October Museletter
The Power of No
A Yes Awaits

YES or NO? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you in a bad relationship of any kind (at work, interpersonally, romantically), or are you in a mode of "obligation"? Are you having trouble remembering why you are involved with something that is draining you?

When I find myself in these predicaments, I now ask myself where and how I could say "NO", even if I have said YES before...we know that in the art of Improvisation, the joy and fun is all in the YES "going with the flow". However, saying NO is an art that can bring us joy and relief as we discover our needs, open ourselves to the importance of our health, and begin to explore important boundaries that will lead us into happier, more fulfilling lives.

YES, but...what if saying NO ( fill in the blank, for example, ends my relationship to this or that)?

A well-positioned NO can save you pain, time, guilt, stress and even your health. What no longer serves you? What is draining you of your ability to say YES to yourself (your nature, gifts, and talents?...why is saying NO so scary sometimes?

But, NO...

When a child or someone in our lives gives us a "NO", we can feel infuriated or find it mildly comical. Why give an option to someone if NO is not acceptable as an answer? When giving choices and empowering others, when asking for something, we must recognize our right and the other person's right to say NO, even if we impulsively say or want to hear YES.

How can you find the balance of YES or NO in your own life? How can you assert your needs without being aggressive (demanding that your need be met a certain way, at a certain time, by a certain person)?

YES, as adults we have responsibilities and sometimes, as we have heard our parents, bosses, or others say, we must do the thing we must do even if we do not really feel like doing it...particularly if we cannot accept the consequence of saying NO, or if the choice is limiting. This, however, certainly doesn't apply to ALL things at all times, especially as we can clearly discern what saying YES and saying NO means for us in our lives in any given situation.

How can you say NO kindly? When we are clear and conscious of our NO we can also more mindfully serve it out, without harming the relationships we wish to keep. Let the integrity of your NO speak for itself.

As we keep hearing, especially in Autumn, sometimes we must let the trees teach us how to let go . This may not mean NO more, but it may be that it becomes the YES to accepting change, shifting patterns in our lives, and saying YES to being alive, beautifully transforming with every brand new moon and brand new sun.

Some people are abundant in their healthy NOs, whereas others struggle with this. How can saying NO ultimately add to your YES to living expressively and in truth of who you are and how you choose to live.

Yours in Discernment,

Studio Events in October-

Click on the links for each event for full description and details:

Early Bird $45, After Oct. 4th $55
Registration is Required. 20% off for Shift Year-Long Members.
Learn practical, yoga-based tools that will help you:
– Manage episodes and break cycles of anxiety and depression
– Establish preventative practices that strengthen emotional and neuropsychological resiliency
-Develop a relationship of safety, care-taking, and radical kindness toward yourself.

Saturday, 10/12 , 1:30-3:00

Simple Practices for Self-Healing and Self love:

We Are Everything and Everything Is Us. You are invited to join me for a free, fun, interactive presentation and mini workshop to connect with the beautiful frequency of life through Vibrational Healing, Sacred Sound, and Energy! Come explore Vibrational Healing: Full information about the series and registration on the website. Attendees of one of the free presentations will receive 15% off the 7-module series tuition. See website page for all details
and other information.

Shift Y ear-Long Members 20% off, Drop-Ins are $35 and 3 Session Packages Available. As an option, 3 class cards may be used per class.

$10-$20 Energetic Exchange (Registration Required). You may pay online or in person, once registered. Register: wendy@mothernaturesun.com or www.TheShiftStudio.com/register You will be led through specific processes such as Ananda Mandala (breath work through the chakras) or Chakra Dhyana (chanting through the chakras) to prepare you to be a stronger channel to receive the Blessing. A Sound Immersion will also be part of this divine experience. PLEASE bring mat and a blanket to make your experience more comfortable. Extras will be available, but are limited!

RSVP appreciated, but drop-ins are welcome. By Donation.

please pre-register to reserve your spot! $20, Shift Year-Long Members receive 20% off.
Class Updates:

Kundalini Yoga on Sundays will now be at 5pm EVERY Sunday (formerly the first three Sundays at 4pm).

