Plumbing of Oklahoma

Monthly Meetings

Oct. 5 Social


Shogun Steak House of Japan


6808 S Memorial Dr # 224, Tulsa, OK 74133

Please RSVP below.

Bring your spouse/guest.

RSVP Social


Shogun Steak House of Japan


10/05/23 6:30pm - 10/05/23 8:00pm America/Chicago
Social Event
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Oct. 18 OKC

Attetion: Due to MEPO attending the HVACR Expo at Cox Bussiness Center On Oct 11., the monthly meeting has been moved to Oct. 18

Charleston's Restaurant


2000 S. Meridian Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Speaker:MEPO Director and President Steve Westerman

Topic: Discussing MEPO concerns and improvements

OKC Meeting




10/18/23 11:30am - 10/18/23 1:00pm America/Chicago
OKC Meeting
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Oct. 12 Tulsa

Tulsa Country Club


701 North Union

Tulsa, OK 74127

Speaker: Service Nation

(Carol Longacre and Chris Michel)

Topic: Sales: How not to sell and let Customers buy

Tulsa Meeting


Tulsa Country Club


10/12/23 11:30am - 10/12/23 1:00pm America/Chicago
Tulsa Meeting
I'll Be There!

We would like to THANK these sponsors for their wonderful support of the MEPO Golf Tournament!

Announcement: We would like to Welcome New Members to the MEPO organization!

TNT Staff Pro

2301 Sheridan Rd, Suite A

Tulsa, OK 74129


Erin Miller 

[email protected]

Hugg & Hall Mobile Storage

5109 W. 21st Street.

Tulsa, OK 74107

(918) 438-7800

Art Kinnaman

Holly Warren

Ryan Kissinger

Electrical News:

Homeowners are delaying renovation repairs, could this effect your electrical repair/renovation company?

A recent survey has revealed that homeowners are postponing renovation projects due to concerns over rising inflation. This trend suggests a cautious approach to discretionary spending on home improvements, as individuals grapple with increased costs across various aspects of daily life. While this may have a short-term impact on the renovation industry, including contractors, suppliers, and related services, it could also affect specialized sectors like electrical companies. Homeowners might opt for essential repairs rather than extensive electrical upgrades, potentially leading to a temporary slowdown in business for such companies. Adapting to these shifting consumer behaviors and finding innovative solutions to address cost concerns will be crucial for electrical companies to navigate this period of economic uncertainty.

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Mechanical News:

How Companies Can Provide Clear Paths to Leadership in the Skilled Trades for younger generations?

To attract and nurture younger talent in the skilled trades, particularly in fields like HVAC, companies must prioritize the establishment of clear paths to leadership. Firstly, comprehensive apprenticeship programs should be developed, offering structured training and mentorship opportunities. These programs should emphasize hands-on experience alongside theoretical knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded skill set. Additionally, companies should invest in continuous learning and development, providing avenues for employees to acquire advanced certifications and specializations. Transparent career progression frameworks should be established, outlining the milestones and competencies required for each level of leadership. Encouraging a culture of mentorship and collaboration will also foster a sense of community and professional growth. Finally, recognition and rewards for exceptional performance should be woven into the company's ethos, motivating younger generations to strive for leadership roles within the organization. By implementing these strategies, companies can inspire and empower the next generation of skilled trades professionals in fields like HVAC.

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Plumbing News:

Tips for Eliminating Risk of Legionella!

(Legionella background and mitigation options for plumbing contractors)

Plumbing contractors play a crucial role in mitigating the risk of Legionella, a bacterium that can cause severe respiratory infections. To ensure safe water systems, it's imperative to follow key tips for Legionella prevention. First and foremost, maintaining water temperature within the range of 120-140°F (49-60°C) in storage tanks and hot water lines is crucial, as Legionella thrives in lukewarm conditions. Regularly flushing stagnant water points, such as unused taps or showerheads, is essential to prevent bacterial buildup. Additionally, installing and properly maintaining water filters, especially in high-risk areas like healthcare facilities or hotels, can provide an extra layer of protection. Implementing a robust water management plan, which includes routine testing for Legionella and promptly addressing any detected issues, is paramount. Furthermore, educating clients about the importance of Legionella prevention and providing guidance on proper system maintenance can greatly enhance safety measures. By adhering to these tips, plumbing contractors contribute significantly to safeguarding public health and ensuring water systems remain free from this harmful bacterium.

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Risk Management:: Fight Fire with Fire … Prevention! Click Here for more information.

Question of the Month:: Off Duty Conduct? Click Here for more information.

It's Your Life::Could Life Insurance Benefit You? Click Here for more information.

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