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October News & Updates
Lake Charles Safety Message
Site Specific Training:
Return to Annual Recertification
If you have questions, contact your LCCC Contracts Manager or the Safety Department
Defensive Driving
We understand traffic violations happen from time to time. To enroll in our upcoming Defensive Driving Course, email info@scswla.org or call (337) 436-3354.

Date: Saturday, November 6, 2021
Time: 7:45 AM
Location: Lake Charles Facility
Don't miss out on your company's membership discounts for courses in 2022. Members of the Safety Council receive valuable benefits and are invited to special events.
Do your employees need Defensive Driving to satisfy a mandated requirement? Do you want to ensure your employees get the latest information and quality instruction? Contact us about keeping your employees safe.
Your actions during the onboarding process help to set the company’s expectations for new hires. Let us help you create custom onboarding courses designed specifically for your company and employees. Contact us to find out how you can improve your hiring experience today!
ARSC Line of Fire
Line of Fire hazards make up two of OSHA's "Fatal Four" leading causes of fatalities in the workplace. Line of fire injuries occur when the path of a moving object, or the release of hazardous energy, intersects with an individual’s body. Training employees how to identify potential hazards and mitigate risk in the field is a proven defense to keep everyone safe.
Now offering OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 virtually and at our locations.

To register or for questions, please email info@scswla.org or call (337)436-3354 ext.1502
Your Career. Our Priority
The Sulphur Facility now offers PSI Testing. Looking for a test? Search everything test-related from dates to locations, fees, and handbooks by clicking here.
Additional Training Resources Now Offered
360 training is a leader in regulatory approved online training and certification across a wide range of industries and professions in the United States.
Click here to search for a course.
Heat Illness Prevention Campaign - Videos and Graphics | ...

Heat illness signs and symptoms. Watch for signs of heat illness and act quickly. When in doubt, call 911. If worker experiences: headache or nausea; weakness or dizziness; heavy sweating or hot, dry skin; elevated body temperature; thirst, or...

Read more
Do you want to register for training through our online database? Become a member today to have access to our LINK portal and enroll in courses from your desktop.

Please email info@scswla.org for more information or to obtain virtual training on how to register your trainees.
Our distance learning platform will bring training to your desktop. 
Companies can register for Distance Learning through our new LINK app. Click on the button below to be directed to the LINK registration site.
No Desktop? No Problem!
Our online database is available on all smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Register, pay, and take Distance Learning courses from any device, any where.
PreQualification Made
We have upgraded and improved the PreQualification form, "Industry PQF"

Benefits for Contractors:
  • Faster, easier, cheaper
  • Experts walk you through filling in the information
  • Network marketplace highlights craft skills

This product supports small and medium contractors and vendors. We cater to specific needs by reducing administration.

Other Features:
  • Local personalized service
  • Easy navigation
  • Email notification when data is about to expire
  • Local personalized service

Schedule a demo, and we'll do the rest!

For more information please contact Holly Hassell at holly.hassell@scswla.org
Is badging costing you time and money? Don't buy expensive badging machines, let us take care of your custom company photo badges.

  • Ensure your work environment is professional, safe and secure
  • No minimum requirement
  • You design the look!
GateCheck Site Security & Access Control
Is there stress and confusion at your security checkpoints?

Gatecheck will ease your burden and speed up the line.

For more information or to get started with GateCheck, please contact us for more details.
Room Rentals
We offer convenient and affordable meeting spaces that can be reserved for the hour, day, or week.

Our meeting rooms are equipped with high-speed internet and state-of-the-art presentation equipment. Call us at 337-436-3354 or Email to find out more on how to book your space today.
What the Updated Z359.11 Standard Means for Full Body Harnesses
The recently updated ANSI/ASSP Z359.11-2021 standard establishes requirements for the performance, design, marking, qualification, instruction, training, test methods, inspection use, maintenance and removal from service of full body harnesses. Click here for article.
U.S Department of Labor Announces Enhanced, Expanded Measures to Protect Workers from Hazards of Extreme Heat, Indoors and Out
To combat the hazards associated with extreme heat exposure – both indoors and outdoors – the White House announced enhanced and expanded efforts the U.S. Department of Labor is taking to address heat-related illnesses.
Click here for article.
To improve safety, focus more on "average" workers
To get the most return on your safety efforts, increase your company’s focus on the “average” workers who make up the majority of the workforce.
Click here for article