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Eileen's Lessons - October 2015

Many years ago, I entered my dining room to discover a "piece of art" adorning the walls.  The piece consisted of squiggly lines of different crayon colors scribbled across the walls forming a unique modern piece, known as "destroyed new paint job".
  Yes, one of my children (or my husband) had decided to write all over the freshly painted dining room walls. Given that one wasn't yet able to even crawl, and I doubted that my husband dabbled in crayoned art work, odds were it was the older child. When our daughter was confronted, she immediately denied the Crayola stream stating that it was a preschool friend who had composed the masterpiece. Yes, a preschool friend who had never visited our home.  That made perfect sense.
  Of course, in this instance, it was quite obvious that we had a disciplinary issue. However, many issues in the workplace are not that obvious and require further investigation.

Maryland Law Protects Interns

Maryland has now provided interns many of the same job protection rights as employees. Interns serve a variety of purposes. For more information, read the full article online at the HR Team!

DC Transit Law

Effective January 1, 2016, The District of Columbia will require employers with 20 or more employees to provide access to pre-tax transit benefits.
Are you a Federal government contractor?

Did you know that the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has an  elaws®  advisor?  The advisor allows you to walk through a brief question and answer session to determine if you are a contractor and if so, what laws might apply.  

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