Too Hot to Handle......we think not! 

In the world of all things pumping, many frustrated pump rental companies and service and equipment providers have to walk away from certain jobs because they just don't have the technology to do it right.  One of the most common sources of these lost opportunities results from not having an answer when customers need to pump hot liquids.
Any savvy business person knows that effectively solving a problem like the one described can open up new customer bases and revenue streams.  So, who has the cool answer to this hot question?  

Pump Spotlight - S4CHL
With its scary high, shut off head at 320 feet and frightening high capacity up to 1350 GPM, this is the ideal pump for cargo offloading and tank stripping.  This powerful pump fits into small openings, lightweight and easy to handle. 
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It is that time of year again.  We have some tips for storing your hydraulic submersible pump and hydraulic power unit so when it is needed you'll be ready to go.  


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