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October 2020 | Issue 14
Let me win, but if I cannot win,
Let me be brave in the attempt.
From the Editor...
Welcome to the October issue. We are now a month in to the Virtual Fall program, and have had lots of athletes all over the Area participating in workouts with their teams or with other Area athletes on Zoom or in other ways.

We will feature several of these programs in this Issue.
The most important choice you can make before early November...

Special Olympians (and their coaches, volunteers, and mentors) make up a ginormous Voting Block. YOU can help make the choice about how our country is run - it's your right and your responsibility to take part. Make your wishes and wants known to the government by exercising your vote on or before Election Day (November 3rd). You can vote by mail, by drop-box, or in person, but please DO vote!!

Take a picture when you do and submit it to us and we will include it in a special I voted photo edition.
Virtual Activities Update...
Hi Athletes and Parents,

The virtual program is moving along into Fall! We are continuing all of the offerings we started last month, and are adding some new activities as well.

Between fitness and other activities, there are plenty of fun ways to stay busy and healthy. Here are some highlights...
New Activities for October

BOOM - BASH boxing is returning to Area 26! The virtual program will begin this month - watch the website for times and dates!!

For a more relaxed gathering - Area 26 now has an online Crafting Collaboration for those who want some virtual company. This month they are making Pumpkins. More information is at the button
Fitness Combine Continues

All of you who are active in the Combine, remember to keep up the workouts and submit your scores!!
"Keep moving athletes!!...."
Pre-recorded classes continue...
If your schedule makes it hard to meet our live virtual events and practices, check out what we have to offer for exercises you can fit into your busy schedule!
Also remember the Bootcamp, Zumba and Yoga programs are in full swing - make sure to tune in for your weekly practices! 
Fit-5 Fitness Pals Monthly Update...
Tom, Chris and Kyler have been joined by two more courageous workout buffs, David Kellet-Forsythe and Max Hersberger. Together they now make the Fit5-Five!!

Masked, or unmasked and socially distanced, these Fitness heros are leading the way with new ideas on how to stay in shape...look for a video later this month!
Chris, Tom, David, Max and Kyler too cool and ready to work at the Jr. NBA Virtual Challenge
Try and get past us...
Preparing their first custom athlete led workout video
The Five have just finished their first Area Workout Video. You can join in at our YouTube Site by clicking the button.
The video will also be available starting October 21st on the State Special Olympics Facebook page. To join the Facebook Group simply search Special Olympics Virginia Virtual Fitness and “Like” the page to begin viewing the videos.
Staying Active is the key for now!!
While staying physically active and fit is definitely a focus, we all need to keep busy doing things that matter and things that are just FUN. Here are some pictures of our Area members and how they are using the time...
Olivia Baker with her friend Kona
out for a walk
Warhawk Coach Alina working a Zoom volleyball session with Coach Barry, Kyler Reese and Max Hersberger following along
Kia Hill on a Chik-fill-A break
Eve Lotterer with Steve enjoying pizza
Andrew Hazel holding down the floor
Jay Choi playing away the hours
Bruce McGiboney ran the
Arkansas Virtual 5K
This is Kerry O'Brien (COMBINE athlete) completing a walk for her virtual “Race Across California” event. 200 miles in 100 days!
GMU Green Machine practice w/Coach Jeff Eskridge.

Jeyoon Cho, Jeffrey Eskridge, Patrick Farrell, Zach Fowler, Patrick Kelly, Noah Miller, Tyler O’Hara, Kyler Reese, Travis Smith .... and one-lady cheer squad Viv Alonso
Eagles together with Patrick DeLapp for a workout session
Kia again - this time out for a walk!
Allie Robbins picking apples, and...
...Sam Selnick picking guitar!
Sean Minnick outdistancing his dad on a "walk"...
Increasing his lead...
...Now he just has to wait for dad to catch up!
Kyle "I live to drive" Holdener away from his cars, to boogie board at the beach!
Steven James can't wait to sink a three...
Gabe Ely Recycling Glass
Jeyoon Cho, Josh Foster and Kyler Social distancing hanging out
Ben Fowler making Argentinian Chimichurri sauce for flank steak Gaucho style😃✅
We love to have your inputs - so keep busy and...
Stay Healthy, Stay Active!!
Sport of the Month: The Jr. NBA Special Olympics Challenge
Twice now, the NBA in partnership with Special Olympics has run Global workouts for those passionate about the sport of basketball. The second session happened last week, with a number of Area athletes joining with others from many countries.

The workouts themselves were actually run from England!!

Athletes from all over Europe, the Middle East and North America got together on Zoom to complete workouts three days in a row, coached by NBA and WNBA greats.

Coaches included:

  • The 2019 MTN DEW 3-Point Contest winner and NBA player Joe Harris (Brooklyn Nets)
  • WNBA player Jordin Canada (Seattle Storm)
  • Former NBA player Igor Rakocevic (Minnesota Timberwolves, Serbia) 
  • Former NBA player Tiago Splitter (San Antonio Spurs, Brazil)
  • Former WNBA player Ticha Penicheiro (Sacramento Monarchs, Portugal) 
Fit 5 Five

Our Fit Five group joined in (some days separately, but on Saturday together) and did the drills with social distance...
Who else joined in?

If you participated, send us your pictures to show next month. If you missed this one, watch your email for other special events during the Fall virtual season...
Be on the lookout for notes from the Area with more exciting pop-up opportunities such as this to stay involved!!
Revealing the Champion in all of us...
Athletes Corner

Billy is taking a break this month so I can introduce you to Jeff Cogswell, our new Athlete Representative on the Area Council.

Jeff has been involved in Special Olympics Area 26 for more than a decade. He will play (and has played) almost any sport, but is especially known for Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball and Fishing (he has won interstate tournaments as an angler!!).

If you have been reading the newsletter for long, you will have seen Jeff everywhere and always active.
He is also an outspoken advocate of inclusion, and will bring a fresh perspective to the Council.

Billy will still be involved, taking on special projects and other activities needed to support the Area and Special Olympics. He is also on the Young Professionals Board for SOVA!

Both Billy and Jeff will be contributing to this column in the future.
Hail and Farewell
The Area 26 Council is happy to welcome new Athlete Representative Jeff Cogswell. Jeff is a multi-sport athlete who has played Area Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Flag Football. Billy Duquette will continue on the Council as an Ex Officio member.
Upcoming Events
October: Fall Combine continues
Please continue to share information about this newsletter and website with those you know in the community so that we can better share the wonder of our special athletes and volunteers. To sign up to receive the newsletter, go to our webform Newsletter Subscription
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