"Expressions in COLOR"
See details on new Pet Portrait workshop below!  
Two of the super students at the Sept. workshop!
"Pumpkin" the rescue pup...of course he belongs to the pumpkin farmer!

Grounds, Mediums and Varnishes
May I introduce, left to right, a few of my favorites:

1) To Prepare canvas or paper for acrylic paint use either an  ABSORBENT ground such as Gesso (if it again!) There are now lots of colors of this chalky stuff.

These can be thinned with water.  Allow to dry.

2)  As you are working, coat painting with GLOSS MEDIUM AND VARNISH to preserve a passage, increase luminosity, even out shine, glue on light layers of mixed media and build pintemento.  No limit to the number of times you can repeat this process.

3)  When creating mixed media pieces use SOFT GEL MEDIUM (soft or heavy depending on the weight of what you are adhering.)  SOFT GEL MEDIUM AND WATER can be slowly, carefully brushed over the finished painting to create a seal.  (Let painting cure up to a week before sealing if possible.)

4.  The final coat of an acrylic painting is the UV varnish I use equal parts Satin and Gloss GOLDEN UVLS VARNISH.  Golden suggests using a part of water as well, but I fight streaks when I thin this mixture. Carefully brush on after mixing them together several hours earlier and very gently stirring before brushing on in a thin even coat...going only one direction.  Allow to dry.

Felix Purring in His Pocket Park
Looking into the Atrium of Nemours' Childrens' Hospital
Looking up from the ground floor

What a whirl wind we have had the last couple weeks with the opening reception and tour at Nemours' Childrens' Hospital in Wilmington DE
I can't begin to express the satisfaction I feel seeing my three paintings in a place where they can be "ARTstractions", bringing smiles to the suffering.
Looking to the roof
Prayer Column
Jim with Joker, in his new pocket park!

....and the Pet Portrait Workshop at 8 Chains North
....we had such fun that we want a repeat with a few changes.  
Friday Nov. 7 10-2:00 and Saturday Nov. 8 10am-4:30pm
Lily 16 X 16"  
L.Hendrickson, original acrylic
Bukka 16 X 16"
L.Hendrickson, Original Acrylic

$200 or $225 if you need supplies.  

Email me to reserve your spot...only 10 places available.

Framecraft of Warrenton, VA
Big "O" #3
Framecraft is in the middle of Old Town Warrenton.  I encourage you to bring in items you have been thinking of framing.....Mark is the best about helping you select the perfect frame for your work! 


 Pet Portrait Workshop at 8 Chains North Winery


I am happily painting pet portraits for holiday me soon if you are thinking of a pet portrait gift.
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Thank you for allowing me to paint your pets, teach you to do the same, or share the joy of painting with you in some way!
                                                                               LINDA HENDRICKSON

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