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Happy Fall!

Yes, it is officially Fall. If you are having a hard time believing that you're not alone. The summer months have flown by and now everyone is settling into a nice routine.

The uncharacteristic, unpredictable weather reminds us that there are certain things beyond our control. Sometimes staying happy means taking one day at a time, adapting and letting go of old expectations.

BUT...it's also nice to know that other times we do have choices, like exercising some control over our health!

What's a body to do you ask? "Go with your gut!"
Learn more facts on how stress, eating habits, travel and change of lifestyles can make us sick. " BACTERIA - Friend or Foe? "
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Introducing Two New Registered Massage Therapists to the Team:
Liz Arcus and Josee Brisson - Welcome!
Liz Arcus, RMT

Offers a decade of experience in the art of Thai Massage. Liz became interested in massage when she realized how powerful and effective massage was at relaxing and aiding in the recovery process. She studied at Thai Massage Toronto and continued her path by taking mastery and dynamic Thai massage courses in Toronto and in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Liz opened and managed Urban Nirvana; Thai Massage and Yoga Studio in downtown Toronto for 5 years, in which time she also fulfilled the two hundred and fifty hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Sanctuary. Liz had many loyal clients who would come back weekly to monthly for Thai massage as they understood its value as a preventative measure in their physical and emotional wellness journey. 
Learn More about Thai Massage and how it is different from other massage therapies .

Liz recently graduated from an intensive program at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy with a Hospital Specialization. She learned skills and techniques as well as a grasp of physiology, pathophysiology and neuroanatomy. Throughout Liz’s years of massage experience and school clinic, she has treated a wide variety of people and ailments from sports injuries to MS to general stress management.

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Josee Brisson, RMT

Graduated from CCMH (Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy) in 1997. Josee is trained in Swedish massage but incorporates deep tissue as well. She treats clients with sports injuries and offers pregnancy, relaxation and stress relief.

Josee had her own successful home practice and moved to Orangeville in late 2013 with her family. She loves the area and looks forward to meeting and working with the patients and staff at Pursuit Health Orangeville.

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Dr. Cynthia van Hellemond DC

I'm very pleased to be adding this service for our patients and staff. We are already making a difference. I look forward to being able to offer assistance in helping you enjoy a more active, pain-free lifestyle. What are the benefits of Orthotics?

October Q&A - Gut Bacteria... Friend or Foe?

“Bad” or unhealthy bacteria is defined as pathogenic bacteria because unchecked it can cause infection or make us sick. They can be introduced through our diet, improper food preparation, environmental toxins and even the effects of stress can tip the scales, allowing for increased activity and growth of harmful bacteria in our gut. Antibiotics, excess sugar and lack of sleep are some other culprits that can contribute to an imbalance in our body, crowding out the friendly bacteria, and creating an environment that unfriendly bacteria can thrive and multiply.

Beneficial bacteria, our friends known as Probiotics... "are live microorganisms that keep unhealthy bacteria in check and promotes health benefits when consumed often by improving or restoring the gut flora."

According to an increasing number of health professionals, an unhealthy gut may be linked to a number of different medical conditions. It can lead to weight gain/loss, diarrhea, mood swings, foggy brain, inflammation, skin issues, and a host of digestive related disorders. Keeping your gut happy and healthy can help keep the rest of your body happy and healthy!

6 ways to increase your GUT health .
Read more source: (huffingtonpost.au)

NOTE: Not all Probiotics are right for you or for your condition. If you think you could benefit by supplementing with a high quality probiotic speak to your medical professional or book an appointment to meet with Dr. McGuire ND, to discuss the right probiotic for you.

*never make changes to your diet, supplementation or lifestyle without consulting your healthcare practitioner .


ProBio Sap 90, Recovery Sap
and S.Boulardii Sap

are available from our dispensary.
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Happy October Everyone!

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