Marian Soss has let go of the Friday morning Yin Yoga...what would you like to see on Fridays at 8:30? Contact Heather!
New Class Alert!

Marian Soss leads Gentle Yoga for Back Care, every Wednesday 11:15am-12:15pm!
Space is limited and advanced registration is required.
Full Series: $65
Partial Series: $15 per class (register in advance)
$10 OFF the Full Series for those who attended the Sept 25 th  workshop

Yoga for Arthritis & Osteoperosis
with Jenne Sluder, MA, C-IAYT

Wednesdays Oct. 23rd-Nov. 20th

Yoga is among the most effective exercises for improving bone and joint health.

This 5-week series is suitable for total beginners and advanced yogis. You will learn:
·    exercises for building bone density, stabilizing and lubricating joints,
and reducing pain and inflammation
·    how to reduce wear-and-tear on your spine, bones, and joints
·    how to modify movements in yoga, fitness routines, and in daily life to prevent fractures and inflammation
·    techniques to improve balance and to reduce the risk of falls.
You still have time to register for
Yin Chakra Workshop Series: The Lower Chakras

Yin: Lower Chakras +Yoga Nidra October 16. 23. 30
Root, Sacral and Solar

Mark your calendars!
Yin: Upper Chakras + Yoga Nidra Dec 4,11,18
Teacher Spotlight:
Christie Alexander, RYT 200

Christie is a dedicated student of life, Yoga instructor, mother, wife, and entrepreneur (among being simply amazing in many other ways!)...Y oga is a way of life for Christie and she carries it with her on and off the mat. It has been through her own transformative process in yoga, that she became a firm believer in the power of bringing body, mind and spirit together. As a teacher, she brings this transformative message to each class where she helps students learn how to connect with their bodies and gives them tools that they can use to cultivate a more centered, serene and balanced life.

Her classes are heart felt, encouraging and informative.

She takes her level of instruction seriously, being mindful and discerning with her language, her adjustments, and her connection to each student.

Christie came to us from another local studio after having moved here from Charlotte, NC with her family. Christie is studied and continuing to learn about Yoga history, its Hindu aesthetics, and the traditions of our practice. She was told to write a book! We will absolutely support that, Christie!

Christie discovered Yoga on her path to discovering herself, improving her overall well-being, focus, her ability to slow down, her self-worth and addressing patterns in her life so she could choose how she wanted to live outside of the stuff that no longer served her. Christie believes in the inner-cise of Yoga as a tool for opening herself to truth in union, manifesting her best self and sharing this practice with those who are curious.

She loves The Shift because she feels that the tradition of Yoga as mindfulness is honored here, welcoming those who enter to be themselves without competition or feeling like they may not fit "the mold" of what may be perceived as "fitness Yoga"...so often she found herself in spaces that didn't feel as welcoming of all ages, body types, levels, and styles.

Christie is furthering her Yoga education at the Asheville Yoga Center with Advanced Studies Curriculum. She offers two weekly classes here at The Shift, Tuesdays Slow Flow & Mindful Movement at 11:15am and Fridays for Mythic Yin at 4:00pm.

Christie is learning the Harmonium and we so look forward to her sharing the sounds of this beautiful instrument through her own harmonious aura.

Christie completed the Aerial Yoga Immersion for 20 CEs, and will look forward to joining us in the silks!

Christie is also the owner of "Olive and Pearls", a dog collar company. Check her out on ETSY!!
Aerial Yoga at The Shift
Who? What? When?

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. You've asked and we've trained...

Who : We have trained 8 different individuals, all Yoga instructors and most local! We were very pleased to practice with Anne Laing of One Love Yoga in Kent, Ohio. Thank you to our visiting student instructor, Caroline Fitzgerald of Nashville, TN! A special thanks to local Yogini, Lori Harris, for taking pictures on our second day of training!!

