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Fall Leadership Drive Coming to You
Our goal is to inspire and equip our pastors and leaders to accomplish the goal Jesus as given us to reach as many people for Him as possible. Every Leadership Drive includes practical ideas around one or more of our core values:
  • Leadership Development
  • Multiplication/Evangelism
  • Restorative Justice
  • Soul Care for our Pastors/Leaders
Recorded version will be available on our website after Nov. 3rd
Youth Ministry Event
Thursday, October 15, 2020 at 1 PM – 2 PM EST Online Event
Join the conversation with Steve Spitters (Student Pastor at Central Wesleyan) and Chandler and Allison Stevens (Highschool Ministry Directors at Life Steam)
Changes to Statistics Report This Year
We’ve made some changes to streamline statistics reporting this year, recognizing that many of you are busier than ever focused on the mission and doing ministry in new ways and that weekend attendance numbers are not telling the whole story in this unique season.

Please see the attached letter that was sent to Senior Pastors outlining the streamlined information churches will need to submit in early 2021. 
Happenings Around the GLR
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We'd love to feature your church in our upcoming newsletters.
Blanchard Wesleyan Church has been collecting and donating Bibles and books to Christian Resources for several years, but three years ago this church got a little more enthusiastic about this ministry. They partnered with Mission Cry, Christian Resources International  Read full article here
Every Friday for the month of October, Living Water's Church is hosting Campfire Fridays. The church is intentional about inviting guests and members of the community to gather around a large campfire conveniently located behind the church. S'mores are provided and lives are being transformed!
The Refinery has developed a relationship with an incredible ministry in El Salvador called Sus Hijos (His Children). This ministry is specifically for orphans from Salvadoran orphanages who age out of the system. They help them finish highschool or begin their secondary education. They teach them how to cook, plan, handle finances, hold down a job, and how to follow Jesus well!
Additional Leadership Development Opportunities
When you join the conversation at a local Roundtable Event, you’ll participate in an important conversation in your city AND be connected to something much bigger nationally, and globally. With over 100 roundtable events across the US and over 100 in Europe, we will be in this TOGETHER! Check it out here:

A one day event to advance multiplication and collaboration in your region:
  • Chicago, Illinois on October 22 from 1-5:00pm at Willow Creek
  • Detroit, Michigan on October 12 from 1-6:00pm at Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church
  • Spring Lake, Michigan on November 5 from 9:00am-3:00pm at All Shores Wesleyan Church
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan on November 11 from 1-6:00pm at Harbor Churches

Starting October 20, Post-Crisis Leadership (PCL) is a series of seven online, live-streamed sessions designed to help pastors take a fresh look at how to lead ourselves and others through unwanted change. PCL will be taught by Brian Zehr of Intentional Impact.
Multi-Ethnic Resource Kit Now Available
If you are wondering how to increase your church’s or church planting network’s cultural awareness and are intrigued by the idea of leading diverse teams, please connect to this FREE Multi-Ethnic Resource Kit. 
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