Word from Steve
We are still looking for a community center. Please pray for leading.

The Thrive conference was outstanding. 
Jim Wilder and Ed Khouri spoke.
Wished you all could have made it.

Pray for the gates of our city to open up to the move of God.
He will answer your prayers.

Dance upon the storms. 

We are looking for friends to support us. 
Businesses and individuals, who would like to give financially either on a monthly basis, or through a one time donation.

Charitable  Contributions = Tax Deduction + Logo Advertisement
We would like to put your  logo on our website as a  sponsor 
of KCHC to honor you for one-time &/or monthly gifts!
For individuals we'd like to put your name up, if you allow.
donate word hand written on school blackboard
If you are open to us honoring your contribution in this way please email megan@kansascityhealing.com, and let her know that is okay.
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For Potluck Questions Call Steve @ 816-509-2890
We need veggie fixings for burgers, pop, sides, salad & deserts.

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Free Ongoing Classes

Titles of Classes Are Registration Links Once Registration Is Open.

Grief and Loss - Sundays
Teacher: Virgina Mange
Day/Time: Sunday's @  4pm-6pm
Dates: Sept 27th - Nov 15th (8 wks)  
Cost: $50.00
Attendees book: $25
Class Fee: $25
Contact: Virginia Mange
Phone: 301-448-9713
Address: 5105 Longview Road, Kansas City, MO 64137

Grief and Loss (For Young Adults)
Teacher: Chris Ledin
Day/Time: 4pm-6pm 
Age Group: 20s - 30s
Dates: Sept. 27th - Nov 15th (8 wks)
Cost: $50.00
Attendee's book: $25
Class Fee: $25
Contact: Chris Ledin 
Phone: 816-377-1794
Address: 11815 Drury Ave.,  Grandview, MO 64137

Titles of Classes Are Registration Links Once Registration Is Open.

Teacher: Tom Paterik
Prerequisite: Must Be Actively Working With DID Clients.
Day 1: Fri., Nov. 6 - 7pm-9pm
Day 2: Sat., Nov. 7 - 9am-5pm
Cost: $30.00
Contact: Tom Paterik
Focus: Satanic Ritual Abuse & Touching On DID
Class Size Limit: 14
Location: TBD

Tom Paterik & Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community
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donate word hand written on school blackboard