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Autumn meant "back to school" when we were kids, and now that we're adults it usually means that work and social scenes get more intense. Hopefully, this brings excitement as personal and professional calendars fill. However, all this activity can sometimes leave us feeling a little drained, even if things are going well. Here are some tips to manage all the excitement!

  • Read on to see a new article I published for U.S. News and World Report, where I provide tips on how to manage stress from positive excitement.
  • If your goals include finding a life partner, check out the link below to my recent TV appearance on my 10 Commandments of Dating.
  • Finally, if you know anyone whose goal is to start or build their own practice in the area of mental health, wellness, or coaching then please let me know by clicking here. I am developing a program to help others build their dream practice since I'm enjoying mine so much.
Thank you for reading, and I'm excited to connect with you!
Eustress: The Stress You actually Need
Dr. Chloe published in US News article where she discusses a kind of stress that can be a positive and even an indicator of a healthy and productive lifestyle. Click the link below to read her article, Eustress: The Stress You Actually Need

Also check out her previous US News articles where you can learn how to use an emotion as a bouy rather than a sandbag.  
Read Dr. Chloe's recent article on U.S. News to determine which kind of stress you actually need.
Read Dr. Chloe's previous U.S. News article how to boost productivity by recognizing emotions.
10 Commandments of Dating on FOX5

If you haven't yet had that "hooray moment" of finding your life partner using your current techniques, 
maybe you need to try something different. 
Dr. Chloe developed 10 Commandments of Dating that will help you find your match! This commandment is a guideline that will help you approach dating in a steady, measured way that lets you get to know people before getting too vulnerable.  

How To Deal with Anxiety in Crowds and Concerts
" Feeling unsafe at a big gathering used to be more of an irrational fear."
-Chloe Carmichael, PhD

The deadly shootings in Las Vegas have left many of us feeling uneasy about being at large gatherings.
To understand why this anxiety is natural and how to dial back the panic, read Dr. Chloe's quote feature in  Click Here.
IVY Workshop: Learn How to Build your Confidence with Expect Clinical Psychologist 

Join the IVY Workshop to learn How to Build Your Confidence. Dr. Chloe will help us overcome shyness, avoid feeling awkward, and teach us how to assert ourselves in challenging social situations.

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Carmichael Psychology's first Postdoctoral Fellow! 
Dr. Alice Borodiansky, PsyD
Welcoming  Dr. Alice Borodiansky
We are SUPER excited to have our very first postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Alice Borodiansky, PsyD.  Dr. Alice is a recent graduate from La Salle University's Clinical Psychology doctoral program. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from New York University and her master's and doctoral degrees from La Salle University. Alice integrates cognitive behavioral strategies with a mindful and compassionate interpersonal style. She specializes in goal-directed treatment for anxiety and depression in addition to a skills-based approach for emotion regulation, problem-solving, and stress management. Alice practices mindfulness both personally and professionally and has successfully defended her doctoral dissertation on the measurement of mindfulness in individuals. She strongly values and integrates principles of awareness, acceptance, compassion, kindness, and non-judgment into her work and can help clients incorporate these - and other values - into their own lives. Combining thoughtful questions, skills, and warmth, Alice aims to help clients lead a life worth living, however they choose to define it. 
Dr. Alice is honored to work under Dr. Chloe Carmichael as a postdoctoral fellow, and the feeling is mutual--- we are thrilled to have her!
To book an appointment with Dr. Alice, call our receptionists at (212)729-3922 or email, or  click here to book online.
We're here... literally.  Just pick up the phone and call anytime!
Did you know that Carmichael Psychology has receptionists available 7 days a week? Jessie, Irene, and Rachel are available to help answer any questions about scheduling, billing and insurance.  Call anytime Monday-Friday 7am-8:30pm, and Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm! Call us at (212)729-3922.  Prefer email?  No problem! always gives a prompt response.
Carmichael Psychology is Now Offering Two New Therapy Groups!
Group therapy is a unique opportunity to learn skills, gain insight and build relationships by meeting other like-minded people. Starting in September, Carmichael Psychology will be offering a weekly group for singles & unmarried relationships, and a weekly group for CBT anxiety management. Think you might be interested? Give us a call at (212) 729-3922 to find out more, or email!
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