What Is The Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension?
Veteran's Day is just around the corner, here's how we can help those who have served:
The Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension is a non-taxable monetary benefit paid monthly directly to an eligible veteran and/or their spouse who is in need of the aid of another person to perform functions of daily living. 

Those eligible to receive such payments can use that money to pay for services that come into their home such as homemakers or home health aides in order to assist with such tasks as housework, laundry, food shopping, and personal care tasks such as bathing and dressing. Such payments can also be used to pay for care in an assisted living facility.
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Check out who Ron has presented for this fall (so far):

  • September 15th: Encompass Health, Woburn
  • September 16th: Home Health VNA
  • September 20th: New England Sinai
  • September 22nd: Leahy at Home Health
  • September 23rd: Mystic Valley Elder Services
  • September 29th: Spaulding Cape Cod
  • October 7th: Spaulding Cambridge
  • October 20th: Cape Cod Hospital
  • October 26th: Spaulding Cape Cod

If you are a health care organization or have questions on MassHealth, home care options for seniors or estate planning in general, you can schedule a remote Zoom conference for you and your members. Contact us via our website or call us at (617)-472-6600.
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Senior Moments
The ability to stand up when you're laying on the ground helps maintain safety and independence to deal with something like a fall at home. This is an important skill to maintain throughout life.
The one and only Fred Astaire AT 70 years of age. Hope you are still dancing (even if only in your heart).

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