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Deborah Wilder
CCMI President 

While I spend a majority of the newsletter discussing California prevailing wage requirements, there are times when I need to share new information to some of my clients in other states. 
Here is a new change for all of my Washington clients, agencies and contractors. This is compliments of the Department of Labor and Industries:
Beginning early October, prime contractors and awarding agencies must first select the contract type when starting a project within your Prevailing Wage Intent & Affidavit (PWIA) system or Awarding Agency Portal. The contract type selected will determine the effective date for prevailing wage rates.
Currently, there are three contract types that rely on the Award Date as the effective date: 1) Design-Build, 2) General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM), and Job Order Contract (JOC). All other contracts rely on the Bid Due Date as the effective date, unless the Award Date is more than 6 months from the Bid Due Date. Keep scrolling to learn more about each contract type.
Here is how you can get prepared for this change:
Awarding Agencies: Create the project from the beginning to make sure all of the contract information is correct.
Learn more about how to create your project once it's been awarded here. 
Prime Contractors: Make sure you are aware of the contract type at the time of bid. This will make sure your bid includes the appropriate wage rates.  Look up wage rates here. 

Join CCMI at some of our 2019 Training Opportunities

Wednesday, October 9th, 9am - 4pm. What Every Contractor Should Know About Prevailing Wages Seminar. ABC Norcal, Livermore. 

CCMI will be at the following events:
  • Skilled and Trained Workforce Webinar, presented by LCPtracker and Deborah Wilder, November 12 - 10 a.m. PST. Contact LCPtracker for more information.   
  • Public Works Summit in St. Augustine, Florida - November 13-15  
  • ACWA conference in San Diego, California - December 3-5 
  • AICPA in Nashville, Tennessee - December 5 and 6
Hope to see you at one of these events. Stay tuned for new prevailing wage classes in 2020.

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You asked, we answered!

QUESTION: I heard that California extended the mandatory sexual harassment prevention training. Is it true?
Yes, California mandates one hour of sexual harassment prevention training for all rank and file workers and 2 hours of training for managers and supervisors. This requirement is mandated for all employees every 2 years. The original deadline for this (December 31, 2019) has been extended until January 1, 2021. The extension of time did not change the requirements for newly hired supervisors to receive the training within 6 months and other temporary workers (less than 6 months) to receive the training within 30 days of hire.
Feel free to send your questions to info@ccmilcp.com 

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