticker and Magnet
  • Utah AITC Highlighter
Click the link below to receive your free box!