Industry Update ~  Issue 43 ~  October 2019
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Australian Mushrooms marketing program

A full outline of the marketing program is included in the most recent edition of the Australian Mushrooms Journal. The report includes:
  • An outline of the current marketing program with its focus on Television; Out of Home - Street and transit (bus) / retail; Audio - Radio / Spotify and Podcasts; and Digital channels.
  • Public relations and social media activities.
  • A recap of activities undertaken over the past 12 months.
  • Coverage of projects designed to deliver the mushroom message to children, teachers and parents and health professionals.
A further update is being prepared for the next edition of the Journal and additional information will be provided through this newsletter as it become available.
AMGA Masterclass - a learning experience

Mushroom industry participants have strongly supported the recent AMGA Masterclasses, with over 80 participants attending the four events held during October. The Masterclass events covering the topic Bridging the Compost and Growing Divide and featured industry experts, Judy Allan, Mike Hill and Dr Geoff Martin. An overview of the events and selected extracts from the presentations will appear in the next edition of the Australian Mushrooms Journal.

AMGA selects new Chair

Kevin Tolson of Regal Mushrooms has been elected AMGA Chair at the recent Annual General Meeting, replacing outgoing Chair Tim Adlington, who remains on the AMGA Board as an Executive Director. Mick Surridge of Scato Plus was elected as Deputy Chair, while Geoff Martin of Dr Mush Consulting remains as the Association Treasurer. The full makeup of the AMGA Board can be viewed at the following LINK.

Hort Innovation AGM - 22 November 2019

The Hort Innovation 2019 Annual General Meeting of Members will be held on Friday, 22 November 2019 from 12.00 pm (AEDT) at Pullman Sydney Airport, 191 O'Riordan Street, Mascot NSW. Registration will commence from 9:30 am, with a pre-AGM Hort Innovation Showcase event being held from 10 am.

The AGM will also be webcast live at .

For any questions regarding the AGM event, please contact Hort Innovation Company Secretary, Matt Waring, at or 02 8295 2334.

Mushroom Fund Annual Report now available

Want to know how your levy was invested in 2018/19? Download a copy of your Hort Innovation Mushroom Fund Annual report today!

Each industry-specific report includes key investment and project information from the year  and is available to download from .
A copy of the Hort Innovation 2018/19 Company Annual Report, detailing activities and highlights across our entire portfolio of work, is also available.

Hort production expected to reach $30B by 2030

The Australian horticulture sector could climb to up to $30 billion over the next decade, according to a recent submission to the Federal Government Inquiry into growing Australian agriculture to $100 billion by 2030. The Hort Innovation submission stated the figure could only be reached through targeted research and development investment, and regulatory support.

Horticulture is already the fastest-growing agricultural sector in Australia - with a 40 per cent hike in value over the past five years to $13.2 billion - and production is expected to continue to climb. Further information is available HERE. The full submission can also be viewed HERE.

A snapshot of mushroom news

Mushrooms in the News is a quick snapshot of news relevant to mushrooms. It could be a great recipe, a healthy reference, some research findings or some mushroom industry coverage. When we find it we will post it to the site and include it in the Monthly Update. If you have any comments or find anything that has been missed, please email and let us know.

Australian mushroom growers: the crop that's taking off To grow mushrooms successfully, and profitably requires hard work and innovation, something that is second nature to the Tolson family who now operates what is thought to be Australia's largest privately owned mushroom business, turning out more than 14 million kg a year. This article, written for the NSW Farmers Association, covers the development of the business, from the early days producing mushrooms in open fields, through to the present day, where millions are being invested in technology to boost the business and keep up with the growing demand for mushrooms.

My Top 10 Quick & Easy Veggie Recipes When one of Australia's top food influencers, with over 300,000 Instagram followers covers mushrooms in a list of quick and easy recipes, you know that the news will get out to consumers. This post by Leah Istines includes a recipe for Mushroom Sausage Rolls that she says are easy to make and packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals.

How long do mushrooms last? For many of us, how to store mushrooms is second nature, but for others, a gentle reminder is needed. This article, on the Better Homes and Gardens website, offers some practical advice for everyone to get the most out of an excellent meal ingredient.

5 healthy and delicious ways to cook with mushrooms Given that mushrooms are so deliciously healthy, it is always pleasing to see health professionals including them in the healthy eating discussion. This article, written by Nutritionist, Zoe Bingley-Pullin suggests that ..."adding mushrooms to your diet can be incredibly beneficial for health and can also help to increase the diversity of your diet." To further encourage readers, she includes her top five healthy and delicious ways to use mushrooms.

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