Be a Friend to Your Feline   

Many of us want to protect our furry family member from any stress, fear or pain especially in new environments such as the veterinary hospital. As cat and dog parents, we feel that we can decrease their stress and make everything better. This is mostly true. Our pets do take comfort from us and we can reduce stress, fear and anxiety at a vet visit.

But there are times that we, as pet parents, can cause more stress than we realize. We have met people who are a little too loud, a little too animated, or do not respect personal space, making social interactions stressful. They do not realize that if they change a few of their actions it can make interactions less stressful. Here are a few tips to help your feline friend!

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  Thank You For Your Generosity & Kindness at Asheville Humane Society's Taste of Compassion  

For all who attended the 15th Annual Taste of Compassion, it was a night of amazing local food and drink, fun music, and adorable animals looking for their forever homes. Local celebrities Joy the Cat and Miss B the dog dressed in their best along with the partygoers. It was a great time, but most of all it was a night of compassion and generosity. Local businesses donated wonderful prizes, items, artworks, and adventures. Attendees bid during a live auction with all proceeds going to the Asheville Humane Society. $166,783 was raised!

All donations go toward:  
  • helping homeless animals find their forever families by providing a safe and loving shelter
  • nutritious food
  • compassionate socialization
  • medical care for injured or sick animals
  • preventive care such as vaccines
  • community outreach to help family pets stay in their homes
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Keep Your Pooch Off The Hooch! Pets + Beer    

One thing I have noticed since starting at AHNA is that beer seems to be everywhere in Asheville, and there are countless breweries and beer enthusiasts around. For those of you that are brewing your own style of suds at home, we wanted to make you aware of a potential toxin for your canine companion: hops. Our favorite bittering agent might not have much appeal to us other than to flavor our IPAs, but it is sometimes interesting to our four legged friends. Ingestion of hops can lead to a malignant hyperthermia (high temperature), increased heart rate, and rapid breathing. Unfortunately, while the high body temperature can be treated if caught early, there is not an antidote that is effective in reversing the damage from hops ingestion so prevention is key. The below articles explains this in a little more depth. The other concern in Beer City is that dogs are much more susceptible to the effects of alcohol and alcohol poisoning, so make sure your pooch lays off the hooch. - Morgan Frye, DVM

Happy Halloween? For Pets, It Can Be With A Little Practice      

Blah! Blah! It's scary out there-all those pets dressed up as dinosaurs, lions, and spiders. And if you dress up your pet, you're not alone, as more than 4.2 million dog-owning households and nearly two million cat caretakers will be treating their furry (and costumed) companions to ghoulish goodies and grisly toys this Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation.

Pet parents will spend more than $440 million on Halloween, according to the NRF.  That's about double the amount pet owners spent in 2010 when NRF first began to ask about pet costumes.

Twenty years ago, few pet costumes were even available at retail stores. Today, Petco and PetSmart each carry well over 100 costumes, mostly for dogs but also cats, and even Guinea pigs and ferrets can get into the Halloween spirit.

Help Us Shed Light On Pet Obesity With A Quick Survey     

October is known for fall, football and sweaters but did you know that it is also Pet Obesity Awareness Month? Each year Dr. Ernie Ward and the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) collects basic weight data from across the United States and compiles the results to estimate how prevalent pet obesity is in the U.S. There is no personal data collected; instead the study is data collected in terms of weight comparison from pet families and veterinarians. They also look at what diseases are prevalent in under and overweight pets.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) is a non-profit organization made up of veterinary professionals working diligently to help our pets live longer, healthier, disease-free lives. They rely on survey results from families like you to help show trends in nutrition, pet food selection and where families are getting their education on pet health, nutrition, and weight loss.

Upcoming Pet Help Sessions  
  & Classes at AHNA  
Free classes are for people only. Please leave your pet at home.  
Pet Loss and Grief Support Group 

Losing a pet friend and companion can be heartbreaking. Whether it is a sudden or planned goodbye, it is an emotional time. We understand the strength and specialness of the animal - human bond. On the first and third Monday of each month, we are hosting a Pet Loss Grief Support Group presented by Four Seasons Compassion for Life. This group is for anyone who is grieving the loss of an animal companion and needs further support.
  • Upcoming sessions: November 5th and 19th from 7pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: Animal Hospital of North Asheville Education Room
  • Presented by: Four Seasons Pet Loss Grief Support Group
  • Please do not bring pets to the grief support meetings. Thank you.
  • All are welcome - you do not have to be an AHNA client to attend!

If you are happy with the care and service you and your pet have received at Animal Hospital of North Asheville, we would greatly appreciate your taking a few minutes to write a review online.

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Mission Statement:
By embracing new knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, our mission at AHNA is to provide the highest level of medical, dental and surgical care possible; to deliver it with integrity and compassion for our clients, but most importantly, to constantly see ourselves through the eyes of our voiceless patients who understand only that we are gentle and kind; to have as our first priority, relief and prevention of their fear, pain and discomfort and to strive to minimize separation from the people they love.
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