The following local instructors completed the training and plan to offer a class at The Shift: Bitsy Merriman, Christie Alexander, Polly Wing, Hari Mander Singh Khalsa and Loretta Zedella! Debby Henning & Cyndy Kirkland may also serve as substitutes for our regular instructors.

What: Aerial Yoga is NOT Acro-Yoga or cirus-style silk climbing! Aerial Yoga is an accentuated Yoga routine that can be used for many different reasons, including spinal decompression and deep relaxation!

 Aerial yoga improves flexibility; it helps you to move more freely, with less effort, by counteracting gravity. Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice. Suspended yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility.

When: Our goal is to serve our students with a regular class time and date beginning in January. Beforehand, we would like to offer "Open Air" where students and instructors can come together to get all the feels and achieve comfort, remove fear or misconceptions, and simply experience the silks!

So, we want to hear from you! If you are interested in Aerial Yoga, contact Heather with your interest, questions and your "When" and we will see what we can do to compile a list of suggested times and styles...so far we have agreed we will offer Beginner Aerial , Restorative Aerial, Aerial with Gong, and perhaps a more active and advanced style as we go along!

This is also an option for private parties/individual sessions.

Our studio space is available to rent for other bookings as well.

FLAT ROCK, N.C. – Dance, Move and Donate for the Hendersonville Community Music Center on Friday, October 4th 6:30-8:00pm at Sanctuary in the Pines in Flat Rock.

Donations will be made in memory of Robin Tolleson, former director of the Hendersonville Community Music Center.
Nia is a fun, creative, mindful movement technique – a fusion of dance, martial arts and healing movement such as yoga. Nia is beneficial for everyone – all ages and ability levels are welcome.

No previous Nia experience is required.

The Hendersonville Community Music Center, with its Mobile Music Lab, shares the joy of music-making by bringing teachers and instruments to children who might not otherwise have access to classes.
For more information contact 828-290-2344, www.NiaNow.com or hvlmusic.com.

Sanctuary in the Pines is located at 34 Lake Cove Rd, Flat Rock.

Suggested donation $20.

Acupuncture & Guided Meditation with Crystal Bowl Sound Healing at The Shift Studio
$15 Energetic Exchange
Monthly Offerings through January are scheduled

Next up:
Tuesday, November 19th
12:30 - 12:45 Arrival
Guided Meditation 1:00 - 2:00pm
Facilitated by Mary Houge and Karen Benson

Registration Required. Drop Ins will be served if space allows. These events fill up fast! Our spacious studio allows for approximately 30 individuals in "Corpse Pose". Chairs are also available. Save yourself time and stress-pay in advance to register your spot!

Karen Benson, Certified Health Coach and Mary Houge, Licensed Acupuncturist, have teamed up to provide a wonderfully synergistic combination of acupuncture and guided meditation for well-being in a group setting. Mary will insert micro acupuncture needles in your ears (you may opt for ear seeds instead). Then while the acupuncture transcends you into deep relaxation, opening you to possibilities, Karen will lead you through a beautiful guided imagery for balancing your chakras as Mary enhances your journey with sound healing using crystal bowls with the frequency of each chakra. You will be able to continue balancing your chakras at home using a healing touch method that Karen incorporates into the meditation.
Come to Acu-Na's Women's Jamaica Healing Waters Retreat with Mary Houge-offered multiple times throughout the year. www.acu-naevents.com

Our retreats are for those whom wish to reconnect with Mother Nature, receive her healing energy, have fun, laugh and have an unforgettable experience. Our retreats are an invitation for you to take time out of your life to reconnect, rejuvenate and unwind with like-minded women. Today we live in a time of growing isolation, having lost our connection to nature, to communities where we live and to our hearts as our guiding principle through life. We will provide many opportunities for you to open to the transformation and wisdom of your heart revealing your souls purpose. Adventures, stories, drumming, laughter, song, ceremony and connection are shared and embraced. As we reconnect with our divine light, our personal gifts are revealed and our authentic life begins to unfold.


“Your NO is just as important as your YES"
-Rebecca C. (Friend)
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