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New Gifts of the Month
Activity is really picking up at NGAF. With year end approaching and the recent rate increase, this is a great time to make contact with your CGA prospects. Here are a few CGA gifts we recently completed:

  • $250,000 for a European museum
  • $20,000 for aTexas university
  • $250,000 for a California school
  • $100,000 for an Illinois children's hospital
  • $2.4 mil in real estate for a donor's DAF
NGAF can accept gifts funded with:
  • Cash/Check
  • Publicly traded stocks and bonds
  • Mutual Funds

On a case-by-case basis:
  • Real Estate
  • S-Corp Stock
  • C-Corp Stock
  • LLCs/LP Interests
  • Collectibles and other unusual non-cash items
Please note that starting with the Third Quarter reports, we are moving to an on-line platform. Please contact Alexandra Sedor to make sure your organization's information is up to date. or (888) 811-6423 opt. 1.
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Quick Facts about NGAF
  • We are registered to issue CGAs to benefit your non-profit in all states except Hawaii.
  • NGAF does not require a contract with beneficiary charities.
  • Our minimum is $20,000 per CGA contract.
  • Our annual all-in fees are 1% admin and compliance and 1% investment management
  • Entire remainder is granted to designated charity.

We are here to help you
´╗┐with your next gift annuity!
Call Mike Carey at 888-811-6423 opt. 2
Bryan's Corner
The evolution of our Charitable Gift Annuity program has been an interesting journey. I started Charitable Solutions, LLC and Dechomai Foundation in 2003. As the foundation grew, we had situations where a gift annuity was needed. NGAF was first launched in 2006, but remained small and mostly in-house. As outside inquiries grew, we decided it was time to ramp up the CGA program to better serve the needs of our non-profit clients. Since then, we have grown by 50% a year to over $30 million in gift annuity assets. We designed the program to help any non-profit, large or small. We have the right staff in place with over 80 years of gift annuity-specific experience. We do the work and assume the risk on your behalf, and the entire residuum is sent to your charity. If you want to stop declining gift annuities, contact Mike at 888-811-6423(NGAF).

AFR Rates
The applicable federal 7520 rates used in gift annuity calculations are as follows:

August - 3.4%

September - 3.4%

October - 3.4%
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